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Your Music Deserves the Best: We Tried 12 Online Mastering Services

by aftab ahmad
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Best Online Mastering Services

In the past, you needed a unique studio to master your music. Now, you can do it online, which is easier and faster.

We tried 12 online mastering websites and compared them to a real mastering engineer. Want to know what we found out?

Online mastering is the last step before you share your music with the world. It’s like magic for your sound – it makes your songs sound amazing on any speaker or headphones.

In this article, we’ll show you the 12 best online mastering tools and tell you all about them. So let’s get started.

What Are Online Mastering Services?

Online music mastering is like fixing up your song from home. You can find free online mastering or pay for help from famous recording studios. It’s all done online, so it’s super easy.

Online mastering is getting popular, especially for independent artists who want to get their music fixed up quickly.

Choosing an exemplary online mastering service can be challenging, especially if you’re on a budget. That’s why we did the work for you.

We tried 12 of the best online mastering services with the same song, so you can hear the difference.

Important: We weren’t paid by these companies, so we did this review ourselves. This way, you get honest opinions.

Why Does Music Mastering Matter?

Music mastering is like putting the final polish on a song. It makes the music sound better and more balanced, so it plays well on any speaker or headphones.

It used to be done in fancy studios, but now, some websites help you master your music. This means any musician can make their songs sound unique.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Mastering Service?

Factor Description
Quality of the mastering This is the most essential factor. Look for services with a good reputation and advanced algorithms.
Ease of use The service should be user-friendly and have clear instructions.
Customizability Consider if you need control over adjustments like compression, EQ, and stereo width.
Speed Choose a service with a fast turnaround time if needed.
Cost Compare pricing models (unlimited monthly fee vs. per track) based on your budget.
Integration with other tools Look for services that integrate with your existing music production tools (DAW plugins).
Customer support Choose a service with good customer support if you have questions or issues.

AI Mastering vs. Human Mastering: Which is Right for You?

AI mastering is like a robot helping you make your music sound great. It’s cheap, fast, and does a pretty good job.

Some people think a natural person will make your music sound even better. They might notice things the robot misses.

AI mastering can be good if you don’t have much money or need it done quickly. But, if the project is essential, a human might be the better choice.

You can try websites like LANDR for free to see if you like AI mastering. You can even try a few AI websites to see which sounds best.

It’s up to you! Think about how much money you have, how important the music is, and if you like how the AI makes it sound.

The 7 Best Online Mastering Services

Here is the list of our best online mastering services:

1. BandLab Mastering

BandLab makes mastering your music simple. It’s easy to use, even if you’ve never learned it.

They have many styles so that you can find the perfect sound.

You can hear your music’s sound before you finish so that you can make changes.

You can work with other BandLab artists to get ideas and help. It’s free and unlimited, and the music will sound like a pro did it!

BandLab is a great way to make your songs sound amazing, especially if you want a free option.


BandLab Mastering is a good choice if you want your music to sound better without spending much money or time. It is the best audio mastering tool.

It’s easy to use and gives your songs a polished sound. While it might not be as fancy as a professional studio, it’s an excellent tool for making your music sound its best.


This is free to use.

Our Review

It’s the best tool to use and provides you with perfect quality. It makes your song sound amazing. I have to use it many times. Our rating is 9.7/10.

2. CloudBounce Mastering

CloudBounce is an excellent choice if you need your music mastered quickly. It’s easy to use and gives you options to customize the sound.

The quality is outstanding; it’s almost like having a pro work on your music.

It makes sharing your music on SoundCloud super easy.

It does cost money – either per song or a monthly fee. The monthly plan might be a good deal if you release music often. But, if you only need to master a song now and then, a free service might be better.


CloudBounce is a good choice for musicians who want to make their songs sound better for streaming. It’s easy to use and affordable. While it might not be as perfect as a professional studio, it will still make your music sound much better.


Priced at $4.90 (£3.80) per track.

Our Review

I have to use this tool. It makes your music sound much better. From April 1st, 2025, CloudBounce will close its business operations permanently.

3. LANDR Mgasterin

LANDR is a smart online mastering tool that learns what you like. It uses AI to figure out the best way to make your songs sound amazing.

You get many style choices so that you can find the perfect sound. It makes it super easy to share your mastered music online. It provides the reference track.

It might not be as personalized as working with a real mastering engineer in a studio.


