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Discover apps that are like Spotify Premium but free: Stream Music Like a Pro

by Ahmad Raza
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apps that are like Spotify Premium but free.

Are you tired of missing out on Spotify Premium’s great features, like unlimited skips and ad-free listening, but don’t want to pay a monthly fee? You’re not alone! Many music enthusiasts face this problem. The good news is that there are apps that are like Spotify Premium but free.

These alternatives offer similar features, including neat discovery features and essential audio features. You won’t miss out on any key features like crossfade or extensive search features.

With the proof of wonderful discovery features, unlimited skips, and even access to chart-topping hits, you can enjoy premium-like music streaming without breaking the bank. These free apps also feature playlists, social sharing, and even concert films.

If you’re in search of an affordable solution to enjoy all the premium features without spending a dime, keep reading!

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best free Spotify alternatives that provide a solution to your music streaming needs while offering great features and proof that you can have it all without the premium price tag.

Let’s dive in and explore these fantastic options.

Why Seek Alternatives to Spotify Premium?

Are you wondering why you should explore alternatives to Spotify Premium? Well, let’s break it down. Spotify Premium offers some great features, but it comes with a price tag.

For those who’d rather not pay a monthly fee, there are fantastic options available that offer similar features without the cost. These alternatives have their special features that make them worth considering.

1. SoundCloud

Uncheck the Power of Free Music Streaming SoundCloud is a platform with a wonderful selection of music catering to a wide audience.

Sound Cloud

Key Features of SoundCloud

1. Emerging Artist Showcase: SoundCloud is renowned for giving up-and-coming artists a platform to showcase their talents. If you’re passionate about discovering fresh, innovative music, you’ll love this unique feature.

2. Exceptional Discovery Tools: SoundCloud’s discovery feature is in a league of its own. It provides an intuitive way to stumble upon new tracks and artists tailored to your taste, ensuring you’re always in the loop when it comes to the latest music trends.

3. Ads for Free Users: To maintain its free service, SoundCloud does include occasional advertisements. These ads help support free users, and considering the wealth of music at your fingertips, they’re a small price to pay.

4. Spatial Audio Experience: SoundCloud stands out with its spatial audio features. Immerse yourself in a high-quality audio experience that takes your music enjoyment to a new dimension.

2. YouTube Music

Premium-Like Experience at No Cost YouTube Music offers a premium-like experience without the price tag. Its vast selection of songs, video archives, and video quality provides a great selection for music enthusiasts.

Youtube Music

Key Features of YouTube Music

1. Vast Music Selection: YouTube Music boasts a massive catalogue of songs, ensuring you have access to a wide range of tracks to match your musical preferences.

2. High-Quality Video Archives: Dive into a treasure trove of video archives, making your music experience even more immersive. You can watch music videos and behind-the-scenes content from your favourite artists.

3. Top-Notch Video Quality: Enjoy your music videos in impeccable quality. YouTube Music’s high video quality adds an extra layer of excitement to your music streaming.

4. Latest Hits and Short Videos: Stay updated with the hottest hits and discover new tracks with ease. Plus, indulge in short videos that provide a unique blend of entertainment and music.

3. Pandora

Pandora is your gateway to free music and podcasts. With a wide selection of songs and specific song selections, it’s a go-to choice for those who love variety.


Key Features of Pandora

1. Diverse Music Selection: Pandora provides a vast array of songs, ensuring you never run out of tracks to explore. With specific song selections, you can customize your listening experience to suit your mood.

2. High-Quality Listening: Despite its free tier featuring video advertisements, Pandora doesn’t compromise on the quality of your music. Enjoy your favourite tunes in excellent audio quality.

3. Extensive Music Library: Pandora’s music library is nothing short of massive, giving you access to a wide range of genres and artists. It’s perfect for music lovers who appreciate variety.

4. Podcast Library: Dive into the world of podcasts covering a multitude of topics, from true crime to pop culture. Pandora’s podcast library provides a well-rounded listening experience.

