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FREE DJ Apps for Spotify in 2024: Mix Like a Pro

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Top Free Dj apps that work with Spotify

Are you finding free DJ apps that work with Spotify? In this article, I am here to help you I’ll provide you with a solution for your query. that helps you a lot,

with free DJ apps you can Mix Like a Pro (Even Without Direct Integration) in this guide I’ll provide you with instant solution and also we discuss about Beginners and Non-DJs and Professional and Serious DJs so that you can easily choose which is the best option for you, rather if you a beginner or professional.

the best free DJ apps that promise compatibility with Spotify, offering a blend of innovation and convenience for DJs at all levels.

From the casual music enthusiast to the professional DJ, our curated selection aims to enhance your mixing experience, leveraging Spotify’s vast music collection to fuel your creative endeavors.

Stay tuned as we explore and provide you with a one-to-one answer.

Instant Answer

  1. Virtual DJ
  2. Serato DJ Pro
  3. Cross DJ
  4. Djay Pro AI
  5. PaceMaker DJ
  6. Mixonset

Understanding Spotify’s Integration Challenges

Top Free Dj apps that work with Spotify

The landscape of digital DJing has encountered significant turbulence due to Spotify’s evolving stance on third-party app integrations, presenting a complex challenge for DJs accustomed to leveraging its vast music library. Historically, Spotify has been a treasure trove for DJs, offering access to millions of tracks for creating diverse and dynamic sets. However, the platform’s recent policy changes have reshaped the terrain, notably restricting access for DJ software applications seeking to integrate Spotify’s music directly into their ecosystems.

This pivot stems from Spotify’s decision to discontinue support for DJ apps in July 2020, a move that has reverberated through the DJ community. The rationale behind this shift remains rooted in licensing issues and Spotify’s focus on personal, non-commercial use of its service.

Consequently, DJs who once relied on seamless integration for live performances and mix creation found themselves navigating a new reality where accessing Spotify’s library directly through their preferred DJ software was no longer possible.

These changes underscore a broader conversation about music rights, usage, and the evolving relationship between streaming platforms and the DJ culture.

While the adjustments have introduced hurdles, particularly for DJs who favor the spontaneity and variety Spotify offers, it has also sparked innovation.

DJs and software developers alike have been prompted to explore alternative solutions, including the use of music converters and other workarounds, to keep the music flowing and audiences engaged.

Despite these challenges, the spirit of DJing remains resilient, adapting to continue delivering compelling musical experiences

Comprehensive List of DJ Apps That Work with Spotify

Despite Spotify’s integration limitations, several DJ apps have risen to the challenge, offering creative solutions for using Spotify tracks in DJ sets.

These apps cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals, ensuring that everyone can mix their favorite Spotify playlists. While direct integration may be restricted, these apps often provide workarounds through Spotify music file conversion, maintaining the essence of DJing with Spotify’s vast music library at your fingertips.

List of Spotify Dj Apps For Android

  • Cross Dj
  • Dj Pro AI
  • Algoriddim Djay
  • Edjing Mix
  • Traktor DJ

For Beginners and Non-DJs

Top Free Dj apps that work with Spotify

For those new to the DJ scene or looking for a simple way to mix tunes at a party, user-friendly DJ apps like Djay Pro AI and Pacemaker stand out. These apps are designed with intuitive interfaces that minimize the learning curve, enabling beginners to start mixing with minimal experience.

By allowing users to explore DJing through Spotify’s extensive catalog, they offer a gentle introduction to the art of mixing, ensuring that even novices can create engaging musical experiences.

For Party Hosts and Occasional DJs

Party hosts and occasional DJs will find apps like Virtual DJ and Mixonset invaluable for crafting memorable one-off parties. These apps provide accessible features such as auto-mixing and beat-syncing, making it easy to manage your DJ set with Spotify tracks.

Tips for a successful party include preparing your playlist in advance and using features like song recommendations to keep the energy high, ensuring your guests have an unforgettable night.

For Regular DJs

Regular DJs, who often host events or perform live, need robust apps that can keep up with their demands. Serato DJ Pro and Cross DJ are top choices, offering extensive features and reliable performance. These apps support regular use by providing advanced functionality like key detection and loop controls.

The advantage of using these apps lies in their ability to integrate personal music libraries with Spotify tracks (via conversion), ensuring DJs have their entire repertoire at their disposal.

For Professional and Serious DJs

Professional and serious DJs require advanced apps that offer comprehensive features for professional DJing. Djay Pro AI and Virtual DJ emerge as frontrunners, boasting high-level integration capabilities and support for hardware controllers. These apps facilitate the integration of Spotify tracks (through indirect means) for professional mixing and superior sound quality.

