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Not Just Spotify: The Music Magazines That Still Rock

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Best Music Magazines

Many magazines about music are now online instead of printed on paper. This list has the best online music magazines, whether online or in print. If you love music, you’ll find something great here.

Lots of magazines about music are now digital. They offer online articles, interviews, and more! Even though print magazines aren’t as popular as before, they still hold a special place for music fans. Let’s check out the best places to read about music in 2024.

Love our weekly music content? Get ready to discover even more with this fantastic list of music magazines! Let’s get started.

Music Magazines for All Tastes

1. Pitchfork Magazine

Pitchfork Magazine is a guide to the best in indie and alternative music. It’s perfect for music lovers who want to find something new.

With sharp reviews, insightful writing, and a focus on the cutting-edge, Pitchfork guides you through a world of musical discovery. It provides you with something special.

Pitchfork is perfect for adventurous music lovers who want to explore beyond the mainstream. They uncover hidden gems and showcase them with insightful reviews.

2. Mojo Magazine

If classic rock makes your heart sing, Mojo Magazine is for you! It brings the stories and sounds of rock’s greatest era to life.

Packed with interviews from rock legends, dives deep into classic albums, and explores the lives of iconic artists, Mojo Magazine turns each issue into a trip back to rock’s golden age – a time when electrifying guitar riffs and powerful lyrics mirrored the changing world.

Classic rock fans will love Mojo Magazine! It brings back the feeling of your favorite album, capturing the spirit of rock’s best years.

3. NME Magazine

NME Magazine is a musical chameleon, always adapting and discovering what’s hot in music. NME Magazine is a music journalism playground packed with exciting articles, concert coverage, and artist profiles.

NME Magazine is where music trends are born, hit songs are explored, and new voices find their audience.

Love all kinds of music? NME Magazine takes you on a wild ride through the ever-evolving world of music.

4. The Wire Magazine

For adventurous music lovers, The Wire Magazine explores the cutting-edge of sound.

From hip-hop’s pulse to jazz’s timeless melodies, this magazine is a music lover’s journey through genres, highlighting both new sounds and treasured classics.

The Wire Magazine guides the unknown in music – where genres blend, and sonic rules are broken.

The Wire Magazine attracts those who find magic in the unexpected and believe music can break the mould.

Best Music Magazines

Music Magazines for [USA]

  1. The Absolute Sound
  2. Acoustic Guitar (magazine)
  3. Alternative Press (magazine)
  4. American Record Guide
  5. American Songwriter
  6. AMP (magazine)
  7. Art Nouveau
  8. Billboard (magazine)
  9. Black Market
  10. Black Music
  11. Black Velvet
  12. Blender

Music Magazines for Music History Enthusiasts

Here’s the list:

Gramophone: If you love classical music, Gramophone is a must-read! It offers top-notch reviews, insightful interviews with leading artists, and in-depth explorations of classical music.

Classical Music Daily Magazine: Discover classical music in a new way with Music & Vision Magazine! This daily magazine offers unique reviews with sound and video alongside exciting features.

BBC Music Magazine: BBC Music Magazine unlocks the world of classical music reviews. It’s a symphony of reviews, artist profiles, and historical insights for passionate music lovers.

Music Magazines with the Best Online Content

The Classic Review: The Classic Review helps you find the perfect classical music. Explore in-depth reviews, discover the history behind the music, and become a classical connoisseur.

CutCommon Magazine (2014): This Australian publication brings a fresh perspective to classical music. They feature articles, reviews, artist interviews, and event listings, fostering a welcoming community for classical music lovers.

Slipped Disc: Want the inside scoop on classical top music? Slipped Disc, founded by Norman Lebrecht, brings you the latest news, reviews, and interviews with a critical eye.

Classical Crossover Magazine: Love classical music with a modern twist? Classical Crossover Magazine explores this exciting genre with interviews, reviews, and up-to-date event listings.

Serenade Magazine: For Indian fans of Western classical music, Serenade Magazine is your one-stop shop! Discover insightful articles, music event listings, and educational resources – all designed to fuel your passion for classical music.

Opera Plus Magazine: Stay up-to-date on Czech classical music with Opera Plus Magazine! They offer news and in-depth interviews and introduce the future stars of the scene.

Classical Music Daily Magazine: Classical Music Daily Magazine is the best way to explore classical music. They offer daily updates, insightful features, and unique reviews with audio and video.

 Industry Favorites


  5. Billboard Magazine

Billboard Magazine reveals the inner workings of the music industry. It’s where business meets music, with charts, trends, and insights for professionals.