5. Visual Enhancements: While it includes video advertisements to support free users, the overall quality selection and huge music library make it an enticing choice. Pandora takes care of your entertainment needs without requiring a premium subscription.

4. Deezer

Deezer is an excellent choice when you’re exploring alternatives to Spotify Premium. It offers an extensive selection of songs and playlists, making it a strong contender for your music streaming needs.


Key Features of Deezer

1. Extensive Music Catalog: Deezer’s library is nothing short of impressive, offering a vast selection of songs and playlists. Whether you’re into chart-toppers or indie gems, Deezer has you covered.

2. Playlists Galore: The platform excels in curating an array of playlists to suit different moods and occasions. From workout mixes to chill-out tunes, you’ll find a playlist for every moment.

3. Premium-Like Experience: The best part? Deezer provides a premium-like music streaming experience without the need for a subscription fee. Enjoy high-quality tracks, offline listening, and an ad-free environment.

4. User-Friendly Interface: Deezer’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze to navigate through your favourite music and discover new tunes.

5. TIDAL Access

For those who prioritize high-quality music, TIDAL Access is a compelling choice. It offers an excellent free option for music enthusiasts.


Key Features of TIDAL Access

1. Superb Sound Quality: Tidal access is renowned for its exceptional sound quality. You’ll relish the crystal-clear, high-fidelity music experience that’s on par with Spotify Premium.

2. Free of Charge: The best part is you can enjoy this elevated music experience without any additional cost. Tidal access offers these premium-like features to free users.

3. Extensive Music Library: Tidal’s extensive music library covers a wide range of genres, ensuring you have access to your favorite tracks and discover new ones.

4. High-Quality Music on Any Device: Whether you’re listening on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, TIDAL Access ensures that you get the same high-quality music streaming experience across all your devices.

5. Offline Listening: TIDAL access lets you download your favorite songs and albums for offline listening. It’s perfect for those times when you’re on the go or in an area with limited connectivity

6. Amazon Music Free

Amazon Music Free is an obvious choice for many, especially if you’re already using Amazon Prime. It’s a versatile choice, providing free music streaming to Prime members.


Key Features of Amazon Music Free

1. Versatile Choice: Amazon Music Free is incredibly versatile, offering free music streaming to Prime members. If you’re already enjoying the benefits of Amazon Prime, this music service comes as a valuable addition.

2. Wide Song Selection: With a broad selection of songs, Amazon Music Free caters to a variety of musical tastes. You’ll find tracks spanning genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

3. Mood Options: Amazon Music Free doesn’t just offer songs; it provides mood options. Whether you’re looking for upbeat tunes to get you going or soothing melodies to wind down, Amazon Music Free has got you covered.

4. Video Playlists and Archives: What sets Amazon Music Free apart is its integration with video playlists and archives. You can enjoy the unique combination of music and video streaming, adding a new dimension to your entertainment.

7. Jango

Jango is an excellent free music app alternative to Spotify. It offers a wide choice of music and mood options to listeners.


Key Features of Jango

1. Diverse Music Selection: Jango provides a vast selection of music genres, ensuring there’s something for every listener. Whether you’re into rock, pop, or jazz, Jango has you covered.

2. Mood Options: Jango goes beyond songs; it offers mood-based listening. You can easily find music that suits your current vibe, whether you’re looking for something relaxing, upbeat, or in between.

3. Free Radio and On-Demand Music: One of Jango’s standout features is its combination of free radio and on-demand music. You can enjoy curated radio stations and also have the flexibility to pick your favorite tracks whenever you want.

4. Versatile Music App: Jango is all about versatility. It caters to various musical tastes, making it a compelling choice for those who seek a well-rounded music app experience.

8. LivexLive

For live music enthusiasts, LivexLive is a fantastic choice. It’s a great app for finding popular music content, discovering new artists, and enjoying live performances, all for free.

Live X Live

Key Features of LivexLive

1. Free Music and Beyond: LivexLive offers a wide range of music content, from live performances to music discovery, and it’s all available for free. It’s a treasure trove for music lovers.

