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Forget Boring Walk-Up Songs! These Tunes Will Make You Laugh

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Funny walk up songs to prank pump up your baseball team

Want your baseball games to be extra fun? Forget the usual walk-up songs. Get ready for some unique tunes that will make everyone laugh.

Imagine hearing a silly kid’s music or a fancy classical piece as a player steps up to bat.  We’ve got a list of crazy song ideas, from “Baby Shark” to “Barbie Girl”.

These unexpected choices will add a whole new level of entertainment to the game. Get ready to smile.

1. “Human”

Playing  “I’m Only Human” as your friend’s walk-up song is a funny joke because it sounds serious. Hopefully, they’ll still hit well, even with the silly song!

2. “Misty Mountains” – The Hobbit

You’re right. Using unexpected songs like “Misty Mountains” for a baseball walk-up is a hilarious way to surprise the crowd. It’s like a mismatch between the grand, dramatic music and the batter approaching the plate for a swing.

This creates a fun moment for everyone and is sure to be remembered. It also shows how creative baseball players can be with their walk-up music.


3. “I Love You” – Barney

“I Love You” from Barney is an adorable and famous kids’ song about friendship. Using a song like this for a baseball player when they walk up to bat is hilarious. It’s unexpected and silly because the music is so gentle.

The song’s message about love makes it even more funny and adds a light and happy feeling to the game.

4. “Only Girl In The World” – Rihanna

Choosing ‘Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world’ as your friend’s walk-up song is a hilarious prank.

The song’s romantic, lovey-dovey lyrics are the opposite of the intense music players usually choose, making it a funny surprise. Everyone will expect something powerful, so this song will surely get some laughs.

Plus, it might even become an inside joke between you two if there’s a funny story behind the song choice. This is the best baseball walk up songs.

5. “Jump Around” – House of Pain

“Jump Around” is a fun and bouncy hip-hop song that baseball players like to use when walking out to bat. It came out a long time ago but is still really popular.

The song has a catchy beat and a horn sound at the beginning that everyone knows. It’s an excellent pick for a walk-up song because it’s exciting and fills the crowd.

Plus, because it’s such a famous song, it makes everyone smile when they hear it!

6. “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” – Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is compelling for a baseball walk-up song.

 It’s got a serious, kind of scary feeling, making it a great way to intimidate the other team. Many famous players like Lance Berkman and Andrew Miller have used it to make a strong impression when they step up to the plate.

7. “Hell’s Bells” – AC/DC

Many baseball players use the rock song “Hell’s Bells” when they walk up to bat. It starts with a fantastic bell sound that gets everyone excited.

The loud and fast song matches the player’s energy before hitting the ball. Even though the lyrics talk about thunder and maybe even trouble, it all adds up to a powerful feeling that gets the player and the crowd pumped up.

8. “Enter Sandman” – Metallica

Baseball players love using “Enter Sandman” when they walk up to bat. It’s a famous metal song with loud guitars and drums that gets everyone going.

The lyrics are dark and scary but in a cool way, that hypes up the player and the crowd. It’s a powerful song that makes a big entrance for the batter.

9. “Jeopardy” – Theme

The “Jeopardy” game show theme song is a catchy tune everyone knows. It’s normally used to build suspense on the show, but baseball players use it sometimes when they walk up to hit.

This is funny because it’s unexpected! The exciting music creates a fun surprise for the crowd and adds a lighthearted touch to the game.

10. “Wiggle”

“Wiggle” is a silly, playful song that’s the complete opposite of a serious sports anthem. That contrast would make everyone laugh, including Jason and Snoop.

11. “We’re All In This Together” – High School Musical

The song is all about friendship, teamwork, and believing in yourself. It’s a little too sweet for a competitive baseball game, which makes it funny.

12. “Hotel Room Service” – Pitbull

“Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull as a walk-up song is a hilarious choice. Pitbull songs are usually about partying and having fun, not the severe world of baseball.

This makes it unexpected and silly, which the crowd would find funny. It’s a great way to add excitement and surprise to the game.

13. “Steamboat Willie – From “Toontown Disney Land” – Lewis Bertram

“Steamboat Willie” as a baseball walk-up song is a super funny idea. It’s a silly and unexpected song for a severe sport like baseball.

Everyone knows Mickey Mouse whistling the tune, so it will make the team and the crowd laugh with surprise.  It’s a way to have fun and stand out from the other players.

14. “Fireflies” – Owl City

The song is happy and sounds like it’s made for little kids. Using kids’ music for a demanding sport like baseball is a funny mismatch.

The lyrics talk about simple things like fireflies, which seem silly for a walk-up song.

15. “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry

Katy Perry released it in 2010. It’s a happy pop song about feeling young and in love. It was a HUGE hit, topping the music charts all over.

Some people didn’t like it initially, but most critics now think it’s a classic. The music video was filmed in Katy Perry’s actual hometown.

The hardest part to write was the central part (“teenage dream”). The song is so famous that other bands even mention it in their songs!

16. “Bad Day” – Daniel Powter

Everyone knows the “Bad Day” song. It was played everywhere for a while. The music is easy to sing and gets stuck in your head.

