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Can’t get your 6-month Apple Music free trial? We can help!

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Apple Music 6 Months Free Not Working

Can’t activate your free 6-month Apple Music trial? We’ve all been there! This guide, written by music fans who know Apple Music, will walk you through getting it working in no time. Put on your headphones, and get ready to rock.

We will discuss why apple music 6 months free not working but first we provide you some benefits of using apple music.

Benefits of Using Apple Music

Access to a vast library of music

Imagine having a magic library where you can find millions of songs, from old favorites to the newest hits. That’s Apple Music for you!

Offline listening capabilities

You can download songs and listen to them even when you’re not online. Perfect for long car rides or when you’re out and about.

Personalized recommendations and curated playlists

Apple Music learns what you like and makes special playlists just for you. It’s like having a friend who knows exactly what music you love.

 Integration with other Apple services

If you have other Apple gadgets, Apple Music works perfectly with them. It’s super easy to play music on all your devices.

Apple Music 6 Months Free Not Working

How to Get Apple Music for Free

Free Trials (1-6 Months)

  •  Activate through the Apple Music app (1-3 months): Open the Apple Music app on your device, and you can start a free trial right away.
  •  Purchase eligible Apple device (6 months): When you buy certain Apple products, like AirPods Pro or a new iPhone, you can get six months of Apple Music for free.
  •  Partner offers (e.g., Verizon, Rogers, Best Buy) (3-12 months): Sometimes, companies have special deals where you can get more free months of Apple Music.
  •  Other promotions (e.g., Shazam) (3-5 months): Watch for fantastic offers that give you more free music time.

Troubleshooting ‘Apple Music 6 Months Free Not Working’

Finding that your expected 6-month free trial of Apple Music needs to be activated can be annoying. This particular issue might arise for a few reasons, and it’s important to know that Apple Music’s policies regarding accessible trial durations have evolved. Here’s how to address the situation if you’re facing trouble:

Understanding the Current Free Trial Offers

First, it’s crucial to note that Apple Music no longer offers a universal 6-month free trial with new device purchases for all users. Accessible trial durations may vary based on current promotions, partnerships, or specific devices. Always check the latest information on Apple’s official website or with retail partners to understand the exact terms of any free trial offer.

Common Reasons for the 6-Month Trial Issue

  1. Promotional Misunderstanding: The expectation of a 6-month free trial might come from outdated information. Current promotions offer different durations.
  2. Eligibility: Not all users or devices qualify for extended free trials. This can depend on when and where the device was purchased or specific partnership terms.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Verify Promotion Details: Ensure you understand the current promotional offers directly from Apple or through its partners. This might require visiting the official website or contacting customer support for clarity.
  2. Check Device and Account Eligibility: Confirm that your device and Apple ID meet the requirements for any active promotion you’re trying to access. This might include restrictions based on geographic location, device model, or previous usage of free trials.
  3. Software Update: Ensure your device is running the latest version of its operating system. Outdated software can sometimes prevent promotional offers from being recognized.
  4. Contact Support: If you’re confident you meet all the criteria but still need help with issues, reaching out to Apple Support can provide a solution. They can verify your eligibility and guide you through any necessary steps.

Current Free Trial Options

Understanding the current landscape of Apple Music’s free trial offers is essential. Here are the ways you might access Apple Music for free.

  • Standard Free Trial: Typically, new subscribers can access a 1-3 month free trial through the Apple Music app, subject to Apple’s current terms.
  • Partner Offers: Some partnerships between Apple and other companies may offer particularly accessible trial durations. These are often subject to change, so checking with the offering company is best.
  • Device-Specific Offers: Purchasing specific Apple devices occasionally includes a promotional offer for Apple Music. However, these offers vary and should be verified at purchase.

Reasons why your free trial might not work

  •  Ineligible device: Not all devices let you get the free trial.
  •  Outdated software: Make sure your device’s software is up to date.
  •  Previous free trial usage: If you’ve had a free trial before, you might not be able to get another one.
  •  Expired promotion: Some offers have an expiration date.

Troubleshooting specific error messages

If you get a message saying something’s wrong, don’t worry!

Error: “This Offer Is No Longer Available”

What It Means: This message pops up if the promotion for the 6-month free trial has ended or isn’t available in your region.

How to Fix It:

1. Check the Dates: Make sure the offer has stayed active.

2. Location Matters: Some offers are only available in certain countries. Check if your country is part of the promotion.

Error: “Device Not Eligible for This Offer”

What It Means: You might see this if your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device doesn’t qualify for the 6-month trial.

How to Fix It:

1. Check Device List: Look online to see if your device is included in the offer.

2. Update Your Device: Sometimes, updating to the latest iOS can make your device eligible.

Error: “You’ve Already Used a Free Trial”

What It Means: If you or someone else with your Apple ID has already used a free trial, you might see this message.

How to Fix It:

1. New Account: You might need to use a different Apple ID without a free trial.

2. Check Offer Details: Some offers might allow previous free trial users to participate. Read the fine print to be sure.

 Error: “Cannot Connect to Apple Music”

What It Means: This could signal internet problems or issues with your Apple Music app.

How to Fix It:

1. Check Your Internet: Ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have data.

2. Restart the App: Close the Apple Music app and open it again.

3. Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version of the Apple Music app.

General Tips:

  •  Restart Your Device: Sometimes, just turning your device off and on again can solve many problems.
  •  Check Your Subscription: Go to your Apple ID settings to see if you’re already subscribed to Apple Music.
  •  Apple Support: Apple Support is super helpful if you’re still stuck. You can chat with them online or call them for help.

General troubleshooting steps

Try these easy fixes: restart your device, check your internet connection, and ensure you’re signed in with your Apple ID.

 How to Set Up Apple Music (if needed)

On iPhone/iPad

Open the Music app, tap “For You,” and follow the steps to sign up for your free trial. It’s super easy!

On Android

Download the Apple Music app from the Play Store, open it, and follow the instructions to start listening for free.

What Happens After the Free Trial?

After your free trial ends, you can pay a monthly fee to keep listening to your favorite songs or cancel if you decide not to continue.


That’s everything you need to know about the Apple Music free trial. Remember, if you run into any problems, there are many ways to fix them. Enjoy your music adventure with Apple Music!


Why can’t I redeem the 6-month free trial?

Not available anymore. Current trials vary based on promotions or devices.

Does the 6-month free trial expire?

Yes, all free trials eventually expire.

How do I activate 6 months of free Apple Music?

No guaranteed way for 6 months, but check current promotions or eligible device purchases (might offer shorter trials).


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