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10 Tricks to Find the Best Hidden Gem Playlists on Spotify

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How To Find Good Playlists on Spotify

Nowadays, millions of people listen to songs on Spotify. It is very difficult to find a good playlist, it makes your job much harder.

But with the help of Spotify playlist finder, this job becomes easy because it acts as an intermediary. 

Today, we’ll explore the 10 different ways to find the perfect playlist quickly.

Note: If you’re an artist looking to make or find popular playlists to showcase your music, you can read this blog but if you’re a listener and find great playlists, read on


How to Find Playlists on Spotify: A Guide

Spotify has a vast library of editorial and curated playlists but limitless options.

Spotify has a huge selection of playlists, so you’ll always find something you like. Search for playlists on Spotify by typing in what you want (artists, or genres), and it’ll give you a bunch of options to choose from.

Sometimes, Spotify’s search will only show you playlists from big record companies, not the best songs or new music. Therefore, we’ll provide you with these different methods where you can easily find the perfect Spotify playlist.

 Follow your Discover Weekly playlist, and save it every week

How To Find Good Playlists on Spotify

Love finding new music? Spotify’s Discover Weekly is like a personal music shopper! It picks out awesome new songs for you every Monday.

  • Spotify deletes your old Discover Weekly playlist every Monday.
  • You can save all of your Discover Weekly playlists into one big playlist.
  • This way, you won’t lose songs you might want to listen to later.

Search for playlists

Want to find playlists on Spotify? Use the search bar and type in what kind of music you like. You’ll see a bunch of playlists to choose from.

Your search can be based on your interest a genre, or an artist. Spotify has a huge collection of music. Search for whatever kind of playlist you want, and you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

You can find playlists for almost anything on Spotify! Search for chill music, study music, movie soundtracks, and much more.

Release Radar

Release Radar helps to find what is brand new in the world of music. And what kind of music are you most interested in? It’s similar to Discover Weekly but based on newly released stuff.

Release Radar updates every week with new music, but the songs change. Save the ones you love or you might lose them!

Spotify is based on your interest, its algorithm looks at your search and provides better recommendations. You can use the Like (Heart icon) and Don’t Like (Minus icon) buttons to tell the music streaming service what you like or not.

Daily Mixes and Spotify Mixes

Spotify has Discover Weekly to help you find new artists. It also has Daily Mixes, which are like best-of playlists of the music you already love.

  • Daily Mixes group similar music together. You might have one mix for rock and another for rap.
  • Spotify Mixes are more specific. You can find mixes for certain artists, types of music, or even moods.
  • Find all these mixes on Spotify in the “Made For You” section.

Spotify makes mixes based on the music you love. The more you use Spotify, the better the mixes will be.

The Best Playlists for Every Genre

  • Today’s Top Hits
  • Toolroom Tech House
  • Trap Nation
  • Who We Be
  • Pigeons & Planes
  • Indie Indie Playlist
  • Rock Party

Set the Mood: Find Playlists for Any Vibe

You can find the different vibes on Spotify according to your mode. Here are some playlists:

  1. Music To Set The Mood – Compilation by Various Artists.
  2.  Intimate Music to Set the Mood – playlist by Love Songs Spotify.
  3.  Set the Mood: An Americana Romance Mix – Playlist – Apple Music. 

Find Playlists Curated by Your Favorite Artists

Artists can use “Spotify for Artists” to tell Spotify about their new songs. This helps Spotify put the songs on the right playlists. There are different kinds of playlists on Spotify, some made by Spotify, and some made by fans.

Build out an entire playlist based on a single song you like

Spotify Radio lets you make stations based on an artist, but you can’t listen offline. The MagicPlaylist app fixes that! It makes a playlist from one song you like, and you can listen to it anytime.

Spotalike: Crafting Musical Continuity

How To Find Good Playlists on Spotify

What Spotalike Does

  • Spotalike is a tool that makes playlists for you.
  • Tell it a song you like, and it will find other songs that sound similar.
  • It’s easy to use – just type in your song and Spotalike does the rest!