LANDR is a good online tool that makes your songs sound like a pro did them. It’s easy to use, lets you hear changes right away, and you can customize the sound.

It’s an excellent choice for musicians who want better sound but don’t want to hire an expensive engineer.


LANDR offers a pay-as-you-go and a subscription plan, making it accessible to musicians with varying needs and budgets.

Our Review

This is the best online tool that makes your music outstanding. I have used it many times. The result of this is exceptional.

4. eMastered

eMastered uses an intelligent computer program and real sound engineers to master your music. The computer figures out a few ways to make your song sound great, and you pick the one you like best.

You can adjust the sound to make it perfect for you. It works for lots of different kinds of music.

You can even upload a song you like so it tries to make yours sound similar. It might not feel as personal as working with a real engineer in a studio who you can talk to the whole time.


eMastered is an excellent online tool that makes your music sound professional. It’s easy to use, and you can customize the sound to get it the way you want. It’s great for musicians who want their music to sound its best without hiring an expensive engineer.


eMastered offers a subscription plan, making it accessible to musicians with varying needs and budgets.

Our Review

eMastered is easy to use. You can hear changes as you make them, and you have many options to get the exact sound you want. It has advanced mastering options or a mastering studio.

5. Chosen Masters

Chosen Masters uses an intelligent robot and honest people to master your music. The robot analyzes your song and determines how to make it sound best.

Real engineers check the robot’s work to ensure it sounds like your music.

It’s affordable! You can get unlimited mastering for a low monthly or yearly price. Your songs will be mastered super quickly.


Chosen Masters is an online tool that uses smart software to instantly make your music sound great. It makes your songs louder and clearer without ruining the sound, giving them a professional polish.


The basic plan costs $14 (£10.87) a month. It gives you lots of mastering options, storage for your music, and ways to track your songs’ performance.

Our Review

The basic plan gives you lots of mastering options, storage for your music, and ways to track how well your songs are doing. It is best music distribution tool.

More expensive plans let you master unlimited songs and download the highest-quality files.

6. Masterchannel

Masterchannel is a super simple AI mastering tool. You upload your song, and the robot does everything.

There are no settings you can change, which is good if you’re new to mastering but bad if you want more control. A natural person checks the robot’s work, which is nice.

Masterchannel is more picky about the quality of your mix than other mastering tools. So it might work great with some songs but not with others.

Masterchannel always makes the final file a lower quality (44.1kHz 16-bit), even if your original file was better.


Masterchannel is an online tool that uses AI to make your music sound like it was mastered in a professional studio. It’s affordable and easy to use. You can upload a reference track on it.

The goal is to make your songs sound great on every speaker or pair of headphones. It’s a good choice for musicians who record at home and want a simple way to get better sound.


  • Monthly: Costs $25 each month
  • Yearly: Costs $180 for the whole year (this is like paying $15 a month)

Our Review

Masterchannel works quickly and ensures your music sounds great on any speaker or headphones. It’s a good way for musicians to get professional-sounding music without spending much time or money.

7. SoundCloud Mastering

SoundCloud has a built-in tool to make your songs sound better when people listen on the website. It’s easy to use if you’re already on SoundCloud.

It costs some money – either per song, or you can get a few free ones if you have a particular SoundCloud account. In this tool, you can upload your track.

You can try it for free to see if you like it. Other mastering tools might be cheaper if you don’t use SoundCloud often.


Your song can’t be longer than 10 minutes. It’s a good option if you want something simple to make your music sound better.


SoundCloud Mastering costs $5 per song. This makes it a cheap way to improve the sound of your music.

Our Review

It’s easy to use and affordable. They work with a company called Dolby to make the AI extra bright. This AI tries to improve your music like a professional engineer would, making sure your songs sound great on streaming websites.

8. Mixea by DistroKid

Mixea is a mastering tool that’s part of DistroKid (a website that helps musicians release their music).

It’s easy to use – choose a style and hear how your song will sound before you’re done. It’s great if you want to master and release your music all in one place.

You can master as many songs as you want for a yearly price, but the price is higher than other mastering websites.

It’s a new service so that it might get even better over time.


Mixea is an online tool from DistroKid that uses AI to make your music sound better. It’s easy to use and affordable.

While it won’t be as good as a professional studio, it’s still a great way to make your music sound better.


