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Become a Spotify Master: 11 Tools to Boost Your Music Career

by aftab ahmad
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Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

Spotify playlists are a powerful tool for independent artists to get their music heard. To understand how effective playlists are, artists can use playlist analyzer tools.

These tools help them figure out if a playlist has real listeners (not bots), how engaged the audience is with their music, and if adding their music to a playlist has made it more popular.

Let’s explore 11 of the best Spotify playlist analyzer tools and decide which one is the top choice.

Tools for Artists & Music Professionals

1. Artist.Tools

Artist.Tools is the champion of Spotify data for musicians, empowering them to master the complex world of playlists. With its ever-growing suite of top-tier features, it’s the clear choice for artists serious about maximizing their Spotify success.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

Artist.tools began as Aaron Whittington’s simple solution to his own marketing needs. Today, it’s an unstoppable force in the industry, providing artists with the ultimate tool to master their Spotify data.

  • How It Works: This tool streamline Spotify data, delivering clear insights that fuel quick, confident marketing choices for music industry professionals. Artist.tools offers a user-friendly dashboard to analyze playlist performance, spot fake streams, and gain deep audience insights.
  •  Their powerful tool scans Spotify playlists to expose bots and shady tactics, protecting your organic reach. Simply paste a playlist link to reveal key metrics like estimated monthly listeners, follower growth, quality score, and dominant genres and tracks.
  • Cost: Start with the powerful free version of Artist.Tools, then upgrade for just $15/month to unlock the full potential of your Spotify data. Make informed marketing decisions and boost your results.

    This affordable price puts success within reach for even emerging artists. And here’s the best part – use our exclusive discount code for 10% off your upgrade, forever.

  •  Free Access: Get started with unlimited bot checks, playlist analysis and searches, plus 7 days of historical data – perfect for dipping your toes in.

  •  Artist Access: Dive deeper with playlist contact info, detailed bot data, and full historical analysis. Ideal for independent artists serious about their growth.

  •  Industry Access: Power up your team! Get CSV exports, keyword data, reports, and more – designed for labels, managers, and curators handling multiple artists and playlists.

  • User Experience: Artist.tools cuts through the complexity of Spotify data. Its user-friendly design helps musicians quickly verify real streams, measure playlist impact, and unlock the insights they need for growth.

2. IsItAGoodPlaylist

IsItAGoodPlaylist offers a practical solution for budget-conscious artists. With AI-powered analysis, it helps you quickly determine if your Spotify playlist is generating the engagement you need.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

This tool is perfect for those who want straightforward, data-driven answers about playlist performance.

  • How It Works: This tool helps artists understand how well their Spotify playlists are doing. It shows if people are following the playlist and how many times your songs are played. Plus, it uses smart technology (AI) to help you find the perfect playlists for your music based on its style and feel.
  • Cost: IsItAGoodPlaylist is the most affordable option on our list, costing only $9 a month. It’s a great choice for artists on a budget who want to check if their playlists are performing well and find ways to get their music heard by more people. While there’s no free version, it’s still the cheapest tool we’re discussing.
  • User Experience: IsItAGoodPlaylist may not be the fanciest tool, but it’s perfect for musicians who want clear, no-nonsense data about their playlists. It helps you find the right playlist curators and even has a tool to help you write the perfect pitch message.

3. Chartmetric

Chartmetric is the go-to Spotify playlist analyzer for serious musicians and industry professionals. Its powerful insights come at a premium price, but the depth of data is unmatched.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

  • How It Works: Chartmetric is a powerhouse for artists serious about their music career. It goes beyond Spotify playlists, giving you deep insights into your performance across major streaming platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Shazam. Track your growth, analyze your audience, and discover similar artists – all in one place.
  • Cost: Chartmetric’s extensive features come at a premium ($140/month), making it the ideal choice for established artists and industry players who need the most in-depth insights.
  • While an investment, it’s invaluable for those with larger catalogs and followings. Chartmetric’s new $10/month artist plan offers basic features, but those seeking the full power will need the main plan.
  • User Experience: Chartmetric’s complexity reflects its professional-grade tools. While there’s a learning curve, musicians focused on data-driven marketing will find the effort pays off with powerful insights.

