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How to reset Insignia Fire TV: Easy guide Fire tv Remote not working 

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How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Are you having trouble with your Insignia Fire TV Remote? Explore how to make it work again? Well, you’re in the right place! Our guide, “How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote,” is here to help.

If your remote isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, we’ve got a simple fix for you.

Our helpful guide is here to assist you in resetting your remote. Take a few minutes to read through it and discover the best steps to get your remote back in action.

7Way Insignia Fire TV Remote

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote, follow  easy 7steps:

Remove Batteries: Take out the batteries from the back of your Insignia Fire TV remote.

Press and Hold Home Button: Press and hold down the Home button on the remote. Keep it held down for at least 20 seconds.

Release Home Button: After holding for 20 seconds, release the Home button.

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Reinsert Batteries: Place the batteries back into the remote, ensuring the correct polarity.

Reboot your TV: Turn off and on your TV, or perform a restart if you have an Insignia Fire TV.

Wait for connection: Allow a moment for the remote to reset all controls and pair with your Insignia Fire TV. You might see an on-screen notification confirming the successful pairing.

Test All Controls: Check if all controls on the remote are functioning properly by navigating through the Insignia Fire TV interface. Test various buttons to ensure they respond as expected.

By following these steps, you will reset all controls on your Insignia Fire TV remote.

If you encounter any issues, consider repeating the process or reaching out to Insignia customer support for assistance.

Reset The Fire TV Itself

Sure, resetting your TV itself involves a few steps. Keep in mind that performing a factory may need to reset will erase all your settings, preferences, and installed apps.

If you’re having serious issues with your Fire TV and want to start fresh, here’s how to reset it:

Factory Reset on Fire TV:

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Navigate to Settings:

Using your Fire TV remote, go to the home screen.

Scroll to the right and select “Settings.”

Access Device Options:

Within the Settings menu, scroll to the right and select “Device.”

Choose Reset to Factory Defaults:

Look for the “Reset to Factory Defaults” or a similar option.

You might need to enter your PIN or password if you have set one up.

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Confirm the Reset:

A warning message will appear, informing you that this action will erase all data. Confirm that you want to proceed.

Wait for the Reset:

The Fire TV will begin the reset process. This might take a few minutes.

Set Up Fire TV Again:

Once the reset is complete, your Fire TV will restart.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Fire TV, including connecting to Wi-Fi and signing in with your Amazon account.

Upgrading To a Universal Remote

Upgrading to a universal insignia remote is a great option if you want a single remote to control multiple devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to a universal remote:

1. Purchase a Universal Remote:

  • Choose a universal remote compatible with your devices. Many universal remotes support various brands of TVs, audio systems, and streaming devices.

2. Read the User Manual:

  • Once you have the universal remote, carefully read the user manual that comes with it. Different remotes may have unique setup processes.

3. Install Batteries:

  • Insert batteries into the universal remote according to the instructions in the user manual.

4. Identify Device Codes:

  • Universal remotes use codes to communicate with different devices. Find the device codes for your TV, audio system, and other components in the remote’s manual.

5. Turn On the Device:

  • Power on the device you want to program the universal remote to control.

6. Enter Programming Mode:

  • Follow the instructions in the manual to enter programming mode on the universal remote. This usually involves pressing a specific combination of buttons.

7. Enter Device Code:

  • Once in programming mode, enter the code for your specific device using the remote’s keypad. Refer to the code list in the manual.

8. Test the Remote:

  • After entering the code, test the universal remote by pressing various buttons to ensure they control the functions of your device.

9. Program Additional Devices:

  • If you have other devices, repeat the process to program them into the universal remote.

10. Learn Function:

  • Some universal remotes have a “learn” function, allowing you to teach the remote specific commands if your device’s code is not in the manual.

11. Save Settings:

  • Once all devices are programmed, save the settings according to the instructions in the manual.

12. Troubleshoot if Necessary:

  • If the remote isn’t working as expected, consult the troubleshooting section of the manual. Ensure the remote has a clear line of sight to the devices.

13. Enjoy Using Your Universal Remote:

  • Once everything is set up, enjoy the convenience of using a single remote to control multiple devices.

Keep the manual for future reference, especially if you add or replace devices. If you encounter any issues during the setup process, consult the troubleshooting section of the manual or let me know for further assistance.

Fire TV Remote App

Using the Fire TV Remote App involves the following steps. Please note that these instructions assume your remote compatible mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and that your Fire TV is already set up on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using the Fire TV Remote App

1. Download the App:

  • On your mobile device, go to the app store (Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS).
  • Search for “Amazon Fire TV Remote” and download the official app.