Pros and Cons

  • Good: It’s a quick way to find new music that’s similar to what you already like.
  • Bad: Sometimes it doesn’t work, especially if you like very specific kinds of music.

Discover Playlists by Song or Artist

Users can discover playlists on Spotify that contain a specific song or artist by utilizing the Playlist Finder tool available on Chosic. This tool allows users to search for playlists that feature a particular song or artist, helping them find curated playlists matching their favorite music. 

By simply entering the song or artist name into the search box, the tool generates playlists that contain songs matching the search query, providing a convenient way to explore and discover new music within playlists on Spotify

Chosic: A Playlist Explorer’s Delight

How To Find Good Playlists on Spotify

What Chosic Does

  • Chosic is a website for finding new music on Spotify.
  • You can use it in two ways:
    • Find playlists: Tell it a song you like, and Chosic will show you playlists that include that song.
    • Find similar songs: Tell it a song, and Chosic will find other songs that sound similar.

Other Things Chosic Does

  • Chosic has lots of other tools to help you find music, like searching by lyrics or finding songs for a certain mood.

The Downside

  • Chosic has a lot of ads.
  • It might be easier if some of the tools were combined.

Find Playlists Inspired by Live Music Events

To find playlists inspired by live music events, Spotify users can log the concerts or music festivals they plan to attend and the artists they want to see. By doing so, Spotify suggests playlists based on popular songs or setlists related to those events. 

This feature allows users to discover curated playlists that align with the music they will experience live, enhancing their anticipation and enjoyment of upcoming concerts or festivals

Time Capsule

How To Find Good Playlists on Spotify

Spotify has a feature called Time Capsule. It’s a playlist of songs you loved a few years ago. Spotify says it’s like a trip down memory lane! It’s probably best for older teens and adults since it focuses on music from your past.

  • Spotify’s Time Capsule playlist has old songs you used to love. It also has similar songs from that same time.
  • The playlist is about two hours long.
  • Right now, Spotify only makes you one Time Capsule playlist. It doesn’t update with new old songs, but maybe they’ll change that later.

Pull together the ultimate themed playlist based on what other people are listening to

  • The Playlist Miner is an app that helps you find good playlists on Spotify.
  • It looks at popular playlists other people have made and finds the songs that appear the most.
  • You can search for playlists by type, like “workout” or “party”.
  • The app will then make you a brand new playlist using the best songs.

Go international and hear what people around the world are listening to

  • Topsify is a website that helps you find good Spotify playlists.
  • It has lots of playlists organized by mood, music type, and more.
  • The cool thing about Topsify is that you can choose a country and see what music is popular there! This lets you find playlists with international music you might not have heard otherwise.


Organize your library of existing playlists like a boss 

Playlist Manager is an app that suggests the name. It connects with your Spotify account and thoroughly views all your playlists. It makes your playlist easy to find.  

Launch your mixes 

How to make a Spotify radio station:

  1. Find a song, artist, album, or playlist you like.
  2. Click the three dots next to it.
  3. Choose the “radio” option. This will start playing a mix of songs similar to what you picked.


  • Use the “Like” and “Don’t like” buttons to help Spotify learn what music you want to hear.
  • The radio station will change over time, so you’ll hear new songs.


How can I discover new music on Spotify?

To discover new music on Spotify, you can explore playlists curated by Spotify or other users. Use the Spotify app to find playlists on Spotify that match your music tastes.

What is the best way to find good playlists on Spotify?

The best way to find playlists on Spotify is to use the search feature and explore curated playlists such as Spotify playlists or those curated by Spotify.

How can I find the best Spotify playlists for my favorite artists?

To find the best Spotify playlists for your favorite artists, search for specific playlists related to those favorite artists or use keywords like “release radar” or “daily mixes” to get recommendations.

Can Spotify help me find playlists based on my listening habits?

Yes, Spotify can help you find playlists based on your listening habits through features like “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” which are customized to your preferences.

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