Even though the song is about having a bad day, the lyrics are silly and make you think, “It’s not so bad after all”.

17. “Mario Kart 8 Theme”

The Mario Kart theme song is fun and gets stuck in your head. The music is fast and exciting, just like the Mario Kart races. If you’ve played Mario Kart, you know this song. It’s a big part of the game’s energy.

18. “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake released it in 2006. It has an excellent electronic beat, and Justin sings uniquely. It was a HUGE hit, staying at #1 on the charts for a long time.

Some people loved its catchy dance sound. Others weren’t fans of the lyrics or how it was produced. But almost everyone agreed it was a fun summer song.

“SexyBack” won a Grammy and other awards, making Justin even more of a pop star.

19. “Barbie Girl” – Aqua

Even if you don’t like it, “Barbie Girl” gets stuck in your head. The song sounds silly and fun, but it makes you think about how girls are sometimes pressured to look a certain way.

Some folks were mad about the song, but others loved it. All that attention just made it more famous. It’s one of those songs everyone remembers from the 90s, whether they like it or not.

20. “Gangnam Style” – PSY

That super catchy song with the funny horse dance. Well, it’s become a popular choice for baseball players to use when they walk up to bat.

It’s hilarious because it’s so unexpected. Baseball is serious, but the song is silly and fun. Everyone remembers the music video and the dance, so it gets a big laugh from the crowd.


21. “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

This song was HUGE for a while, so the crowd will instantly recognize the tune. It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head, which makes it even funnier.

The lyrics are about having a crush, which is a funny contrast to the severe baseball game. Players can get creative with it – maybe pretending to dial a phone as they walk out.

22. “Gotta Go My Own Way” – High School Musical

It’s about a breakup and feeling lost. It’s not precisely the pumped-up vibe you want for baseball.

The song’s pace is more thoughtful than energetic, which might feel a bit off for a walk-up. While that can be funny, this song is more sincere than silly.

23. “Bet On It” – High School Musical

 “Bet on It” from High School Musical might seem like a serious song, but it could be funny to use as a walk-up song.

It’s so dramatic that it becomes unexpected and silly, making the crowd laugh and surprising everyone when the player comes up to bat.

24. “Baby Shark”

In baseball, “Baby Shark” is a super fun walk-up song. It rips the crowd and makes the game feel happy and light. That’s why it’s such an excellent pick for a player.

25. “Who Let The Dogs Out”

“Who Let The Dogs Out” is a hilarious walk-up song for baseball. Everyone knows the song, and it’s super catchy, so the crowd gets excited.

The words are silly and playful, making it even funnier when a big, strong baseball player walks out to the music.

26. “Mickey Mouse Club March”

The “Mickey Mouse Club March” would be a funny baseball walk-up song. Everyone knows that song, and it’s so happy and silly.

It would make everyone smile and maybe even sing along. It’s an excellent way for a player to have fun and make the game more enjoyable.

27. “Cotton Eye Joe”

 “Cotton Eye Joe” is such a fun baseball walk-up song. The music is super catchy, and everyone wants to dance.

The words are a bit funny, and it’s easy for the crowd to sing along. It makes the whole game feel more like a big party.

28. “French Folk Song” – Traditional

“Sur le Pont d’Avignon” is one of the funniest walk-up songs in baseball. This traditional French tune can add a lively and cultural touch to a player’s entrance to the plate, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for players and fans. The use of this song

29. “Allegretto” – S. Carulli

 “Allegretto” by S. Carulli would be a hilarious walk-up song. Imagine a batter strolling up to the plate with fancy classical music playing instead of a hyped-up pop tune.

It would catch everyone off guard and be super funny. It shows the player has a unique taste in music, which is pretty cool.

The surprise and the contrast between the music and the game would make it a memorable moment for everyone.

30. “Andante” – M. Carcassi

 “Andante” by Matteo Carcassi would be a hilarious and unexpected walk-up song. Most players pick exciting, fast-paced music, so hearing a slow, elegant classical piece would make everyone chuckle.

It’s an excellent way for players to show off a different side of themselves and add a little surprise to the usual baseball game routine.


So, ditch the serious walk-up songs and try something silly.  These funny musical surprises will make the game fun for players, the crowd, and even the other team. Get ready for a baseball experience filled with laughs.


What is a walk-up song in baseball?

A walk up song in baseball is a song that a player chooses to be played as they walk up to the plate to bat. It is often a way for players to express their personality or pump up the team and fans.

How can funny walk-up songs prank pump up a baseball team?

Funny walk up songs can prank pump up a baseball team by injecting humor and energy into the atmosphere. They can break the tension, make teammates laugh, and help create a fun and lighthearted vibe before the game.

Why are funny walk-up songs popular in baseball leagues?

Funny baseball walk up songs are popular in baseball leagues because they add entertainment value to the game. They can create memorable moments, engage the crowd, and enhance the fan experience.

Can TikTok songs be used as walk-up songs for baseball players?

Yes, TikTok songs have gained popularity as walk-up songs for baseball players, especially among younger athletes. These trendy songs can appeal to a wide audience and bring a contemporary vibe to the game.


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