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How To Add Concerts To Your Spotify For Artist Page

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Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page

Imagine making your music connect with your fans like never before. We’ll teach you how to do it seamlessly.

Are you curious about adding your gigs to Spotify or finding local shows? We’ve got you covered with all the information you need.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to organize your concerts,Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page, engage with your fans, and get more people excited about your music.


Plus, we’ll help you keep them in the loop about your upcoming shows. Ready to get started?

Let’s jump right in and learn how to share your music and gigs in a new way. It’s time to get your concerts on Spotify and leave your mark!


How To Add Concerts To Your Spotify For Artist Page


Create a Songkick Artist Account:

If you still need to get a Songkick account, go to the Songkick website (https://www.songkick.com/) and sign up.

Make sure you create an artist profile and claim your artist page if it exists on Songkick.


Link Your Spotify for Artists Account:

After creating or claiming your artist page on Songkick, link it to your Spotify for Artists account. To do this, log in to your Songkick artist account.

Go to the “Edit” section of your Songkick artist page and click “Connect to Spotify.”


Add Concerts:

Once your Songkick and Spotify for Artists accounts are connected, Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page you can start adding concerts.

Click on the “Add a Concert” or similar option, and then enter the details of your upcoming shows. That may include the date, venue, location, and ticket information.


Verify Your Concerts:

After adding your concerts, it’s crucial to verify them. It helps ensure that your shows will be listed accurately on your Spotify artist page.


Promote Your Concerts:

You can also use Songkick to promote your concerts by providing information about the tickets and other event details. It can help your fans discover your shows through Spotify.


Stay Updated:

Make sure to keep your concert listings on Songkick up-to-date. When you have new shows, be sure to add them promptly.


How Do I Add Gigs to Spotify?

If you’re an artist looking to add your gigs to Spotify, it’s a straightforward process:

Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page

Create a Spotify for Artists Account:

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Spotify for Artists account. That is essential for managing your artist profile and concerts.


Claim Your Artist Profile:

Ensure your artist profile is claimed and verified. That is your virtual stage on Spotify.


Add Your Concerts:

In your Spotify for Artists dashboard, go to the “Concerts” section and click “Add a Concert.” Enter the event details, including the date, venue, and ticket information.


Verify Your Concerts:

It’s crucial to verify your added concerts. That helps ensure the accuracy of the information.

Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page


How Do I Add a Gig to Spotify for Artists?

Adding a gig to Spotify for Artists is similar to the process for concerts:

How Do I Add a Gig to Spotify for Artists?: Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page

Login to Spotify for Artists:

Log in to your Spotify for Artists account.


Access the “Concerts” Section:

Navigate to the “Concerts” section within your dashboard.


Click “Add a Concert”:

Select “Add a Concert” and provide all the details for your gig.


Verification Matters:

Verify your gig to ensure it’s displayed correctly on your artist profile.


How Do I See Local Gigs on Spotify?

To find local gigs of your favourite artists on Spotify 


Open Spotify App:

Launch the Spotify app on your device.


Search for the Artist:

Look for your preferred artist in the search bar.


Explore “Concerts” Tab:

Visit the artist’s profile, and within their profile, click on the “Concerts” tab. They will display their upcoming local gigs.


Can You Link Songkick to Spotify?

Yes, you can link Songkick to Spotify to automatically showcase your concerts.


Create a Songkick Artist Account:

If you don’t have one, sign up for a Songkick artist account.


Link Your Accounts:

Within your Songkick artist account, connect it to your Spotify for Artists account.


Add Your Gigs to Songkick:

Now, whenever you have a new gig, add it to Songkick. It will sync with your Spotify artist profile.


Verify Your Gigs:

Always verify your gig listings to ensure they appear accurately on Spotify.




Artists often need help to connect with their fans effectively and promote their concerts.

Following the steps in this guide, you can seamlessly add and manage your concerts on Spotify, Add Concerts to Spotify Artist Page and  engage with your audience, and keep them informed about your upcoming shows.


With the ability to link Songkick to Spotify, you have a powerful tool to showcase your concerts automatically. Start now to promote your music and live performances to a broader audience and make a lasting impact in the music industry.



Q1: Do I Need a Spotify for Artists Account to Add My Concerts?

 A1: Yes, you need a Spotify for Artists account to add your concerts and gigs to your artist profile on Spotify. It’s the platform where you manage your artist-related information.


Q2: Can I Add Gigs or Concerts for Multiple Artists on One Spotify for Artists Account?

 A2: Yes, you can manage concerts for multiple artists on a single Spotify for Artists account. Switch between artists’ profiles in your dashboard.


Q3: Are There Any Specific Requirements for Concert Information I Should Provide?

 A3: When adding concerts, you should provide essential information like the date, venue, location, and ticket details. Make sure this information is accurate to avoid any issues.


Q4: How Soon Do My Concerts Appear on My Spotify Artist Page After Adding Them? 

A4: Once you’ve added and verified a concert, it may take a few days to appear on your Spotify artist profile. So, make sure to add them well in advance.


Q5: How Do I Get My Concerts Verified on Spotify? 

A5: To verify your concerts, you need to provide accurate information. Spotify may also confirm your shows through various means to ensure authenticity.

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