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How to turn off Recommended Songs on Spotify? This will work 100%!

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how to turn off recommended songs on spotify

Unwanted recommendations disrupting your Spotify playlists? Learn how to regain control and enjoy music modified to your taste. Explore our guide on turning off recommended songs on Spotify and making your listening experience your own.

Let’s see how to stop recommended songs on Spotify:

I. Understanding Spotify’s Recommendation System


How Spotify’s Algorithm Suggests Songs?


Spotify’s suggestion system uses an intelligent computer program to make playlists just for you. It looks at what you listened to, songs you liked, and things you follow on Instagram and Facebook.


Reasons Behind the Recommendations


How to add Recommended Songs on Spotify


Spotify wants to make your music time more fun. You might enjoy the ones you already like.

II. The Impact of Recommended Songs on Your Playlist


How Recommended Songs Affect Your Listening Experience?


Spotify’s song ideas can make your music experience different. While they are meant to introduce you to new music, they can disrupt the flow of your carefully curated playlists. Instead of enjoying your favorite tracks or discovering new songs from your preferred artists, you may be sidetracked by pieces that must align with your musical taste.


Common User Frustrations and Concerns


Lots of people using Spotify are not happy with the songs it suggests. They often complain about interruptions caused by autoplay, which can throw off the mood of their playlists.

Additionally, users who love the self-rule of crafting their playlists may feel that recommended favorite songs interfere with their personal music curation.

III. How to Turn Off Recommended Songs on Spotify


Method 1: Adjusting Playback Settings


  • Step 1:

Open the Spotify app and navigate to “Settings” to regain control over your listening experience.

  • Step 2:

Under the “Playback” options, turn off both “Autoplay” and “Crossfade” settings to prevent recommended songs from automatically playing.

How to stop recommended songs on spotify

Method 2: Creating Custom Playlists


  • Step 1:

Emphasize the benefits of custom playlists, allowing users to tailor their music selection to their liking.

  • Step 2:

Provide a step-by-step guide on creating personalized playlists, ensuring users can curate their music experience.


how to turn off recommended songs on Spotify


Method 3: Upgrading to Spotify Premium


  • Step 1:

Describe the Premium experience, which includes an ad-free environment, enhancing the quality of your music journey.

  • Step 2:

Explain how users can easily upgrade to Spotify Premium to eliminate interruptions from ads and recommended songs.

How to turn off recommended songs on Spotify

Method 4: Managing Your Library


  • Step 1:

Highlight the importance of organizing your library for a smoother, more personalized listening experience.

  • Step 2:

Offer practical tips on effectively managing saved songs and playlists, allowing users to take charge of their music collection.

How to turn off recommended songs on Spotify


Doing these things allows you to take charge of your Spotify playlist and have music you like without interruptions. Whether you’re a Pink Floyd enthusiast, Twenty-One Pilots fan, or a student seeking focused tunes, these steps will help you make the most of your Spotify subscription.

IV. Additional Tips for a Better Spotify Experience


Curating Your Music Journey


Make your playlists for different moods or activities to improve Spotify, like a workout or a chill Sunday morning.

Spotify Features that Enhance User Control


Explore Spotify’s features like “Liked Songs” and “Private Playlists” to personalize your music collection further.

Liked Songs” saves your favorite tracks, while “Private Playlists” lets you keep your music selections hidden from prying eyes.

User Testimonials and Success Stories


Hear from Spotify users who have successfully adjusted their playlists and eliminated the annoyance of recommended songs.

See how they made their music trip match what they like and want.

V. Repairing issues


Common Issues and Solutions


Address common problems users may encounter while trying to turn off recommended songs. You can try fixing things like how music starts, cleaning up stored data, or getting the latest app version for a smooth time.

Don’t let recommended songs disrupt your groove; instead, make the most of Spotify’s features and personalized playlists to enjoy the music you love, whether you’re a Pink Floyd enthusiast, a Twenty-One Pilots fan, or simply a music lover seeking the perfect soundtrack for every moment.

VI. Conclusion


It’s essential to control your Spotify to enjoy the music you like entirely. You can change your playlists according to your interest. And we showed you how to make them go away. If you love Pink Floyd, Twenty-One Pilots, or just music, these ideas work for you.

You can regain self-rule over your musical journey by adjusting playback settings, creating custom playlists, considering Spotify Premium, and managing your library effectively.

Spotify wants to improve your time. You can make it essential according to your desire.

VII. Final Thoughts


As someone who appreciates music’s power, mastering Spotify’s features can elevate your listening experience. With tinkering and customization, you can bid farewell to interruptions and embrace a world of music that resonates with you.

Here’s to enjoying music more on Spotify with playlists that fit your taste and mood. Don’t let recommended songs deter you; instead, implement our solutions and savor the sweet sounds of your favorite tunes hassle-free. Happy listening!

Incorporate these tips into your Spotify routine, and you’ll be on your way to a harmonious and personalized musical journey.


1: How do I turn off suggested songs on the Spotify app?


To turn off suggested songs on the Spotify app, follow these steps:

1. Let’s open the Spotify app on your device.

2. Go to the ‘Now Playing’ screen by tapping the bottom bar in the app.

3. Look for the Shuffle” button, which might be located near the playback controls.

4. Touch the “Shuffle” button to stop it.

It should stop Spotify from playing suggested songs automatically.

2: Why is my Spotify playing recommended songs?


Spotify may play recommended songs for a few reasons:

If you’re using the accessible version of Spotify, it includes ads and may play recommended songs between your chosen tracks.

On the premium version:

Spotify may include recommended songs in your shuffled playlist if the shuffle feature is enabled. Sometimes, Spotify’s algorithms suggest songs based on your listening habits. You can stop this in settings.

3: How do I turn off shuffle suggested songs on Spotify?


To turn off shuffle suggested songs on Spotify, follow these steps:

1. Open the Spotify app.

2. Start playing a playlist or album.

3. Look for the shuffle icon (two crossed arrows) near the playback controls.

4. Tap the shuffle icon to turn it off.

It will play your songs in the original order without adding suggested songs to the mix.

4: How do I turn on recommended songs on Spotify?

To turn on recommended songs on Spotify, follow these steps:

1. Open the Spotify app.

2. Press the “Home” tab.

3. Move down to see the ‘Made For You’ playlists; they have songs based on what you’ve listened to.

4. Tap on a recommended playlist to start playing it.

5: Why can’t I play songs on Spotify without shuffle?


If you’re using the accessible version of Spotify, you must use shuffle play when listening to playlists and albums. It is because the free version includes ads and shuffling songs allows them to insert ads between tracks.

To play songs in the order you prefer without shuffle and ads, you’ll need to upgrade to Spotify Premium.

Note: Spotify’s app interface and features may change over time, so the exact steps might vary slightly.



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