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How many Song do i have on apple Music? Empower Your Music Library 2023:

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How many Song do i have on apple Music 2023

Are you wondering How many Song you have on the Apple Music library but

can’t figure it out in the app?


This article is here to help you discover your song count on Apple Music using your iPhone.

We’ll show you two easy ways to find out the number of songs you have. How many Song do i have on apple Music?

Whether you like using settings or prefer


to check within the app itself, this guide will make it simple. So, let’s get started and

reveal the mystery of your music collection!


The Challenge: Discovering Your Song Count


Apple Music is a popular music app, but did you know it can tell you how many songs you have?

Finding this information in the app can be a bit tricky sometimes. How many songs do I have on Apple Music


Song Count for iPhone users


Method 1: 

Step-by-step Guide for iPhone users


Let’s start with a step-by-step approach to guide iPhone users on how to unveil

their total song count in the Apple Music library:


Open “Settings” on Your iPhone: Start by opening the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

This is where you begin the process of discovering your song count.


Scroll Down and Tap “Music”: Scroll down within the “Settings” menu until you see

the “Music” option. Tap on it to go further.


Access “About” in the “Music” Settings: Inside the “Music” settings, find and tap on “About.”

This is where you’ll find the magic!

Song Count for iPhone users

Method 2:

Another Way to Check Your Song Count 

If going through your phone’s settings isn’t the way you like to do things, there’s another way

to find out how many songs you have in the Apple Music app:


Open the Apple Music App: Start by opening the Apple Music app on your iPhone.

It’s like your special door to all your music.


Find Your Song Count: Look up near the top of the app, right under the search bar.

You’ll see the number of songs in your library there.

It’s a fast and simple way to keep track of them.


Song Count Android Mobile (Apple Music App):


Here’s how you can find out how many songs you have on your Android mobile

device using the Apple Music app:

Open the Apple Music app on your phone.

Song Count Android Mobile (Apple Music App):

Go to the “Library” section.


Look at the top of the screen, right under the search bar. You’ll usually see the

  1. Song Count Android Mobile (Apple Music App):number of songs you have right there.

Discovering your song count can be exciting for music lovers. It helps you keep tabs on

your growing collection and lets you customize your playlists and music experience the way you like.


 Unveiling the Limitations


Apple Music, a go-to music streaming service for many,

accompanies you wherever you go through its mobile app.


However, when it comes to finding out the total number

of songs in your collection directly within the mobile app,

there’s a limitation you should be aware of.


Limitations on Song Count in Apple Music: An In-depth Analysis


Apple Music is a big player in music streaming, offering lots of songs for you to enjoy.

But, like anything, it has some rules, and one of them is about how many songs you can have in your music library.

Speaking of preserving your cherished playlists, it’s essential to emphasize the importance


of backing up your Spotify playlists. These collections are a testament to the time and care

you’ve invested in handpicking and organizing your favorite songs.


The Rule:


100,000 Songs Right now, Apple Music says you can have up to 100,000 songs in your

own music collection. That might sound like a lot, but if you really love music,

you might run into this limit, especially with so much music out there.


Breaking the Rule Here’s something interesting:


Even if you have more than 100,000 songs, you can still listen to them.

Apple Music lets you stream songs that are beyond that limit,


even if they’re not officially in your personal library.

So, you can enjoy an even bigger music collection!


Song Count in iTunes for Mac:


Unveiling Your Music Library’s Statistics

If you’re a Mac user, you probably know iTunes as your go-to app for managing and enjoying your music.


If you’re curious about digging into the details of your music collection,

like how many songs you have, how long you’ve been listening,

and how much space it takes up, you’re in the right place.


Here’s how to find out how many songs you have in iTunes on your Mac:


Open iTunes: Start by opening the iTunes app on your Mac.

If you don’t have it yet, you can download and install it from Apple’s website.

iTunes on your Mac:

Go to Your Music: In the iTunes menu, click on “Library” to access your music collection.

