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The Secret Spotify Feature You Didn’t Know You Needed: AI DJ

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How To Get Spotify AI DJ

In recent days Spotify add some advance features which is called Spotify AI, DJ which provide innovation and we explore the music with new strategies. I hope you know that the Spotify has a talent for knowing what you want to listen to next. Now, this process become more easy with Spotify’s own AI DJ. You love to know that we will deliver our own experience with AI DJ. So keep in touch with us next 2 to 3 minutes.

In this blog post, we’ll check the some outstanding feature and guide you on how you will get benefit the most of Spotify AI DJ.

What is Spotify AI DJ and how does it work?

Spotify AI DJ is a feature that combine artificial intelligence and music arrangement.
By analyzing your all day listening habits, preferences, this create a fresh and most familiar playlist.

Beyond Spotify algorithm and data, AI DJ features provide fresh recommendation, offering a perfect balance between your songs and discoveries. The playlist ready according to your preference and global music trends. So, you’ll not missing out the latest news.

Based on it, this feature uses the personalization technology, which selects music proposal based on your preferences. With the help of Open AI technology, Spotify’s music editors, provide you some captivating facts about tracks artists, or sort you’re listening to.

The best thing about Spotify’s AI DJ is that it provides realistic voice. It sounds just like a real radio DJ, making the experience more fun. The AI DJ feature first used the voice of Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan, who works at Spotify. He used to host a morning show called ‘The Get Up.’ Expect more voices or changes in the future.


How to get the Spotify AI DJ?

Before enjoying the Spotify’s AI DJ feature you have to update your Spotify app.

Requirements for Spotify AI DJ

What you’ll need:

  • Frist you need the Spotify app or web browser.
  • A Spotify premium subscription.

The Short Version

  • First Open your Spotify app.
  • Tap on the Music header.
  • Scroll down to the AI DJ.
  • Now you’re ready so, tap next.

Step  1

Frist of all you have to install the Spotify app which is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac – or using a web browser. Open Spotify app.

How To Get Spotify AI DJ

Step  2

Now look on the top where you find the “music” word, tap on it.

How To Get Spotify AI DJ

Step  3

Scroll down you’re mobile screen. It will show up as a large blue icon on the screen. Tap on it and activate.

How To Get Spotify AI DJ

Step  4

Now AI DJ will start monitoring you’re listening habits and arrange playlist according to your interest.

How to find Spotify DJ if it’s not showing up?

  • If Spotify DJ not showing up in your mobile. Keep in mind these following reasons.
    Device type.
  • Older version of Spotify.
  • May be this feature is not enabled in your country.
  • Your subscription account not supported.

Is Spotify DJ on desktop?

Yes, Spotify AI DJ is now available on desktop but you have to need update or reinstall the application to explore the latest features.

There are some alternative ways you can cast your Spotify DJ from your phone to desktop.

  • Make sure you Spotify web or desktop app is open on your computer.
  • Look at the left bottom, where you find the small speakers icon. Tap on it and enjoy currently played track on mobile.
  • Now select the device and Tap on “Web Player” to hear the music played on desktop.


How to find the Spotify AI DJ in your iPhone or Android app?

  1. Go to Search icon.
  2. Go to to browse section. Where you find browse all.
  3. Tap on Made for you tile.
  4. Under the Uniquely your, you will see the DJ feature.

How To Get Spotify AI DJ

How to Access Spotify’s AI DJ?

There are two ways to access the Spotify’s AI DJ on your mobile, First from your Music feed and second through search tab.

How to Access Spotify’s AI DJ From Your Music Feed?

Spotify’s AI DJ can be found in the in the Music feed on the home screen. If you missing to find this feature, here is a few things you can try to find it.

  1. Make sure your Spotify account is up-to-date and you have to install latest version from app store. If you’re using desktop, make sure your profile picture should be updated.
  2. Ensure that you’re using Spotify Premium subscription because AI DJ feature is only available for Premium subscribers.
  3. It’s possible this AI DJ feature is not yet available in your country. Currently, the feature is available in some selective regions in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and New Zealand.
  4. Ensure that this AI DJ feature is enabled on your account.

To access your account:

If all these things not work,

  • Logout your account and again login.
  • Refresh the setting and this i hope you will get new features.

How to Access Spotify’s AI DJ From the Search Tab?

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Tap on the Search icon a the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now tap the tile which is called Made For You.
  4. Now look the section Uniquely yours, tap on the DJ tile to start listening to Spotify AI DJ.


Who is Spotify’s AI DJ voice and can you turn it off?

The voice you hear on Spotify’s AI DJ is a real person named Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan. He’s an important person at Spotify who works with artists and other creative people. Before this, he hosted a morning show called ‘The Get Up‘ and lots of people liked listening to him because of his fun personality and unique voice.

Xavier “X” not be the only voice to choose from in the future, but he also serves as the first model for the DJ.

Currently, there’s no way to ignore the AI DJ voice officially, you can only skipping the song or change your current playing podcast.
On desktop it appears only play music, when Spotify DJ is played through desktop using Spotify Connect.


How to Change the Spotify DJ’s Voice?

