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How to Dislike a Song on Spotify: Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Dislike a Song on Spotify

Welcome to our easy guide on making your Spotify listening experience better by using the dislike feature! Whether you’re a free user or have Spotify Premium, these simple steps will help you how to dislike a song on spotify or personalize your music listening on both the Spotify mobile app and desktop.


Steps to Dislike a Song on Spotify

Using the Spotify Mobile App (Android and iOS)

  • Open Spotify

Start by opening the Spotify app on your mobile device. Make sure you’re logged into your Spotify account.

  • Find the Song

Navigate to the song you don’t want to hear in your playlist or radio station.

  • Dislike the Song

Tap on the three dots (`…`) next to the song. A menu will appear. Look for the option that says “Don’t like this song” or tap the ‘⊖’ icon to the right of the song title. Selecting this will ensure the song doesn’t play in your playlists and Spotify to play songs similar to this will decrease.

  • Confirmation

Spotify might not always show a confirmation, but rest assured, the song will be removed from your current playlist or radio station.

How to dislike a songs on spotify

Using Spotify on Desktop

  • Open Spotify Application

Launch the Spotify application on your desktop.

  • Locate the Song

Find the specific song in a playlist or album you’re currently listening to.

  • Dislike the Song

Right-click on the song or click the three dots (`…`) next to the song’s title. Look for the “Don’t like this song” option and select it. This will prevent the song from appearing in your search results and recommendations.

How to Dislike a Song on Spotify for Premium Users?


As a Spotify Premium user, you have the advantage of unlimited skips and enhanced control over your listening. To dislike a song:

  • Open the Spotify App: Launch the Spotify mobile app or use the desktop application for an immersive experience.
  •  Navigate to the Song: Find the song you want to dislike, whether in a playlist, radio station, or t 0he recommendations section.
  • Locate the Dislike Button: Spotify Premium users will find the thumbs-down icon near the playback controls, representing the dislike option.
  • Tap the Thumbs-Down Icon: Tap the thumbs-down icon to express your disapproval of the song.


What to Do After Disliking a Song?

After you’ve disliked a song on Spotify, you can explore new music that fits your taste better. Spotify’s algorithms will adjust to your preferences, enhancing your playlists and radio stations with songs you’re more likely to enjoy.

How to Unhide or Unblock a Song or Artist?

Change your mind? It’s easy to bring a song or artist back:

  • On Mobile: Go to the playlist where you hid the song. Tap the three dots next to the song that’s still showing up and select “unhide” or tap the ‘⊖’ icon again.
  • On Desktop: Find the song in your playlist or album, right-click, and choose the option to “unhide” the song or “play this artist.

How to dislike songs on spotify

Downloading Liked Songs


  • Open Spotify: Launch the Spotify app on your preferred device, mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Login: Ensure you’re logged in to your Spotify account. If not, log in using your credentials.
  • Access Your Liked Songs: Navigate to the “Your Library” section within the Spotify app. Beneath the “Playlists” category, you’ll find “Liked Songs.” Click or tap to access your collection.
  • Download Individual Songs: Find it in your Liked Songs playlist to download a specific song. Next to the song title, you’ll see a download icon (⬇️). Click or tap on it to initiate the download.
  • Download All Liked Songs: To download all your wanted songs simultaneously, go to the top-right corner of the Liked Song in a playlist and turn on the “Download” toggle. Spotify will start downloading all your liked songs for offline listening. After this, you start playing a song.

How to dislike songs the spotify



Knowing how to dislike or hide songs on Spotify puts you in control of your music listening experience. Whether you’re listening on Android, iOS, or desktop, and whether you’re a free user or a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can alter your Spotify playlists to better suit your musical tastes. So go ahead and personalize your Spotify account – your perfect playlist is waiting.




Q: How can I dislike a song on Spotify?

To dislike a song on Spotify, simply tap the “dislike” button (a crossed-out circle) next to the song. This will signal to Spotify that you don’t want to hear that specific song again.

Q: Can I dislike multiple songs on Spotify at once?

As of now, you can only dislike songs one at a time on Spotify. There is no option to dislike multiple songs simultaneously.

Q: I’m a free user on Spotify, can I still dislike songs?

Yes, even free users on Spotify can dislike songs. The feature to dislike songs is available for both free and premium users.

Q: Is there a way to block certain songs or artists on Spotify?

Currently, there’s no direct way to block specific songs or artists on Spotify. However, you can dislike a song to signal to Spotify that you prefer not to hear it.

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