This is where all the songs you’ve added to iTunes are.

iTunes on your Mac:

Check Your Song Count: Look at the bottom of the iTunes window,

and you’ll see a bar that tells you how many songs are in your playlist.

This number gives you a quick look at your music collection.

iTunes on your Mac:

Exploring Additional Music Library Statistics


iTunes for Mac provides more than just your song count;

it also offers valuable insights into your music collection playtime and storage space usage.


Here’s how to access this information:

Playtime Analysis: To find out how long you’ve been listening to your music collection,

  • Go to the “View” menu at the top of your iTunes window.
  • From there, select “Show Status Bar.”
  • A bar will appear at the bottom,
  • Showing you the total playtime of your songs.


Storage Space: iTunes also tells you how much storage space your music playlist is using. To find this,

  •  Co to the “File” menu,
  •  Then click on “Library” and
  •  Select “Get Info.”
  •  In the “General” tab,
  • you’ll see the “Size” and
  • “Space Available” sections,


which gives you insights into your storage space usage.

iTunes for Mac provides a wealth of information about your music library,

including your song count, playtime, and storage space.

By following these steps, you can get a deeper understanding


of your music collection and enhance your music listening experience on your Mac.


Using Desktop App for Total Song Count


If you want to find out your total song count and surpass the mobile app’s limit,

you’ll need to switch to desktop apps like Apple Music or iTunes on your computer.

Here’s how to do it:


Apple Music on Computer:

Open Apple Music on your Windows PC or Mac.

Desktop App for Total Song Count

Go to the “Library” tab,

and you’ll see a comprehensive view of your music collection,

including the total song count.


iTunes on Computer:

Similarly, open iTunes on your computer, whether you’re

using a Mac or Windows. Choose the “Songs” tab, and you’ll find

Desktop App for Total Song Count

Desktop App for Total Song Count


the total number of songs in your iTunes collection.


Desktop App for Total Song Count


While it might be a bit inconvenient not to have this feature

in the mobile app, Apple Music makes it easy to access this

crucial information by quickly switching to the desktop app.


Enhancing Your Musical Journey:


Despite the small inconvenience of not having direct access to

the song count in the mobile app, Apple Music’s extensive music library,

personalized playlists, and user-friendly interface continue to make it a top

choice for music lovers.


Navigating and optimizing your queue can significantly enhance your Spotify experience,

ensuring that your chosen songs play in the order you desire. Understanding how to effectively

use and control your Spotify queue is key to making the most of your music streaming sessions.


Apple Music mobile app doesn’t show your song count directly, the desktop apps

are there to provide you with this essential information. By using the desktop app,


you can easily keep track of your music library and customize your musical journey to suit your preferences.



In conclusion, knowing the exact number of songs in your Apple Music library

is now within your hold. With our step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly find

your song count, whether you prefer to navigate through your iPhone’s settings


or use the Apple Music software itself. So, go ahead and explore your musical collection,

tailor your playlists, and enjoy your music journey to the in-depth



How do I see the number of songs on the bottom of iTunes?


To view the number of songs in your iTunes library, follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes: Launch the iTunes application on your computer.
  2. Access Your Library: Click on the “Music” option located in the top-left corner of the iTunes window. This takes you to your music library.
  3. Check the Status Bar: At the bottom of the iTunes window, you’ll find a status bar. On the left side of this bar, you’ll see the number of items in your library, including the total number of songs.


How many songs can I have in Apple Music library?


Apple allows users to have a maximum of 100,000 songs in their personal music

library on Apple Music. If you reach this limit, you won’t be able to add more songs

until you remove some from your library.


How do I know if I have Apple Music?


  1. Check Your Subscriptions:
    • On your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings.”
    • Tap on your name (Apple ID) at the top of the screen.
    • Select “Subscriptions.”
    • Here, you’ll find a list of all your active subscriptions, including Apple Music if you have it.

So which method did you choose?

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