Currently, this feature is not available. The voice of the Spotify AI DJ is based on a real person, Xavier Jernigan, who helped train the AI. May be in future Spotify has possibility of introducing other DJs, but there are no specifies or timeframes provided yet.

Like me other users have expressed interest in having the option to change the voice but as of now, the voice of the DJ on Spotify remains fixed.

Navigating the Spotify DJ Interface

After activated your Spotify AI DJ, you’ll find where you can enhance your music discovery experience. Currently, the Spotify DJ doesn’t have any buttons or setting to adjust the output of songs.

Let check how to navigate the Spotify DJ Interface.

1. Provide Feedback

The AI DJ have ability to adapt your musical tastes, like to another music streaming which name is Pandora. You can provide your feedback simply by skipping or adding songs in your favorite playlist.

The AI DJ takes this feedback into your account and arrange its according to your recommendations.

2. Switch the Vibe

Is something bothering you? So, change the artist or song hit the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Discover New Tracks

Spotify AI DJ is an outstanding tool for exploring new artist and tracks. When the Spotify AI DJ plays a song you haven’t heard before, it is waiting to see how you interact with this song. If you skip this songs, in future Spotify AI DJ will recommend less new music. But if you like this song, AI DJ will play songs according to your interest.

That’s pretty much it, no real learning twist to this DJ. Just sit back, and let it take the lead on it

Best Uses for Spotify AI DJ

  • Personalized Music Experience
  • Continuous Music Mix
  • Discover New Music
  • AI Voice Commentary
  • Easy Access

Spotify DJ Limitations

  • AI DJ voice “X” cannot be changed or customized by users at present.
  • AI DJ feature is currently available only to Premium users in select regions like the U.S. Canada, the U.K, and Ireland, excluding users on the free Spotify plan.
  • AI DJ may not be available to all accounts even if they meet the criteria of having a Premium account, residing in a supported country, and using the latest version of the Spotify app, as the feature is still in beta and gradually being rolled out to users.

Music Algorithms Get More Personalized

Spotify is bringing back the old days of radio! Now you can have your own personal DJ, just like people used to have on the radio. Spotify’s AI DJ picks your favorite songs and talks about them, just like a real DJ would! It’s available worldwide, so you can try it out and see how it sounds.

Spotify AI DJ vs. Traditional Playlists

The Spotify AI DJ feature differs from traditional playlists in several key ways:

  • Personalization: Spotify AI DJ become more personal because it uses AI but traditional playlist have not.
  • Continuous Mix: Unlike traditional playlists that are static, the AI DJ provides a continuous mix of music with commentary between songs.
  • Voice Commentary: The AI DJ feature includes voice commentary on tracks, artists, and genres. It not found in traditional playlists.
  • Limited Voice Options: While the AI DJ currently offers only one voice option based on Xavier “X” Jernigan’s vocals, Spotify hints at introducing more virtual hosts in the future, potentially allowing users to select different voices and presentation styles.
  • Accessibility: The AI DJ feature is available to Spotify Premium users in select regions like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland, while traditional playlists are accessible to all Spotify users regardless of their subscription status.

My Feedback on the Spotify DJ mode

After using AI DJ feature, i have find some issue.

1. Not Enough Customization

I want to be able to tell the DJ what kind of songs to play. The DJ picks songs based on what you listened to recently, what time of day it is, and other things about you.

It’s up on you how you can shape the AI DJ’s thinking.

2. Individual Experience

We have lots of playlists that many people listen to. It’s more fun to listen together and share the music we love. Imagine a DJ that plays songs from you and your friends! It would be like a music party where everyone gets to share their favorites.

3. Doesn’t Work Offline

I have heard from others, which DJ plays music most. It recommend more songs like this. Currently DJ couldn’t work offline. Making a DJ that shares music with friends would take up a lot of space on your phone. So for now, you need the internet to use it. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to fix that later.

4. Doesn’t Surpass Good Playlists

I don’t use the AI DJ much because it’s like listening to the radio. I’d rather hear songs I already love than have a computer guess what I want.

The DJ is kind of like my Spotify mixes, but not as good. It doesn’t feel special enough yet. Maybe it will get better after a while, so I’ll wait and see.

AI DJ and the Future of Music Discovery

  • It’s a smart computer program that learns what you like.
  • It finds new songs and artists you might enjoy.
  • This is different from how we found music before, with DJs on the radio or playlists.


Conclusion: The Power of Spotify AI DJ

Spotify’s AI DJ brings new innovation in music industry. Think of Spotify’s new AI DJ like your own personal music helper. It figures out what you like and keeps the songs flowing, even if you don’t have a paid Spotify account. Spotify AI DJ provide the excellent feature, where the power of  artificial intelligence combines the human creativity.
Spotify AI DJ automatically will pick songs according to your interest. So you can just chill and listen. We hope you learned about the new AI DJ! Now you can try it out and have fun.



Why is Spotify not getting AI DJ?

Currently Spotify doesn’t offer this kind of feature like change the AI DJ’s voice. Most probably this future will come in future.

Is Spotify AI DJ good?

Yes, I think  AI DJ is a grate option for listener when you  don’t care what to listen or not.

Is Spotify AI DJ only for premium?

Yes,  AI DJ is only for Premium user . It available as a beta option.





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