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Changing Spotify Playback Speed

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How to speed up songs on Spotify

Want to make your favorite songs play faster on Spotify? Now, it’s easy to speed up any track to fit how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.

Let’s dive into how to speed up songs on Spotify and customize your listening experience, including using a music converter for more control.


How to speed up songs on Spotify?


Adjusting playback speed Spotify content is a valuable feature that enhances your music and podcast experience. Let’s delve into how to make the most of it, whether using a mobile device, computer, or the Spotify web quicktime player.


On Mobile

Changing the playback speed on your mobile device is a handy way to adapt your listening experience. Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android device, you can control the speed:

For iPhone Users

Utilize the built-in playback speed feature on the Spotify app to listen at your preferred tempo. This quick adjustment allows you to breeze through your playlists or podcasts effortlessly.


For Android Users

Android users can also take advantage of Spotify’s playback speed control, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of your favorite content. Following these steps, you can easily adjust the playback speed.


How to Speed Up Songs on Spotify




Open the Spotify App

Get the Spotify app on your mobile device.

Select Your Song or Podcast

Choose the Spotify song or podcast you want to speed to.

Locate Playback Speed Control

Look for the playback speed control button, typically near the play/pause button or within the settings menu.

Adjust the Speed

Click on the playback speed control button to access the speed options. Select your preferred speed, and the song will instantly adjust to the new tempo. After this, you play Spotify music according to your interest.

Enjoy the Experience

Whether you’re trying to breeze through your playlists or podcasts effortlessly, adjusting the playback speed on Spotify web player for your preferred tempo is now at your fingertips.


How to Change Playback Speed on Spotify PC/Mac?


Spotify on your computer offers similar flexibility. Here’s how to adjust playback speed:

Navigate to Spotify

Download the Spotify app on your computer.

Select Your Song or Podcast

Play your selected content.

Access Settings

Locate the playback speed adjustment setting (usually found within the Windows media player or in a menu).

Choose Your Preferred Speed

Adjust the playback speed to your liking after downloading Spotify music files.


How to Slow Down Songs on Spotify?


While speeding up songs on Spotify can add energy to your music, slow-down or speed songs can provide a soothing and relaxed listening experience. You have to must download Spotify music.

Spotify makes it easy to enjoy your favorite songs at a slower tempo.


 Podcast Playback Speed of Spotify


Learn different ways to change Spotify playback speed. Podcasts have become an integral part of our daily routine, and Spotify offers the perfect platform to enjoy them at your preferred pace.

Adjusting podcast playback speed is a breeze whether you’re listening on your desktop or mobile device. You can change podcast speed on Spotify easily. These methods help you change Spotify playback.


How to Speed Up Songs on Spotify



Tips and Tools for Customizing Spotify Playback Speed


Customizing the playback speed on Spotify is a versatile feature that can elevate your listening experience. While Spotify offers its official tools for adjusting playback speed extension, third-party tools are also available.

This section will explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of using third-party tools.

Mentioning Third-Party Tools


Third-party tools are software or applications created by developers outside of Spotify. These tools often provide additional features or greater control over playback speed. Some of the benefits and drawbacks include:


Advanced Control: Third-party tools can offer more precise control over playback speed, allowing you to set speeds that Spotify’s official features might not provide.

Expanded Compatibility: Some third-party tools are compatible with various platforms and devices, giving you more flexibility in customizing your listening experience.



Quality Concerns: Using third-party tools may occasionally result in a loss of Spotify audio speed quality, as these tools may not optimize speed adjustments and Spotify’s native features.

Compatibility Issues: Third-party tools may not always work seamlessly with Spotify updates, leading to potential compatibility issues.

Security Risks: Downloading and using third-party tools can pose security risks. It’s crucial to verify the source and safety of the tool before installation.


How to convert Spotify music?


To use a Spotify music converter, follow these steps:

Select Your Songs

Pick the specific Spotify songs you want to convert.

 Open the Converter

Launch the chosen Spotify music converter tool on your device.

 Choose Output Format
– Select the desired audio format using the converter’s options, like MP3 or WAV. This can change the desired playback speed of your music.

Adjust Settings

Utilize any available settings for quality, bitrate, or other preferences.

 Initiate Conversion

Start the conversion process, allowing the converter to transform your chosen Spotify songs into the preferred format.

Download Converted Files

Once the conversion is complete, download the converted files to your device for offline listening. After this, you enjoy the speed of Spotify songs or speed of podcasts.

By following these steps, you can effectively use a Spotify music converter to enjoy your favorite tracks beyond the confines of the Spotify platform.



So, that’s how to change Spotify podcast playback speed. Whether you’re in a hurry or want to chill, adjusting the speed is easy.

Just follow the steps on your phone or computer. But be careful with third-party tools; they might cause problems. If your speed control isn’t working, try updating the app or clearing your browser.

Now you’re all set to enjoy Spotify at your own pace – fast or slow, it’s up to you!




 Q: How can I change the playback speed on Spotify?


To change the playback speed on Spotify, you can use the built-in feature on the Spotify app or web player. Simply play the song or podcast and click the “speed” icon to select your desired speed from the available options.

Q: Can I speed up songs or podcasts on Spotify?


Yes, you can speed up or slow down songs and podcasts on Spotify using the playback speed feature. This allows you to adjust the speed of the audio content according to your preference.

Q: Is there a way to change the playback speed of podcasts on Spotify?


You can change the playback speed of podcasts on Spotify by using the same speed control feature available in the app or web player. It allows you to listen to podcasts at a faster or slower pace.

Q: How to access the playback speed feature on Spotify’s web player?


To access the playback speed feature on Spotify’s web player, simply open the web player and play the song or podcast. Then, click the “speed” icon to choose the speed you want from the available options.



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