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

2. Ensure Wi-Fi Connection:

  • Make sure both your mobile device and Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Open the App:

  • Launch the Fire TV Remote App on your mobile device.

How to reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

4. Sign In (if required):

  • If prompted, sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

5. Select Your Fire TV:

  • The app should automatically detect available Fire TV devices on the same network.
  • Select your Fire TV device from the list.

6. Use the Remote Features:

  • Once connected, your mobile device becomes a virtual remote control for your Fire TV.
  • Navigate through the app to find controls for navigation, selection, volume, and playback.

7. Additional Features:

  • Explore additional features of the app, such as voice search and keyboard input.

8. Enjoy Control:

  • Use the app to control your Fire TV just like you would with a physical remote.


  • Ensure that your Fire TV device is turned on and awake.
  • Both the mobile device and Fire TV should be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The app may prompt you to enable certain permissions for it to function properly.

Amazon Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

The “Alexa Voice Remote Pro” is a remote control device designed to work with Amazon Fire TV devices and other compatible devices. Here are some key features and information about the Alexa Voice Remote Pro:

  • This bundle contains Fire TV Stick 4K and Alexa Voice Remote Pro.
  • “Alexa, find my remote.” – Use a device with Alexa, the Alexa app or Fire TV app and Alexa Voice Remote Pro will emit a ring. No searching cushions.
  • Backlit for your convenience – Navigate movie night with motion-activated buttons that illuminate in dimly-lit rooms.
  • Two customizable buttons – Create your own shortcuts to favorite channels, apps, or many Alexa commands.
  • Cinematic experience – Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Advanced 4K streaming – Elevate your entertainment with the next generation of our best-selling 4K stick, with improved streaming performance.
  • Wi-Fi 6 support – Enjoy smooth 4K streaming, even when other devices are connected to your router.
  • Endless entertainment – Stream more than 1.5 million movies and TV episodes. Watch favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Max, and more. Subscription fees may apply.
  1. Voice Control:
    • The remote features Alexa voice control, allowing users to search for content, control playback, and interact with their Amazon Fire TV using voice commands.
  2. Programmable Buttons:
    • It may include programmable buttons that can be customized to perform specific functions or launch favorite apps with a single press.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity:
    • The remote typically connects to the Fire TV or other compatible devices via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for direct line-of-sight.
  4. Built-in Microphone:
    • The remote has a built-in microphone to capture voice commands accurately.
  5. TV Power and Volume Control:
    • Some Alexa Voice Remotes are equipped with additional buttons for controlling the power and volume of your TV or other entertainment devices.
  6. Text Input:
    • It may provide a text input method, allowing users to easily search for content using the on-screen keyboard.
  7. Compatibility:
    • The Alexa Voice Remote Pro is designed to work seamlessly with Amazon Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.
  8. Rechargeable Battery:
    • Some models come with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.
  9. Alexa Integration:
    • With the built-in Alexa functionality, users can also use the remote to control smart home devices, ask questions, and perform various tasks using voice commands.
  10. Enhanced Navigation:
    • The remote may feature an ergonomic design for comfortable holding and easy navigation through menus and content.

Effective Ways to Fix Insignia Fire TV Remote Not Responding

How to Re-pair the Remote with Your TV?

Sometimes, the solution lies in renewing the connection between your remote and TV. Re-pairing can work wonders, and it’s easier than you might think.

Let’s explore the simple steps to ensure your remote and TV are in perfect harmony again.

Re-pairing Process:

  1. Access the settings menu on your Insignia Fire TV.
  2. Navigate to the “Controller and Bluetooth Devices” section.
  3. Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” and choose your remote to re-pair.

Following these uncomplicated steps will likely resolve the responsiveness issue, bringing your Insignia Fire TV remote back to life.


How Does the Voice Remote Enhance User Experience?

Voice commands offer a new dimension to your TV interactions. Explore the simplicity of controlling your Insignia Fire TV with just your voice. From searching for content to adjusting volume, the voice remote adds convenience to your entertainment.

In the next section, we’ll delve into alternative solutions if your Insignia Fire TV remote is beyond repair.

Exploring Alternative Remotes for Insignia Fire TV

Is your Insignia Fire TV remote beyond salvation? Don’t worry; there are alternatives. Let’s explore the compatibility of universal remotes and how you can seamlessly integrate a new remote with your Insignia TV.

Can You Use a Universal Remote with Insignia Fire TV?

Absolutely! Universal remotes can be a game-changer. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of pairing a universal remote with your Insignia Fire TV. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a new remote experience.


