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Easy Fix for Element TV Not Connecting to WiFi

by Laiba Shehbaz
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Easy Fix for Element TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Are you struggling with your Element TV Not Connecting to WiFi

? Run a scan on your device to identify possible issues.

In this article, we’ll delve into simple troubleshooting steps.

Providing an easy fix for your Element TV internet connection issues.

Let’s make your TV experience seamless and enjoyable!

Easy Fix: Element TV Not Connecting to WiFi


How To Fix Element TV Not Connecting To WiFi

Experience customer satisfaction by fixing some of the issues your Element Smart TV might be having by following these simple steps.

Instead of simply troubleshooting, it often involves trying to link the Element Smart TV to a Wi-Fi network. It’s like solving a puzzle to make your TV work well again.

Here are some things you can do:

Check the Internet Connection:

Make sure your TV is connected to the internet.

Check if the Wi-Fi password is correct.

If the television is far from the Wi-Fi signal, try moving it closer or link it to your phone using a USB cable for better connectivity.

Restart Your Router and TV:

Turn off your router and TV.

Wait for a minute, then turn them back on.

This can help refresh the connection and might solve the problem.

Update Your TV:

TVs need updates, just like your computer or tablet.

Go to the settings on your TV and check for updates.

If there’s an update, let it install.

Connecting the Element Smart TV to the WiFi can improve its performance and enhance your customer experience.

If your TV does not connect, follow the troubleshooting steps in the manual to reconnect successfully.

Easy Fixes:

If your TV still doesn’t connect, there are simple tricks to try.

Reset the TV’s network settings.

Connect to Wi-Fi using manual settings and reconnect if the TV fails to connect.

Look for error codes on the screen and try to fix them.

Finding the Right Screws for Your Element TV Wall Mount

If you want to hang your Element TV on the wall, you need the right screws. Here’s how to find them:

Check the TV Manual:

Look in the manual that came with your television.

The guide might specify the exact screw size required for connecting your Element Smart TV to the wifi.

If you can’t find the manual, ask a grown-up for help or look it up on Amazon.

They might keep it in a safe place.

Measure the Holes:

Find the holes on the back of your TV where the wall mount goes.

Use a ruler to measure the distance between the holes.

This helps you know the right screw size.

Go to a Hardware Store:

Take the measurements to a hardware store with a grown-up.

Make sure to locate the right size of screws for your wall mount kit.

Ask someone who works there to help you find screws that match the size you need.

Wall Mount Kit:

If you bought a wall mount kit on Amazon, it usually comes with screws for connecting the TV to it.

Take a look at the kit guide; it tells you which screws to use for your specific Element Smart TV model when trying to connect it to the wifi.

Ask for Help:

If it’s still confusing, ask a grown-up or someone handy for assistance.

They can make sure you get the right screws to safely hang your TV on the wall.

What are the Universal Remote Codes for an Element TV?

What are the Universal Remote Codes for an Element TV?

If you have a universal remote and want to control your Element TV with it, you’ll need some special codes. Here’s how you can locate them:

Check the Remote Manual:

Look in the manual that came with your universal remote.

Look out on the second page for a list of codes aimed at different TV brands.

One of them could be essential for connecting your Element Smart TV to the wireless network.

If you can’t find the manual, ask a grown-up for help. They might know where it is.

Online Code Lookup:

Go online with a grown-up and search for “Element TV universal remote codes.”

Search online for websites with codes to connect your Element Smart TV easily.

Try Popular Codes:

Some universal remotes have common codes that often work for Element TVs. You can try these: reconnect the device, fix internet issues or check if the TV has sound.

  • 1254 is a common code people use when trying to connect their Element Smart TV to the wifi.
  • Attempting to connect your Element Smart TV with 1369 often solves the wifi issue.
  • 0047 – Refer this code to the second page of the manual.
  • 0891 – Refer this code on the second page of your manual.

Remote Code Search:

Some remotes have a feature called “code search.”

Follow the below procedure in the remote manual to use this feature and find the right code for your Element TV.

Call for Support:

If it’s still tricky, get a grown-up to call the remote’s help team.

They can guide you to the correct page of the manual that contains the code.

Test the Codes:

Once you have a code, test it by pointing the remote at the TV and pressing the power button, if the TV fails to connect, follow the below procedure.

Once your Element Smart TV is connected and the TV will display the available wireless networks. And you can adjust the volume, you’ve got the correct code!

Why Is the Volume on My Element TV So Low?

Why Is the Volume on My Element TV So Low?

If the sound on your Element TV is too quiet, there are a few simple things you can check using your smartphone or tablet to make it louder:

TV Volume Settings:

Look for the volume buttons on your Element TV remote. Press the “+” button to make the volume louder.

Check if the volume is muted. If it is, press the mute button again to unmute.

Check External Devices:

If you’re using a DVD player, game console, or another device with your TV, make sure its volume is turned up too.

Each device, especially your TV, usually has its own volume control. Make sure that the TV has sound.

TV Speaker Settings:

Check your TV settings for audio or sound options.

Look for settings like “Sound” or “Audio” and make sure they are set to a level that you can hear well.

Loose Cables:

Make sure all the cables connected to your TV are secure. If anything is loose, like the connection from your Element Smart TV to the wifi, make sure you tighten it.

Loose cables can sometimes cause sound issues. Ensure all connections are secure, including the USB connection to your phone.

External Speakers:

If you have external speakers connected to your TV, check their volume controls.

They might have a separate remote or buttons to adjust the volume.

TV Software Updates:

Sometimes, updating the Element Smart TV helps in improving the wireless connection and makes it work better.

Ask a grown-up to help you check if your Element TV has any available updates in the settings page.

Ask for Help:

If you’ve tried all these steps and the volume is still too low, ask a grown-up for help.

They might be able to find a solution or contact someone who can fix it.


In conclusion, solving the “element tv internet problem” is easy with our troubleshooting tips.

Now, with these tools, you are equipped to conquer any TV connection issues, reconnect if necessary and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

By fixing the wifi issue of your Element Smart TV not connecting, your viewing experience just got a whole lot smoother!




Q: Can my Element TV connect to a smart TV app?


A: Yes, most Element TVs are smart TVs that can connect to various apps such as YouTube and other streaming services.

You can download and install apps on your Element TV to enhance your viewing experience.

Q: How do I reset my Element TV to fix WiFi connectivity issues?


A: To reset your Element TV, you can navigate to the settings menu on your smartphone or tablet and find the option to perform a factory reset.

This will reset the TV to its original settings and may help resolve any connectivity problems.

Q: My Element TV is not connecting to the WiFi. What should I do?


A: If your Element TV is not connecting to the WiFi, try selecting the preferred WiFi network again through the TV’s menu.

If the issue persists, you can follow the troubleshooting steps provided in the TV’s manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Q: Why is my Element TV unable to connect to the WiFi network?


A: There could be various reasons why your Element TV is not connecting to the WiFi network, such as network connection problems, signal interference, or incorrect network settings.

It is advisable to follow the additional troubleshooting steps recommended by Element or reset the TV to see if the connectivity issue gets resolved.

Q: What can I do if my Element TV is not connecting to the WiFi network?


A: If your Element TV is unable to connect to the WiFi network, follow the troubleshooting steps provided by Element.

You can also check for any available software updates for the TV that may address WiFi connectivity issues.

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