Analyze Your Spotify Listening Habits

4. Spotistats

Spotistats unlocks the secrets of your Spotify listening! This tool dives deep into your music habits, showing you exactly what you love to listen to.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

  • How It Works: Spotistats connects to your Spotify and reveals your listening secrets! Get detailed reports on your favorite artists, songs, genres, and even when and how you listen to music.
  • Cost: Spotistats gives you options. Start with the free plan for a taste of your listening habits. Want the full scoop? Upgrade to the premium plan for detailed reports, flexible date ranges, and the ability to download your data. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription for the best value.
  • User Experience: Spotistats is designed for everyone. It’s simple to use, even if you’re not super techy. Get clear reports on your listening habits, customize the data you want to see, and even download it all. No wonder users love how easy and accurate Spotistats is.

5. Stats for Spotify

Spotify Stats: Dive into Your Music! This tool connects to your Spotify and shows you what you love to listen to. See your top artists, songs, and genres for the past month, 6 months, or even all time.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

  • How It Works: Connect your Spotify account and discover your listening habits. See your top artists, songs, and genres over the last month, 6 months, or even all time.
  • Cost: Stats for Spotify is generally safe, but always be smart about sharing data – read their permissions carefully before connecting your account. Start with the free plan for basic insights into your listening habits. Need more? Upgrade to the premium plan for detailed reports, flexible date ranges, and the ability to download your data. It’s available as a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • User Experience: Stats for Spotify is fun and easy to use! Get clear reports about your music tastes, discover new artists you’ll love, and even compare your listening habits with friends. Track how your music interests change over time and keep your playlists fresh. No wonder users enjoy this tool so much.

6. Receiptify

This cool web app shows your most-played tracks from Spotify, Last.fm, or Apple Music over the last month, 6 months, or even all time. See what music defined a moment in your life. Download your “music receipt” and share it with friends.

Best Spotify Playlist Analyzer Tools

  • How It Works:  Receiptify turns your Spotify, Last.fm, or Apple Music listening history into a fun receipt! Choose a timeframe (past month, 6 months, or all-time) and see your top songs listed like store items. Share your musical taste with friends – download your receipt and show them what jams defined your days.
  • Cost: The best part? Receiptify is totally free! Create your own music receipts and share your listening snapshots with friends – no cost, no subscriptions.
  • User Experience: Receiptify makes showing off your music taste a breeze. This free web app connects to Spotify, Last.fm, or Apple Music and turns your top songs into a fun receipt.
  • It’s super easy to use – pick a timeframe (past month, 6 months, or all-time) and download your personalized list as an image. Share your receipt with friends and see what jams defined your days. Receiptify is a fun way to discover new music and share your unique listening habits.

Find New Music with Spotify Analysis

7. Discoverify

This free add-on creates a personalized “Discover Daily” playlist just for you, based on what you already love. It digs deeper into Spotify’s library to find hidden gems.

It’s easy to set up, and you can even customize the type of music it recommends. Discoverify is a music lover’s best friend – find amazing new tracks every single day.

  • How It Works: 
    • Visit the Discoverify website and connect your Spotify.
    • It figures out what you like and makes you a special playlist every day.
    • It’s easy to use and helps you find music you never knew existed.
  • Cost: Discoverify is a free add-on for Spotify users.
  • User Experience:  People love Discoverify because it’s easy to use and helps them find amazing new music! Every day, it makes you a fresh playlist based on the songs you already like. Discoverify is a music lover’s dream.