Considerations When Choosing a Replacement Remote

When selecting a replacement remote, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and compatible experience:

  • Compatibility: Check that the remote is compatible with Insignia Fire TV.
  • Features: Look for features that align with your preferences, such as voice control or additional buttons.
  • Brand Reputation: Consider reputable brands for reliability.
  • User Reviews: Read user reviews to get insights into the performance and durability of the remote.


Upgrading and Enhancing Your Insignia Fire TV Experience

Are There Enhanced Versions of the Insignia Fire TV Remote?

As technology advances, remote controls also progress. Improved versions of the Insignia Fire TV remote come with extra features and better performance. If you want to enhance your TV experience, it’s worth checking out these upgraded versions.

Exploring Features of Advanced Remote Models

What sets advanced remote models apart? Let’s take a closer look at the features that can enhance your Insignia Fire TV experience:

  • Voice Control: Some advanced remotes come equipped with voice control, allowing you to navigate and search with simple voice commands.
  • Additional Buttons: Enhanced remotes may have extra buttons for quick access to specific functions, making your TV interactions more convenient.
  • Improved Connectivity: Upgraded remotes often come with improved connectivity options, ensuring a seamless connection with your Insignia Fire TV.

By exploring these features, you can determine whether the enhanced versions align with your preferences and contribute to an improved TV-watching experience.

Should You Consider Upgrading Your Remote?

Deciding whether to upgrade your remote depends on your needs and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Current Remote Issues: If your current remote is constantly giving you trouble, an upgrade might provide a more reliable solution.
  • Desired Features: Assess whether the features offered by enhanced versions align with what you’re looking for in a remote.
  • Budget: Consider your budget and weigh the cost of upgrading against the potential benefits.


Advanced Fixes:

Resolving Issues with Navigation Buttons on the Remote

If you find the navigation buttons on your Insignia Fire TV remote acting up, follow these steps for a potential solution:

  1. Check for Debris: Inspect the buttons for any debris or obstructions. Clean the remote carefully to ensure smooth button functionality.
  2. Perform a Soft Reset: Sometimes, a soft reset can address minor issues. Remove the batteries, wait for a minute, and then reinsert them. Test the navigation buttons again.

By following these steps, you might be able to resolve problems with the navigation buttons without much hassle.

Performing a Factory Reset on the Insignia TV

A factory reset can be a more extensive solution, especially if issues persist. Keep in mind that this process will restore your TV to its original settings, so proceed with caution:

  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the settings menu on your Insignia Fire TV.
  2. Choose Device Options: Look for the “Device Options” or a similar category.
  3. Perform Factory Reset: Select the option to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action when prompted.

Performing a factory reset is a more comprehensive step and should be undertaken when other troubleshooting methods have failed.


In conclusion, if you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with a non-responsive Insignia Fire TV remotes use.

Our blog has addressed the common issues, providing straightforward solutions to get your remote back on track. From troubleshooting methods like hard resets to exploring alternative remotes and considering upgrades, we’ve covered it all.

Our aim has been to simplify the process, ensuring that even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can still tackle these issues effortlessly.


Q: Why has my Insignia TV remote stopped working?

A: Several factors can cause your Insignia TV remote to stop working, such as low battery power, signal interference, or the need for a reset. Troubleshooting steps like power cycling the TV, replacing the batteries, or re-pairing the remote with the TV can often resolve the issue.

Q: How can I fix my Insignia TV remote that has stopped working with my Fire TV Stick?

A: If your Insignia TV remote has stopped working with your Fire TV Stick, try power cycling the Fire TV device, resetting the TV to factory settings, or using the Fire TV app on a smartphone as an alternative remote control. You can also try re-pairing the remote with the TV.

Q: What can cause the Insignia remote to stop working with the TV?

A: The Insignia remote may stop working with the TV due to low battery power, signal interference, or a need for re-pairing with the TV. Additionally, obstructions between the remote and the TV sensor can also cause connectivity issues.

Q: How do I fix an Insignia remote that is not working with my TV without buying a new one?

A: To fix an Insignia remote that is not working with your TV without buying a new one, try re-pairing the remote with the TV, power cycling the TV, ensuring the batteries are inserted correctly, and resetting the remote to its default settings.

Q: Is there a way to reset the Insignia remote without using the TV?

A: Yes, you can reset the Insignia remote without using the TV by removing the batteries, pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds, and then releasing it. This will reset the remote without the need for TV interaction.

Q: How do I fix an unresponsive Insignia remote for my Home Theater system?

A: Method to fix an unresponsive Insignia remote for your Home Theater system, you can try removing and re-inserting the batteries, ensuring there are no obstructions between the remote and the TV sensor, and power cycling the TV and Home Theater system. Additionally, re-pairing the remote with the TV can help resolve the issue.


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