2. Discover New Artists: LivexLive is a platform where emerging and indie artists get a chance to shine. If you love discovering new talents and offbeat music, this is the place to be.

3. Extensive Music Discovery: You won’t miss out on any trending or underground artists with LivexLive’s extensive music discovery features. It’s designed to keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest.

4. Live Performances: LiveXLive specializes in live performances. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the raw energy and authenticity of artists on stage.

9. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a suitable software for those who love music and podcasts. It’s the best alternative application for discovering indie artists, indie music, and unique playlists. Users can discover music, albums, and songs in an extensive trial period without any charges.

Key Features of Mixcloud

1. Free Music and Podcasts: Mixcloud is your go-to choice for accessing a wide range of music and podcasts without any charges. It’s all about making quality content accessible.

2. Discover Indie Artists: If you’re a fan of indie music and artists, Mixcloud’s diverse range of indie content and unique playlists is a goldmine.

3. Extensive Trial Period: One of Mixcloud’s standout features is its extensive trial period. You can explore music, albums, and songs without worrying about subscription fees during this time.

4. Indie Music Discovery: For those who love discovering new talents and offbeat music, Mixcloud is a fantastic option. It opens the doors to indie music like no other.

5. Ad-Supported: To support its free users, Mixcloud features ads. However, these ads are typically non-intrusive and won’t disrupt your listening experience.

10. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is an excellent alternative application for radio enthusiasts. It’s a reliable radio app with a wide selection of stations and tracks available.

Key Features of AccuRadio

1. Wide Selection of Stations: AccuRadio offers a diverse range of radio stations, ensuring you have a station for every mood and music genre. You won’t be short of options.

2. Extensive Music Discovery: With its music discovery features, you can easily find new music, discover indie artists, and explore different playlists. You won’t miss out on the latest tunes.

3. Head Tracking: AccuRadio’s head tracking feature enhances your listening experience, providing a sense of directionality for your music, especially when using headphones. It’s a unique feature that sets it apart.

4. Forget About Missing Out: AccuRadio ensures that you don’t miss a beat. Whether it’s the latest hits, indie tracks, or radio shows, you’re in the loop with this app.

5. Free Radio Without Limitations: AccuRadio offers free radio streaming without any subscription fees or hidden costs. It’s an ideal choice for those who want quality music without the price tag.

11. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is your option to find and select specific songs and artists. With a diverse range of stations and unlimited options, it gives you an edge when it comes to discovering new music and local stations.

Key Features of TuneIn Radio

1. Find and Select Specific Songs and Artists: TuneIn Radio allows you to be in charge of your music by enabling you to find and select specific songs and artists. No more settling for random playlists – it’s your personalized music journey.

2. Diverse Range of Stations: With a diverse range of stations, TuneIn Radio provides an unlimited range of options for listeners. Whether you’re into local stations, talk shows, or music from around the world, there’s something for everyone.

3. Discover New Music: The app gives you a competitive edge when it comes to discovering new music. It’s a platform that continuously exposes you to fresh tracks, emerging artists, and unique playlists.

4. Gain Access to Your Favorite Stations for Free: TuneIn Radio is your passport to your favorite radio stations and shows, all for free. No subscriptions or hidden fees – just pure, unadulterated music.

5. Enjoy Background Listening: Background play is a big plus, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while multitasking or simply keeping the music going without interruption.

12. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio provides a huge array of options for listeners. It’s a fantastic choice for finding and selecting different playlists and discovering trending music. With its strong growth and ability to find popular artists’ full discographies, it’s a prime choice for music enthusiasts.

Key Features of iHeartRadio

1. A Huge Array of Options: iHeartRadio offers a vast array of options, ensuring that you’re never short of choices. Whether you’re into specific playlists, trending music, or discovering new tracks, it has it all.

2. Find and Select Different Playlists: The app allows you to find and select various playlists, ensuring that you have the perfect music for every moment. Say goodbye to settling for one-size-fits-all playlists.