8. MuseNet

  • Imagine an AI that writes songs for you! MuseNet can create 4-minute pieces with up to 10 different instruments, mixing styles like pop and classical.
  • It’s easy to use, right in your web browser. Save your projects and build your musical ideas over time.
  • MuseNet learns as it goes, mixing beats, instruments, and even different eras of music in surprising ways.
  • How It Works:
    • This cool AI tool lets you create your own songs! It uses smarts to learn from tons of music, then write new pieces in any style you want.
    • Pick instruments, choose a mood – pop, classical, anything! – and MuseNet helps you create a whole song.
    • It’s super easy to use, no music knowledge needed.
  • Cost: MuseNet lets you try it for free! You’ll start with $5 in credit to experiment with. Once you’re ready to create more, you only pay for what you use. This makes it affordable, and there are different price options based on how much music you need the AI to generate.
  • User Experience: 

    No music background needed. Just pick a style (pop, classical, anything!), choose your instruments, and let MuseNet create a unique song for you. You can even tweak it to your taste. It’s like having your own AI music partner – powerful and easy to use!

    Note: MuseNet might not be available right now, but keep an eye out for its return.

Create Better Playlists Using Spotify Data

9. Spotify Playlist Analyzer by Trackify

This tool unlocks the secrets of your playlists. See your top songs, how much time you spend listening, and more. It’s like getting a report card on your music taste. Trackify helps you discover new music and understand your listening habits better.

  • How It Works: 
    • This free app analyzes your Spotify listens to show what you love.
    • See your listening history all the way back to when you first joined Spotify (some features may need extra setup).
    • Want the full picture? Upgrade to Trackify Plus for a one-time $4.79 fee. This unlocks in-depth stats and includes music played on any device.
  • Cost: 
    • Get basic stats like top songs and listening time for free.
    • Upgrade to Trackify Plus for just $4.79 (one-time payment) and unlock your complete Spotify history. See in-depth analysis of what you listen to and when.
  • User Experience: 
    • This free app dives deep into your Spotify habits. See your top songs, how much you listen, and more.
    • Want the full story? Upgrade to Trackify Plus for a one-time fee ($4.79) and unlock EVERYTHING. We’re talking in-depth breakdowns of what you listen to, when, and where (on any device!).

10. Chords for Spotify

Several cool apps act like “Spotify Chords” – they find the chords for the songs you’re listening to on Spotify and show them on your screen.

Some apps even recommend scales or let you change the key to fit your voice. These tools are called things like “Standard Guitar” or “Spotitar” – check them out and start playing!

  • How It Works: 
    • Chordify App (iOS & Android): This app shows you the chords for Spotify songs so you can play along. It has lots of features to help you learn. (Cost may vary – check the app store for details).

    • Lucaceriani Website: Need chords fast? This website finds them for the Spotify song you’re playing. But it only works for an hour. (Cost may vary – check the website for details).

  • Cost:
    • Spotify Chords by Chordify does not specify any costs associated with the service.
    • Spotify Chords by Lucaceriani does not specify any costs associated with the service.
  • User Experience:
    • Chordify App (iOS & Android): The best choice for learning songs! This app shows chords for Spotify tracks and offers tons of features to help you play along.

    • Lucaceriani Website: Need chords in a pinch? This site links to your Spotify and quickly finds the chords for the current song. Note: It only works for one hour.

11. Obscurify

This free web app digs into your Spotify to find your true uniqueness:

  • Get an “obscurity score” – how outside the mainstream your music taste is.
  • Discover amazing new artists and songs most people haven’t heard.
  • See what moods and genres define your listening habits.


 In Conclusion

Spotify playlist analyzers are a musician’s secret weapon Tools like Artist.Tools, Chartmetric, and IsItAGoodPlaylist offer in-depth insights to boost playlist success. For music lovers, Receiptify, Discoverify, and Obscurify personalize the listening experience.

Even AI tools like MuseNet help create new music. These 11 tools prove the power of Spotify data for artists and fans alike – transforming how we discover and enjoy music.


Does Spotify have playlist analytics?

Yes, but limited.

Is Statsfm free?

  • Stats.fm has a free tier. This offers basic stats on your top tracks, artists, and genres over different time ranges.
  • Premium plans exist. These offer more detailed data, custom date ranges, and the ability to export data.

How much is stats.fm lifetime?

Currently, Stats.fm doesn’t offer a lifetime plan. Their premium plans are subscription-based with monthly or annual options.


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