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Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission: Solution

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Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission

Ever wanted to find the perfect way to share your playlists on Spotify for free?

Some people seek the best method to submit their playlists without cost. No need to stress!

Our team is here to help you discover the best free way to share your Spotify playlists in just a few minutes. Let’s explore the solution together.


How is the Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission?




1. Find Playlist Submission Platforms(Spotify):

Look for websites or services that let you submit your playlists to Spotify for free. You can search on the internet to find these.

2. Sign Up (if needed):

Some platforms may ask you to create an account. If so, sign up using your email or other required information.

3. Submit Your Playlist:

Follow the instructions on the submission platform. You may need to provide your Spotify playlist link and some details.

  1. Go to setting.
  2. Search Local files.

Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission


4. Wait for Approval:

After submitting, wait for the platform to review and approve your playlist. This may take some time.

5. Check Spotify:

Once approved, your playlist should appear on Spotify for others to listen to.


I. 10 Top Spotify Playlist Curators for Free Submission


Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission


1. Listn.live: A Path to Discover Deep and Mellow Tracks


Listen. Live specializes in curating deep and mellow tracks, creating playlists that offer a different and specific listening experience. If your music aligns with these genres, you’ll find this curator a powerful way to get noticed.

The submission process is easy; follow their guidelines to align your tracks.

2. MySphera: A Soft and Efficient Submission Process


MySphera’s submission process is efficient and effective. Their regular submissions and large follower base within your genre can be a decisive advantage for your music. Follow their guidelines to ensure your submission is easy and decisive.


3. Playlister Club: Paving the Way for Emerging Artists


The Playlister Club is a curator that takes pride in promoting emerging artists. If you’re an up-and-coming musician, this is a crucial platform to consider.

Their submission process might be challenging, but it’s a rewarding path to playlist success. They aim to challenge emerging artists and help them make their mark.

4. Boost Collective: Quick and Solid Submission Process


For those looking to submit their music to mainstream playlists, Boost Collective offers a quick and solid path to reaching a larger audience.

Their playlists are a landing point for musicians seeking exposure to a broad, diverse listener base.

5. Studio Tracks: Challenging and Unique Themes


Studio Tracks’ playlists offer a unique landing spot for your music. Their themes and acceptance criteria are different and specific. If your tracks align with their style, it’s worth the challenge.

The curator offers diverse themes for artists to explore and get creative with their submissions.

6. Indiemono: Impacting the Music Industry


Indiemono has made a significant impact on the music industry. Submitting your tracks here means getting your music in front of an influential audience.

Follow their submission guidelines to increase your chances of success. They pride themselves on offering a platform for artists to connect with a massive and active community.

7. Daily Playlists: Active Engagement and Submission Guidelines


Daily Playlists is known for its active engagement with its audience. Their submission guidelines are crucial to ensuring your music is considered.

It’s not just about an easy submission; it’s about creating a lasting impact. The curator actively engages with artists and listeners to develop a dynamic playlisting experience.

8. Soave Records: A Cool and Crucial Platform


Soave Records offers an excellent and crucial platform for emerging artists. Submitting your music here means tapping into their reputation and potential reach.

It’s not just a soft path but also a strong one. The curator is known for its relaxed, chill vibes and has a reputation for helping artists gain exposure in the electronic music scene.

9. Planet Chill: A Different and Specific Listening Experience


Planet Chill’s playlists offer a different and specific listening experience. For a small but essential challenge, consider submitting your tracks here.

The rewards can be significant. The curator focuses on creating a unique listening experience within the chill and downtempo genres, offering a distinct space for artists.

10. Simon Field: Insights into Curation


Simon Field offers insights into their curation process. Understanding their direction and submission requirements is the key to getting noticed. It may be challenging, but it’s a solid way to increase your playlisting power.

The curator is known for providing insights into the curation process, which can be a valuable learning experience for artists.