The key for professionals lies in leveraging these apps’ extensive effects libraries and mixing tools, allowing for the creation of sophisticated, club-quality soundscapes.

In-Depth Reviews of Top Free DJ Apps Compatible with Spotify

design an image showcasing four smartphones or tablets each displaying a different DJ app's logo or interface on their screens. Arrange them in a semi-circle around a central point that features headphones or a mini-mixer. The background should subtly incorporate Spotify's branding colors. This image represents the variety of DJ apps reviewed in the article and their compatibility with Spotify, serving as a visual guide for readers exploring their options

The DJ landscape is constantly evolving, with apps striving to offer seamless integration with Spotify’s extensive library. Here, we delve into the specifics of how each app connects with Spotify, directly or indirectly, providing unique features that cater to different DJing needs.

Virtual DJ and Its Spotify Functionality

Virtual DJ, a stalwart in the DJ software realm, has had to adapt to Spotify’s integration restrictions. Although direct streaming from Spotify is no longer possible, Virtual DJ allows DJs to import their Spotify tracks in MP3 format, maintaining a bridge to Spotify’s vast music library.

This workaround ensures DJs can still access their preferred Spotify playlists, incorporating them into their sets with Virtual DJ’s extensive mixing and effect tools.

 Serato DJ Pro’s Integration with Spotify

Serato DJ Pro, known for its reliability and professional-grade features, has also felt the impact of Spotify’s policy changes. While direct Spotify integration is a thing of the past, Serato DJ Pro users can utilize third-party applications to convert Spotify tracks for use within Serato.

This method ensures DJs can blend their Spotify favorites with Serato’s high-quality performance features, from scratch effects to sample mixing.

The Versatility of Cross DJ with Spotify

Cross DJ stands out for its versatility, offering intuitive controls and easy access to music files, including those from Spotify. By allowing DJs to import converted Spotify tracks, Cross DJ users can leverage the app’s powerful mixing tools and effects, bridging the gap between Spotify’s music library and live DJ performance. It’s a preferred choice for DJs who value flexibility and the ability to mix music from various sources seamlessly.

Innovative Features of Djay Pro AI with Spotify

Djay Pro AI by Algoriddim has been at the forefront of integrating Spotify into the DJing experience, offering innovative features that leverage artificial intelligence. Though direct Spotify support has changed, Djay Pro AI continues to impress with its AI-driven mixing capabilities, allowing for creative use of converted Spotify tracks. Its Neural Mix™ technology, which isolates vocals, beats, and instruments, offers DJs unprecedented control over their mixes.

Unique Offerings of Mixonset for Spotify Users

Mixonset, designed for the Spotify-savvy DJ, emphasizes smart mixing and music discovery. While it adapts to Spotify’s integration limitations, Mixonset offers unique features such as auto-mixing and beat matching, tailored for users with Spotify Premium accounts. This app is ideal for DJs and music enthusiasts who want to explore new music and create smooth mixes with minimal effort, all while tapping into Spotify’s extensive library.

Exploring Spotify’s Own DJ Mode (Bonus)

Spotify’s own DJ mode, although not a standalone app, offers a built-in solution for users looking to DJ directly within Spotify. This feature, available to Premium subscribers, incorporates crossfade and gapless playback options, allowing for smoother transitions between tracks. While it lacks the advanced features of dedicated DJ software, Spotify’s DJ mode is a convenient option for casual use, providing an effortless way to enhance a party or personal listening experience

Alternative Solutions for DJing with Spotify

Top Free Dj apps that work with Spotify

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

In the realm of DJing with Spotify, NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter emerges as a pivotal tool, bridging the gap imposed by Spotify’s integration restrictions. This powerful software allows DJs and music enthusiasts to convert their favorite Spotify tracks into various formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, or FLAC, making them compatible with any DJ software.

The conversion process preserves the original audio quality, ensuring that DJs can maintain the integrity of their sets.

One of the primary benefits of using NoteBurner or similar music converters is the liberation of Spotify’s music library for use in live performances, enabling DJs to seamlessly incorporate Spotify tracks into their repertoire.

This flexibility opens up new creative possibilities, allowing for more diverse and personalized DJ sets. Additionally, the software retains crucial metadata, such as track titles and artist names, facilitating easy organization and navigation of music libraries.

By offering a workaround to Spotify’s limitations, NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter and similar tools have become indispensable for DJs looking to blend streaming music with traditional DJing practices.