  • You can try Mixea for free on one song.
  • Mastering as many songs as you want costs $99 per year.

Our Review

Mixea is an online tool from DistroKid that uses AI to make your music sound better. It’s easy to use, affordable and will give your songs a professional polish.

9. Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios is a very famous music studio. They have the best engineers and equipment to make your songs sound amazing.

It costs £90 per song to have them master your music, and they’ll get it done in about a week. You can talk to the engineer and ask for changes to ensure the music is perfect.

You can choose different ways to get your mastered music (download, CD, or even vinyl record!). These extra options cost more money.

They’ve worked on many famous albums, so you know the quality will be great.


Abbey Road Studios is a famous music studio where bands like The Beatles recorded.

They help musicians make their music sound great, and their mastering service is especially well-known. Musicians love the sound quality, and the engineers know their stuff.


You can’t find out how much it costs to master your music at Abbey Road until you ask. It’s likely expensive because they are a famous studio known for high quality.

Our Review

Abbey Road Studios is a famous studio that makes your music sound unique. It will cost more than other places, but the engineers are outstanding, and they have an excellent reputation.

If you want the best possible sound for your music, it might be worth the price.

10. Waves Audio

Waves is a company famous for making professional music tools. Their new online mastering service uses innovative technology to make your songs sound amazing.

It’s easy to use – you can pick a style, adjust the tone, or even use a song you like as a guide. It’s designed to be great for both beginners and experienced musicians.

If you want your music to sound like the pros, Waves is a trusted name to try.


Their tools are known for sounding great and having lots of options. However, some people think Waves plugins are too expensive, and they don’t like how the company charges for updates.


Waves plugins can be expensive. Here’s how you can buy them:

  • Single plugin: You buy just the one tool you need.
  • Bundle: A group of plugins together, often with a discount.
  • Subscription: You pay a monthly fee and get access to lots of their plugins.

Our Review

I’m a music producer, and I use Waves plugins all the time. They sound incredible and have tons of options, so they work with any music. They make high-quality, reliable tools that make my job easier.

11. Metropolis Studios

Metropolis Studios is a super famous studio where lots of big stars have recorded music.

Now, they offer mastering services so anyone can have their songs sound great.

They have the best engineers and equipment to master your music.

But, you get to choose the engineer who works on your song, so you can pick someone who knows your music style well.


Metropolis Studios is a super famous studio with amazing engineers and equipment. Their mastering service is top quality, so you know your music will sound great.


It’s the most expensive service – £102 per song.

Our Review

I’ve worked with Metropolis Studios a few times, and they have always been really professional. They have a fantastic studio, and the engineers know what they’re doing.

12. Professional mastering engineer

You can find these kinds of services and other things which you want to learn about your music on it.

You can find mastering engineers online on websites like Fiverr. Prices are all over the place! You can find someone very cheap or very expensive.

Just because someone is expensive doesn’t mean they’re good. Sometimes, a cheaper engineer does a fantastic job!

Spending around £25-£50 per song is a good idea to get a pro who will do good work.

It’s hard to say if a human engineer is always better than AI mastering. It depends on how much you want to spend and what kind of sound you’re looking for.

The best thing is to listen to samples and see what you like best.

 Advanced Options for Experienced Artists

These are some tools that have advanced options for experienced artists:

Service What it offers
BandLab Mastering Easy-to-use presets for different music styles. Great for beginners.
CloudBounce Mastering Presets and the ability to adjust settings yourself for more control.
MajorDecibel After it’s mastered, options to make your music warmer, brighter, etc..
Waves Online Mastering Let’s try changes for free before paying, giving you much control.
Mixea powered by DistroKid Different EQ and intensity options to customize your sound.

 In Conclusion

Online mastering makes it easy to make your songs sound amazing, even if you don’t have a fancy studio.

There are lots of websites that do it for you; some are even free. AI mastering is fast and cheap, while real engineers might give you even better results.

The best way to choose is to try a few services and see what sounds best.


Is online mastering as good as a real mastering engineer?

It depends! AI mastering is improving constantly, but a human engineer might notice things a computer misses. Online mastering can be excellent if you have a simple project or a tight budget.

A human engineer might be worth the extra cost for the absolute best sound on a critical project.

How do I choose the best online mastering service?

Think about these things:

Sound quality, ease of use, customization, and price.

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