Billboard Magazine goes beyond the charts! Get exclusive interviews and industry news, and discover the business behind the music.

Fascinated by the music business? Billboard Magazine takes you behind the scenes, showing how the industry works.

6. Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine is about more than just music. They also write about movies, TV, and other important trends.

Rolling Stone Magazine captures iconic music moments with legendary covers and insightful articles.

This music magazine takes you on a journey, exploring where music, pop culture, and storytelling meet.

Music Magazines for Music Creators

Recording Magazine: Recording Magazine is your guide to better recordings. Get expert tips, in-depth gear reviews, artist interviews, and hands-on tutorials.

Sound on Sound: Love recording? Sound on Sound magazine is your guide to better sound. Get detailed gear reviews, practical tips, and insider knowledge.

Tape Op: Learn the secrets of great recording with Tape Op magazine. Read in-depth interviews with artists and engineers and discover their techniques.

Songwriting Magazine: Songwriting Magazine is your toolbox for better songs. Get expert advice, explore successful songs, and learn great songwriting techniques.

Keyboard Magazine: Keyboard Magazine is your essential guide to keys. Get gear reviews, insightful lessons, and interviews with top keyboardists.

Discovering New Sounds


7. Under the Radar Magazine

Under the Radar Magazine champions indie music. They discover rising stars and showcase the best new music you have yet to hear.

Love finding new music first? Under the Radar Magazine introduces you to the next big thing with reviews, interviews, and top picks. They cover indie artists across genres, from hip-hop to classic rock and beyond.

  1. Kill the DJ Magazine

Love music and tech? Kill the DJ is the online magazine for you! They cover music news, reviews, trends in music tech like AI, and how it’s all changing the industry. It’s a must-read for music fans who want a glimpse into the future.

8. The Fader Magazine

Love music that reflects our diverse world? The Fader Magazine celebrates the cultural influences found in music. Check into interviews and features that will open your ears and expand your horizons.

9. The Quietus Magazine

The Quietus is a daring online magazine for culture enthusiasts. They offer insightful music and film criticism, artist interviews, and explore the cutting-edge of art, literature, and TV. Known for its unique “Baker’s Dozen” column and support of experimental artists, The Quietus is a must-read for those seeking thought-provoking cultural discussions.

10 .Stereogum Magazine

Stereogum is a classic music blog! They offer daily news, reviews, interviews, and fun commentary. Known for being one of the first MP3 blogs, Stereogum has been a force in online music coverage since 2002. 

Love all kinds of music? Stereogum is for you! They cover diverse genres, from country to electronic, with in-depth reviews, interviews, news, and even top-ten lists across the musical spectrum.

11. Aquarium Drunkard Magazine

Aquarium Drunkard (AD) is a music blog made by passionate music fans for passionate music fans. They offer in-depth articles, interviews, and a massive list of featured artists. You can even support the team on Patreon and receive a printed zine, exclusive music, and other goodies! 

12. Gorilla vs. Bear Magazine

 Love discovering great new music? Gorilla vs. Bear is the blog for you! This Texas-based tastemaker shares exciting indie music magazines, videos, news, and reviews across genres. Be sure to check out their awesome year-end playlists for fresh tunes. Gorilla vs. Bear is a popular music scene known for discovering great indie music. They’ve been around for 15 years; people love their style and music choices.

Magazines for Specific Genres


13. Country Music People Magazine

Country Music People Magazine celebrates the best in country music storytelling. Discover in-depth features, artist profiles, and stories about the heart and soul of Nashville. 

Love classic and modern country music? Discover Country Music People Magazine! Immerse yourself in stories of country legends, explore the latest artists, and connect with the heart of country music. This is the popular music magazine.

14. Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine, founded in 1985, is now a classic music website. Known for a mix of edgy journalism and music coverage, they still offer tons of content: music news, new releases, and even throwback interviews from their iconic print run.

15. Consequence Magazine

Consequence (formerly Consequence of Sound) is a great website for music, movies, and TV fans. They’re reliable, interesting, and cover a lot of ground. 

You’ll find tons to explore, including podcasts, in-depth articles, and even a show about how classic works of art shape our lives. It’s worth checking out.

16. Rock Sound Magazine

Rock Sound Magazine has been a staple for rock fans since 1999. They offer in-depth features, news, and reviews – not just on rock but other alternative genres.

Rock Sound is known for spotlighting up-and-coming bands, making it a great resource for music discovery.

