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Spotify Sound Quality Issues in Your Car: Tips from Tech Experts

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Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car

Why Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car? If yes, you’re not alone! Many Spotify users face issues like music sounding quiet, muffled, or just not right when played in their cars, especially over systems like Apple CarPlay. But don’t worry, we’ve got some solutions for you.

If your Spotify music sounds bad in your car, try these quick fixes:

Turn off the “Hey Spotify” feature, do a clean reinstall of the Spotify app, and make sure your phone’s volume is turned up. These simple steps can make a big difference in improving your Spotify listening experience in the car.

Why Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car?

1. Using CarPlay with Spotify

Have you noticed that your Spotify music doesn’t sound as good when you’re using Apple CarPlay? It might sound quieter or not as clear. This can ruin the fun of listening to your favorite songs.

Solution: Turn Off the “Hey Spotify” Feature

A feature called “Hey Spotify” might be the troublemaker here. Turning it off can help make your music sound better. Just go into the Spotify app, find the settings, and look for “Voice Interactions.” From there, you can switch off “Hey Spotify.

Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car

This simple step might just do the trick!

2. Spotify Needs a Fresh Start

Sometimes, Spotify needs a little break to get back to its best. Doing a clean reinstall of the app can help fix sound problems.

How to Start Fresh with Spotify

  • On iOS (like iPhones): Go to the Spotify app settings, tap on ‘Delete Cache,‘ then remove the app from your phone. After that, reinstall Spotify from the App Store.

Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car

  • On Android: Go to your phone’s settings, find Spotify under your apps, and clear its data. Then, you can reinstall Spotify from Google Play.

Doing this can give Spotify a clean slate, which might solve the sound issues you’re experiencing.

3. Spotify Using Your Microphone

Sometimes, Spotify uses your phone’s microphone, which can mess with the sound quality.

How to Stop Spotify from Using Your Microphone?  

  • On iOS: Open your phone’s settings, scroll until you find Spotify, and turn off the option that lets it use your microphone.
  • On Android: It’s pretty much the same. Go to settings, find Spotify, and deny it permission to use your microphone.

Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car

This small change can make a big difference in how music sounds in your car.

4. Loud and Clear: Turning Off Audio Normalization

Spotify has a setting that tries to make all songs play at the same volume. But sometimes, this can make your music not sound as good as it should.

Solution: Make Songs Sound Their Best

You can turn this setting off. Just go into Spotify’s settings and look for a section about sound. There, you’ll find the option to turn off audio normalization. This might help your music sound more alive and dynamic.

Does Spotify Sound Bad in My Car

5. Pump Up the Volume

If your phone’s volume isn’t turned up, Spotify might sound too soft in your car.

Solution: Max Out the Volume

Before you play Spotify, make sure your phone’s volume is as high as it can go. Then, you can adjust the volume on your car’s stereo to find the perfect level. This ensures that Spotify is using all the power it has to make your music sound great.

6. Update Your Car’s Audio System

Just like apps on your phone, your car’s audio system needs updates to work its best. If it’s been a while, your car’s system might not be playing Spotify songs as well as it could.

Solution: Keep Your Car’s Audio Fresh

Check your car’s manual or online to see how to update your audio system. These updates can fix problems and improve sound quality, making your Spotify music sound better than ever.

7. Check Your Car’s Speakers

Sometimes the problem isn’t with Spotify at all—it’s with your car’s speakers or the way your phone connects to your car.

Finding the Problem

  •  Try playing music from different sources. If they all sound bad, it might be your speakers.
  •  Look at your speakers for any visible damage.
  •  Make sure all the cables are plugged in tightly and are clean.
  •  If you’re using Bluetooth, make sure nothing is interfering with the signal.

Taking these steps can help you find out why your music isn’t sounding its best.

8. Pick the Best Spotify Settings

Choosing the right settings in Spotify can change how music sounds in your car.

Making Spotify Sound Awesome

  •  Learn about sound quality and choose the “Very High” option for streaming and downloading.
  •  If you have “Data Saver” mode on, turn it off, as it lowers sound quality.
  •  Play around with the equalizer settings in Spotify. Different cars might need different settings to sound their best.


Fixing Spotify sound quality in your car might seem tricky, but it’s usually just about trying a few different things. Whether it’s adjusting your Spotify app, making sure your car’s technology is up-to-date, or checking your car’s speakers, there’s often a way to make your music sound perfect. So, try out these tips and get ready to rock out to your Spotify playlist on your next drive!


Q: What are some common Spotify sound quality issues in cars?

Some common Spotify sound quality issues in cars include poor audio quality, low volume levels, bad sound quality, and issues with audio normalization.

Q: How can I check and improve the sound quality of Spotify in my car?

You can check and improve the sound quality of Spotify in your car by adjusting the volume levels, disabling audio normalization, ensuring a stable data connection, and restarting the playback if needed.

Q: Can using Apple CarPlay with Spotify affect the audio quality in my car?

Using Apple CarPlay with Spotify can sometimes cause issues with audio quality in cars. It’s recommended to check the settings and connections to ensure optimal sound output.


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