3. Discover Trending Music: iHeartRadio keeps you in the loop with the latest music trends. It’s your gateway to staying ahead of the curve and discovering what’s hot in the music world.

4. Personalized Music Preferences: The application is a keen learner of your music preferences. It uses this information to serve up songs that perfectly match your taste. No more skipping through tracks that don’t resonate with you.

13. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is an exceptional music app that helps you discover new talents and artists. It offers a wide selection of indie artists and albums, allowing you to explore offbeat offerings.

Key Features of ReverbNation

1. Wide Selection of Indie Artists: ReverbNation boasts a diverse and extensive selection of indie artists and their creations. Whether you’re into indie music or looking for something unique, you’ll find it here.

2. Albums Galore: Dive into a world of indie albums from emerging artists. It’s the perfect platform to explore offbeat offerings and discover hidden gems.

3. Finding Unique and Indie Content: ReverbNation is celebrated for its ability to find music that’s truly unique and indie. If you’re tired of mainstream tunes and want something distinct, this is your go-to app.

14. Last.fm

Last.fm has a small minus when it comes to gaining traffic, but it’s a big plus for music discovery. With its technological advantage and the ability to build more alternative playlists, it’s the right place to find new music and acquire songs tailored to your taste.

Key Features of Last.fm

1. Small Minus, Big Plus: Last.fm may have a small downside when it comes to gaining traffic, but it’s a massive win for music discovery. It focuses on what truly matters – helping you find the music you love.

2. Technological Advantage: Last.fm leverages cutting-edge technology to understand your music preferences. It learns your taste and refines its recommendations to ensure you’re always in tune with what you enjoy.

3. Building More Alternative Playlists: Last.fm isn’t just about mainstream hits. It’s the go-to place for music enthusiasts looking for alternative playlists. Explore a wide array of musical styles and discover new tracks that align with your unique preferences.

4. Finding New Music: Thanks to Last.fm‘s personalized recommendations, you’ll constantly stumble upon new and exciting music. It’s your gateway to the latest sounds and emerging artists.


In our quest for free alternatives to Spotify Premium, we’ve uncovered a world of musical possibilities. These apps offer:

1.     Diverse Selection: You’ll enjoy a vast array of music, from popular hits to indie gems.

2.     Customization: Tailor your playlists and discover offbeat offerings that match your taste.

3.     No Strings Attached: There’s no need for a subscription or premium fees.

4.     High-Quality Sound: You can groove to HD-quality tracks for a superior listening experience.

5.     Extended Trial: Many apps provide an extensive trial period for you to explore and enjoy their features.

6.     Infinite Curiosity: You can expand your musical horizons and discover new talents.

7.     Competitive Edge: These apps offer a technological advantage over traditional music platforms.

8.     No Limits: Enjoy unlimited tracks, from niche indie songs to chart-toppers, without skipping a beat.

So, whether you’re a fan of radio stations, live music, discovering emerging artists, or seeking innovative ways to explore music, these free alternatives offer a fantastic choice. They’re the ideal solution for those who want a top-notch music experience without premium subscriptions, making music discovery an exciting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Spotify alternatives?

Answer: Spotify alternatives are music streaming services that offer features similar to Spotify Premium but are available for free. These alternatives provide options to listen to music and sometimes even podcasts without a subscription fee.

2. Are these Spotify alternatives completely free?

Answer: Yes, most of the mentioned alternatives offer free versions with some limitations, such as occasional ads or restricted features. However, they provide a premium-like experience without a monthly cost.

3. Can I use these alternatives on my mobile device?

Answer: Yes, many of these alternatives have mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy free music streaming on your smartphones and tablets.

4. Are there any legal issues with using these free alternatives?

Answer: No, the mentioned alternatives are legitimate and offer legal music streaming options. They have licensing agreements with record labels, ensuring that the music you listen to is authorized.

5. What are the key features of these free Spotify alternatives?

Answer: The features vary depending on the service, but common features include the ability to create playlists, discover new music, listen to your favourite tracks, and access a vast library of songs. Some also offer unique features like radio stations, podcasts, and more.

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