17. Electronic Sound Magazine

Electronic Sound is a magazine for electronic music lovers. They have articles, interviews, and reviews on classic and current artists. Plus, you can find cool live sessions and profiles of experimental music labels on their website.

A subscription is a little pricey, but it’s worth checking out if you love electronic music.

18. XLR8R Magazine

XLR8R is a website for music lovers and music makers. They’ve been around since 1993 and cover electronic music, indie, hip-hop, and more. 

You’ll find news, artist interviews, podcasts, and even production tips for musicians. It’s a great resource and costs only $3.99 a month.

19. Stereophile Magazine

 Stereophile Magazine reviews high-end audio equipment like speakers and amplifiers. They also cover the latest news in the world of high-fidelity audio. 

Upgrade your audio setup with Stereophile Magazine! Get honest gear reviews and insider interviews, and discover great equipment at an affordable price (subscriptions start at $14.99). They even have regular columns like “Records to Die For” for vinyl enthusiasts.

Music Magazines for Audiophiles

If you love great sound, here are some magazines you might like:

  • The Absolute Sound: This magazine has information about fancy sound systems and music.
  • Stereophile: Another magazine with reviews, articles, and news about the best sound equipment.
  • Positive Feedback: This online magazine is about getting the best sound for your music at home.
  • HiFi News: This magazine writes in-depth about sound equipment, music, and how it works.
  • HiFi Choice: Similar to HiFi News, this magazine is also full of reviews and information about sound.

Music Magazines for Classical and World Music

  • BBC Music Magazine: This is the most popular magazine about classical music. It has news, reviews, and stories about all things classical.
  • Gramophone: Another very popular classical music magazine. It has reviews, news, and interesting articles.
  • Choir & Organ: This magazine is perfect for people who like music played by choirs or organs. It has articles and reviews.
  • The Strad: This magazine is for you if you love violins and other string instruments! It has stories about musicians and the people who make string instruments.

20. BBC Music Magazine 

If you love classical music, this magazine is a great choice. It has music reviews, stories about famous musicians, and guides to help you understand everything.

For people who love the beautiful music of old-time composers like Bach and Beethoven, BBC Music Magazine is the perfect way to learn more about it.

Rare Finds & Budget Picks

Free Music Magazines

  • Making Music Magazine: This magazine is all about music events! It tells you about fun music parades in different cities.
  • Daily Music Roll: You can read this magazine online for free. It has news and stories about the music world.
  • Music Connection Magazine: This magazine has been around for a long time. It writes about jobs in music, has stories about famous musicians, and shares news about the music industry.

Best Music Magazines on a Budget

  • NME: This magazine has a little bit of everything! It covers popular music and new artists you might have yet to hear of. They have cool articles and tell you about concerts.
  • The Wire Magazine: For people who like different and unusual music. This magazine helps you find sounds you’ll never hear on the radio.
  • Under the Radar Magazine: Helps you discover new bands before they get famous! They have interviews and reviews of smaller, independent artists.
  • Kill the DJ: You can find this magazine online for free! It has music news and reviews and discusses what’s happening in the music industry.
  • Pitchfork Magazine is the best magazine for finding new indie or alternative music. They have interesting reviews and help you discover new bands to love.

 Rare and Out-of-Print Music Magazines

  •  Screen Archives: This website has a special section for old CDs that need help finding. Perfect for music collectors!
  • Etsy: On Etsy, you can find old and unique music magazines. Some are even custom-made by artists! It’s a great place for collectors or people who like vintage stuff.
  • Beatchapter: This is where you find old magazines about rock, pop, and punk music – especially from the 1960s and 1970s. They also sell posters and other cool music things.

Best Magazines for Music Collectors

  • Record Collector: This is the best magazine for collecting old records. It tells you about rare records and has interviews with other collectors.
  • NME (New Musical Express) Magazine: This magazine is fun for all music fans and great for collectors! It covers new and popular artists and helps you find music you like.
  • Mojo Magazine: This one is for people who love classic rock music. It has interviews with famous musicians from the past and stories about their best albums.
  • Record Collector Music Magazine: Similar to the first magazine, this is about collecting rare records. It helps you discover valuable ones for your collection.
  • The Wire Magazine: If you like unusual or experimental music, this magazine is for you! It’s a good way to find music that pushes the boundaries of normal sound.

In Conclusion, the Best Music Magazines

No matter what kind of music you love, there’s a perfect magazine out there waiting! This list gives you lots of great places to start your search. Happy reading and happy listening.


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