II. Tips for a Successful Submission


Best Free Spotify Playlist Submission


Mastering the Art of Effective Playlist Submission


Submitting your music to Spotify playlist curators is a pivotal step on your journey to music promotion. To increase your chances of acceptance, it’s essential to master the art of effective submission. Here, we list best practices and dos and don’ts to ensure your offers stand out and catch the curator’s eye.

Best Practices for Submitting Your Music


  •  1. Craft a Captivating Pitch: Your submission should be as powerful as your music. Craft an engaging and concise pitch that highlights what makes your track unique. Keep it exciting but also to the point.
  •  2. Control the Narrative: Refer to your music style and direction in your submission. Provide insights into your track’s story, inspirations, and what makes it unique. This helps curators connect with your music.
  •  3. Follow Submission Guidelines: Every curator has specific submission guidelines. It’s crucial to read and follow these guidelines carefully. Ensure that your submission aligns with their playlist themes and requirements.
  •  4. Regularly Update Your Profile: Keep your artist profile up-to-date with high-quality images, a captivating bio, and links to your social media and website. A professional profile adds to your credibility.

Dos for Successful Submission


  •     1. Be Authentic: Be yourself. Authenticity in your music and submission will resonate with curators and listeners alike.
  •     2. Network: Connect with other artists and playlists on Spotify. Building a network can open doors to playlist opportunities.
  •     3. Engage With Your Audience: Interact with your listeners on social media, Spotify, and other platforms. Engaged audiences often translate into more playlist additions.

Don’ts to Avoid

  •     1. Don’t Mass Email Curators: Avoid sending generic, mass emails to multiple curators. Personalize your pitch for each curator to show you’ve done your homework.
  •     2. Don’t Spam: Don’t continuously send the same track to a curator if it hasn’t been added. One polite follow-up is acceptable, but excessive messaging can be counterproductive.
  •     3. Don’t Violate Copyrights: Ensure you have the right to submit your music. Avoid submitting tracks with uncleared samples or copyrighted material.
  •    4. Don’t Overlook Analytics: Monitor Spotify’s analytics to see which playlists generate the most engagement. This can help you refine your submission strategy.

By following these best practices and avoiding common pitfalls, you can increase your chances of getting your music added to Spotify playlists. Patience and persistence are essential; the playlisting journey is often gradual. Refine your submissions and connect with curators to optimize your playlisting strategy.




Getting your music on Spotify playlists is like creating cool artwork. Start by sharing your playlist on Spotify.

Have fun with Studio Tracks, Indiemono, and Daily Playlists – they like different things! Be yourself, tell your music story, and keep your profile updated.

Don’t make common mistakes, like sending the same message to everyone. Your Spotify journey is like making a special painting with your music.

Keep going, and let everyone enjoy the awesome beat you create! 🎵🎨




Q1: How do I submit a playlist to Spotify for free?


You’ll need to use Spotify for Artists to submit your playlist to Spotify for free. Go to Spotify’s “Spotify for Artists” website and claim your profile.

Once verified, you can submit your playlists, and if they align with Spotify’s guidelines, they may be featured on the platform.

Q2: How do you get 1,000 followers on a Spotify playlist?


Gaining 1,000 followers on a Spotify playlist requires engaging your audience consistently. Share your playlist on social media, collaborate with other curators, and add fresh tracks regularly to keep listeners interested.

Promote your playlist to your network and consider cross-promotions for faster growth.

Q3: Can you submit to Spotify playlists?


You can submit your music to Spotify playlists. Many playlist curators accept submissions from artists and independent musicians. Research and identify curators whose playlists match your music style, then follow their submission guidelines.

Q4: Do Spotify playlist curators get paid?


Playlist curators often need to get paid directly by Spotify. They curate playlists out of their passion for music. However, some curators may monetize their playlists through sponsorships, ads, or affiliated links, allowing them to generate income indirectly.


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