Mixing Spotify Tracks with Any DJ Software

Integrating Spotify music into DJ sets has become a two-step process: converting tracks for compatibility, then mixing them seamlessly with professional DJ software. Here’s a concise guide to achieving this:

  1. Convert Spotify Tracks: Begin by using a tool like NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter to download your chosen Spotify tracks in a DJ-friendly format. Ensure the output settings match the quality and format required by your DJ software.
  2. Import Converted Tracks into DJ Software: Once converted, import your tracks into the DJ software of your choice. Most DJ software allows for easy import and organization of music files into libraries or playlists.
  3. Analyze and Organize Your Music: Before mixing, analyze your tracks within the DJ software to get BPM, key, and other vital information. Organize your tracks into playlists or crates based on genre, mood, or any other criteria that fit your DJing style.
  4. Begin Mixing: With your Spotify tracks ready and organized, you can start mixing. Use your DJ software’s features, such as beatmatching, looping, and effects, to blend tracks creatively.

DJ Software Recommendations: For those using converted Spotify tracks, software like Virtual DJ, Serato DJ Pro, and Traktor DJ are highly recommended. These platforms offer robust features that cater to both novice and experienced DJs, from extensive music analysis tools to advanced mixing capabilities. Each has its unique strengths, so selecting one that aligns with your mixing style and performance needs is essential.

By following these steps and utilizing DJ software compatible with converted Spotify tracks, DJs can overcome the platform’s restrictions, ensuring their sets remain as vibrant and diverse as ever.

Practical Tips for DJing with Spotify

Top Free Dj apps that work with Spotify

Creating the Perfect Playlist

Creating the perfect playlist is fundamental for any DJ set, especially when using Spotify. Begin by selecting tracks that not only match the energy and theme of your event but also resonate with your audience’s preferences. Utilize Spotify’s vast library to explore and include a variety of genres and moods. Organize these tracks into playlists, considering the flow and progression of your set.

Remember, the key is not just in the selection but in how well the tracks transition into one another, setting the pace for a memorable DJing experience.

Mastering the Mix

Mastering the mix with Spotify tracks involves more than just playing songs back-to-back; it’s about creating a seamless auditory journey. Start by analyzing the BPM and key of your chosen tracks to ensure harmonious transitions. Use mixing techniques like beatmatching, and EQing, and use of effects to blend tracks smoothly.

Experiment with creative transitions, looping, and sampling to add your unique flair to the mix. Remember, practice makes perfect, so spend time perfecting your craft to keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

Leveraging Spotify’s AI DJ and Settings for Automated Mixing

Spotify’s AI DJ and automated mixing settings offer a convenient way to enhance your DJing experience, especially for beginners or those looking for a hands-off approach.

Enable crossfade and adjust its duration to ensure tracks blend smoothly into one another without abrupt stops. Explore the Automix feature, which intelligently selects and mixes tracks from your playlist, offering a continuous music experience with minimal intervention.

While these features are helpful, incorporating manual mixing techniques and personal touches will always set your performance apart


Navigating the landscape of DJing with Spotify, despite its integration challenges, has unveiled a realm of creativity and adaptability among DJs.

The best practices involve leveraging third-party tools for converting Spotify tracks, creatively curating playlists, mastering the art of smooth transitions, and using Spotify’s built-in features for automated mixing.

These strategies ensure DJs can continue to utilize Spotify’s extensive music library for dynamic and engaging sets.

Looking ahead, the future of DJing with streaming services appears promising. As the industry evolves, we may see more collaborations between streaming platforms and DJ software companies, potentially leading to innovative solutions that offer more seamless integration.

The ongoing dialogue between DJs, streaming services, and software developers will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of DJing tools, making streaming music more accessible and DJ-friendly.


Q: Can I directly stream Spotify tracks in DJ software?

A: As of now, direct streaming of Spotify tracks in DJ software is largely restricted due to Spotify’s limitations on third-party integrations. DJs need to use music converters to download tracks for use in DJ software.

Q: What are the best DJ apps for using Spotify music?

A: While direct integration is limited, apps like Djay Pro AI, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ Pro are popular among DJs for their ability to work with converted Spotify tracks, offering a range of features for mixing.

Q: Do I need a Spotify Premium account to DJ with Spotify tracks?

A: Yes, a Spotify Premium account is generally required to download music for conversion and use in DJ sets, as most music converters require this for accessing high-quality tracks.

Q: Is it legal to use converted Spotify tracks for DJing?

A: DJs should be mindful of copyright laws and Spotify’s terms of service. Using converted tracks for personal, non-commercial DJ sets is generally accepted, but public or commercial use may require additional licensing

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