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How to Rearrange Songs on Spotify Playlists: Easy Tutorial

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How to Rearrange Songs on Spotify Playlists: Easy Tutorial


Are you tired of shuffling through your Spotify playlist trying to find your favorite songs?

Imagine being in control, organizing your playlist just the way you like it

Discover how to rearrange your Spotify playlist on both desktop app and mobile app versions.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your favorite tunes at the top of your Spotify playlist whenever the music mood strikes.

Steps How to Rearrange Songs on Spotify Playlists

Desktop Version:

  • Start by opening Spotify app on your computer.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Once logged in, look for the “Your Library” option on the left side.
  • Click on it to find all your playlists.
  • Inside your playlist, hang over a song you wish to move.
  • Hold down the mouse button, drag the song to its new playlist spot, and release.

Mobile Version:

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on “Your Library” at the bottom menu of the screen.
  • Find the playlist you want to rearrange the playlist.
  • Tap on the three dots (more options should appear) and choose “Edit Playlist”.
  • Once in edit mode, press and hold the song you want to move.
  • Drag it to the desired position, then release your finger.

How to Rearrange Songs on Spotify Playlists: Easy Tutorial

Understanding the Basics

What is Playlist Arrangement?

Playlists are like magical lists of your favorite liked songs on Spotify feature.

When we talk about playlist arrangement, we mean the alphabetical order or way your songs are organized in the list.

It’s like deciding which story comes first in your book.

The Magic of Customization

Now, imagine you can be the boss of your own playlist – deciding which song web player plays first or last.

That’s the magic of customization! It’s like creating your own special mixtape where you get to choose the order of the songs on Spotify creates, making it unique, just like you!

Make Changes on Desktop

Logging into Your Account

To begin your musical adventure, first, log in to your Spotify account on your computer.

It’s like opening the door to your favorite music world!

Locating Your Playlists

Once you’re inside Spotify on your computer, let’s find where your playlists hide.

Knowing where they are is like discovering secret treasure chests full of your favorite tunes.

Drag and Drop

Now, get ready to feel like a music magician!

Learn the cool trick of rearranging songs by dragging and dropping them.

It’s like organizing your toys on a shelf – but way more musical!

Make Changes on Mobile

Accessing Your Library

Imagine carrying your music world in your pocket! Start by opening your mobile library on Spotify. It’s like having a magical key to change the order of songs on Spotify wherever you go.

Sorting Your Playlists

Make your playlists cozy and well-organized! Learn how to sort them on your mobile – it’s like putting your favorite books on a neat shelf, but with songs!

Manual Rearrangement

Become the captain of your music ship! Follow the steps to manually rearrange the order of songs within your playlists. It’s like creating your own musical journey, one song order within a time.

The Need to Rearrange Playlists

How to Rearrange Songs on Spotify Playlists: Easy Tutorial

Difficulty in Finding Songs

Imagine you have a big box of toys, and you’re searching for your favorite one. It’s challenging and takes a lot of time!

Similarly, in a playlist, songs might be in a random order, and finding your favorite can be tricky.

Making Listening Experience Better

Think of your playlist like a special order of your favorite snacks. If they are all mixed up, it’s not as enjoyable as having them in the order you like.

Rearranging your playlist is like organizing your snacks, making it easier to find and enjoy each one. So, rearranging songs makes your music time more fun and personalized!


In conclusion, arranging your version of Spotify playlist is like creating a musical masterpiece that dances to your beat.

No more endless scrolling – just your favorite songs, right where you want them!

So, go ahead, jump into the rhythm, and let your playlist reflect your unique style.

Start rearranging, experiment with different vibes, and let the music magic unfold.



Q: How do I download a Spotify playlist in a custom order?

A: You cannot download a songs on Spotify playlists in a customize the order on Spotify, but you can rearrange the songs in your desired sequence before downloading them using a Spotify music converter.

Q: Is it possible to shuffle the order of songs within a Spotify playlist?

A: Yes, you can shuffle the order of songs within a Spotify playlist by using the shuffle icon on the playlists created page recently added.

Q: Does Spotify allow me to stream songs in a custom order within a playlist?

A: Yes, Spotify premium or free allows you to stream songs in a change order of songs within the playlist by rearranging the songs as per your preference using the Spotify app.

Q: What should I do if I want to reorder my Spotify playlist but I am using a tablet?

A: If you’re using a tablet, you can reorder songs on Spotify playlist by opening the playlist order, tapping on and hold the three dots “…” icon, and selecting “Edit Playlist” to change the order of the songs just like you would on a mobile phone.

Q: Can I change the order of songs within a playlist on my iPhone?

A: Yes, you can change the order of songs in Spotify playlists on your apple music by opening the playlist, tapping the “…” icon, and selecting “Edit Playlist” to rearrange the songs as desired.

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