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No More Silence! Fix Apple Music Gapless Playback Issues Now

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Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working

Ever wondered why your favorite tunes on Apple Music don’t flow smoothly from one song to the next, even on your iPhone 14 Pro? You’re not alone!

Our guide solves the mystery of “Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working?” and shows you how to keep the music going, making every album an uninterrupted journey of sound.

Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working

Does Apple Music have gapless playback?

Yes, Apple Music supports music streaming gapless playback! This awesome feature is available on iOS and macOS devices. So, if you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’re in luck. Android users might have to wait a bit longer, though.

How to get gapless playback on Apple Music?

Getting gapless playback on Apple Music is super easy because it happens all by itself! Unlike other music apps where you might have to switch on the option, Apple Music does this automatically. So, if you’re listening to an album like “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd or “Abbey Road” by The Beatles, the songs will play one after another without any gaps.

Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working

Potential limitations of gapless playback

Even though gapless playback is fantastic, sometimes it might not work perfectly. This could be because of the type of music file or maybe because the device is a bit older. But don’t worry, most of the time, you can still enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

What to do if Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working??

Sometimes, gapless playback might stop working, but here are some tricks to fix it:

 1. Wait for the next iOS update

Apple often fixes problems with updates. If your iPhone 14 Pro isn’t playing songs correctly through Apple Music gapless playback isn’t working, a new update might solve it. For example, some updates like iOS 17 or iOS 16.5 have made it better.

2. Disable Dolby Atmos

Turning off Dolby Atmos in the Music settings might help if you’re having trouble. This can make gapless playback work better, especially if you’re using Bluetooth devices.


  1. Go back to the Music settings page.
  2. Find the Dolby Atmos option.
  3. Set Dolby Atmos to Off.

Apple Music Gapless Playback Not Working

3. Disable Bluetooth

If you’re using Bluetooth, try turning it off. Gapless playback sometimes works better with wired connections.

4. Close Apple Music from the background

If Apple Music isn’t playing songs correctly, try closing the app completely and then reopening it.

5. Reinstall the Apple Music app

Lastly, if nothing else works, you can uninstall Apple Music and install it again. This has helped some people get gapless playback working again.


Gapless playback is super important for enjoying albums the way they were meant to be heard, without any annoying gaps between songs. This feature makes music genres like classical, electronic, and live recordings feel even more special, especially when tracks are in mp3 format. If you ever run into problems with gapless playback not working, just try the steps above.


Q: What is gapless playback and why is it important in Apple Music?

Gapless playback refers to the seamless transition between songs or tracks, ensuring there are no interruptions or pauses between them. This feature is crucial for maintaining the flow and continuity of albums or playlists in Apple Music.

Q: How can I enable gapless playback on Apple Music?

To enable gapless playback on Apple Music, go to Settings on your iOS device, select Music, and toggle on the “Crossfade Songs” option. This should help in providing a smoother listening experience without gaps between tracks.

Q: I have updated to iOS 16.2, but gapless playback is still not working. What should I do?

If you are facing issues with gapless playback even after updating to iOS 16.2, try restarting your device and ensuring that your Apple Music subscription is active and updated. Additionally, check for any pending updates for the Music app on your iPhone.


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