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I Finally Found Spotify Light Mode (and You Can Too)

by aftab ahmad
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How To Turn on Spotify Light Mode

For a long time, Spotify users have wanted a light mode option. It can be hard to see Spotify in the dark.

Spotify doesn’t have a light mode setting, but I’ll show you an easy trick to get a similar effect.

So, stay with us.

Is Spotify Light Mode Available?

People have asked Spotify for a light mode, but they haven’t added one yet.

User Requests for Light Mode

Lots of people want Spotify to have a light mode. They’ve been asking for years! They want the option to change how the app looks. Some people find light mode easier on their eyes than the dark mode.

Right now, this kind of feature is not available on Spotify. There are a lot of misleading instructions on the internet telling how to turn on light mode. But, this is not true. This can change your Spotify background to white which might put you in light mode.

Spotify’s Response

Currently, only dark mode is available on Spotify. With time continuous updates, Spotify is not added to select any light mode or dark mode for the mobile app. This is a topic of discussion and user request. There is no official news or hack to change into light mode.

Why Spotify Doesn’t Have a Native Light Mode?

Spotify doesn’t have a light mode even though people have asked for it. Some users find the dark mode too bright and hard on their eyes. They are surprised Spotify hasn’t added a light mode after so many years.

How to Activate Spotify Light Mode Feature?

Steps to use Smart Invert:

  •  1. First open the Settings app on your iPhone
  •  2. Select Accessibility
  •  3. Open Per-App Settings

How To Turn on Spotify Light Mode

  •  4. Add The Spotify App
  •  5. Turn on Smart Invert

How To Turn on Spotify Light Mode

Pros and Cons of Using Smart Invert


  • Easier on your eyes: Smart Invert can make Spotify less tiring to look at, especially in the dark.
  • Keeps some colors normal: It doesn’t change the colors of pictures or videos on Spotify.
  • Helpful for some disabilities: This feature makes it easier for people with certain vision problems to use Spotify.


  • Doesn’t give you full control: You can’t choose the exact colors you want.
  • Might mess up some things: Sometimes it can make parts of Spotify look strange.
  • Works differently in different apps: Smart Invert might not work perfectly in every app.

The Benefits of Spotify Dark Mode

Spotify Dark Mode has several benefits:

 Reduced Eye Strain

It reduces eye strain when you use the screen for a long period because reading text from a dark background can be easier and healthier for the eye.

Dark mode makes screens less bright, so your eyes don’t get tired as quickly. If you use Spotify for listening to music so dark mode is good for you.

 Better Visibility in Low-Light Environments

When you using Spotify in dark mode this can be helpful for your eye. You can easily read the text and select your favorite song. Dark mode not only increases visibility in low-light environments but also conserves battery life in OLD or AMOLED displays. It increases the overall experience of the user.

Conserving Battery Life

I wanna tell you something interesting is that a study at Purdue University found, that when you use the Spotify app in the dark mode it can save 3% to 47% battery life. So if you want your mobile battery life to last longer before needing a recharge, turning dark mode is beneficial.

Alternative Options for Light Mode

So users enjoy the third-party extension or customize display settings.

Using Third-Party Extensions

If you want to use third-party extensions, you have to search these options.

  • Install the “Spicetify” extension: This can help you to customize the Spotify appearance.
  • Try the ” Marvis Pro” app: This is an IOS app. You can integrate with Spotify. It offers various themes, including light theme mode options.
  • Use the “Stylish” browser extension: With the help of this extension you can easily customize the website theme.

Customizing Display Settings on Devices

These display settings become very helpful when you use Spotify on your mobile.

  • Adjust brightness
  • Change font size
  • Enable high contrast mode
  • Use zoom feature
  • Adjust color settings
  • Use accessibility feature

Is Light Mode Coming to Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t have a light mode, and it seems they don’t plan to add one. People have asked for it, but Spotify hasn’t listened. For now, the only way to get a light look on Spotify is to use a workaround like Smart Invert. It’s unlikely Spotify will ever add a real light mode.

My Experience Using Spotify’s Inverted Light Mode

I like the light mode option. The dark mode can hurt my eyes at night, so switching to light mode is much better for me.

Comparison with Other Music Streaming Apps

Spotify mostly has a dark look, and you need tricks to make it lighter. Apple Music lets you easily switch between light and dark modes. Tidal is all about great sound and doesn’t mention if it has light or dark modes.

In Conclusion

Spotify doesn’t have a real light mode. While people want it, Spotify focuses on its dark look. For now, you have to use tricks like Smart Invert to get a lighter Spotify. Other music apps, like Apple Music, do let you easily switch between light and dark modes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get light mode on Spotify?

Yes, you can access a light mode option on Spotify by using a workaround called Smart Invert on iOS devices. This method allows users to simulate a light mode effect within the Spotify app by inverting colors while preserving the appearance of images, media, and certain apps that use dark color styles.

Does Smart Invert work with Spotify CarPlay?

Smart Invert does not work with Spotify CarPlay. While Smart Invert can be used to simulate a light mode effect within the Spotify app on iOS devices, it does not extend to CarPlay functionality.

Will using Smart Invert drain my battery faster?

Using Smart Invert may not necessarily drain your battery faster. While there have been discussions and concerns about the impact of Smart Invert on battery life, the feature itself is designed to invert colors on the display, providing a light mode effect without significantly affecting battery consumption.

Are there any other workarounds for Spotify light mode?

there are workarounds for achieving a light mode effect on Spotify other than using Smart Invert on iOS devices. One alternative method involves accessing pre-app settings on the iPhone, adding Spotify as an app, and enabling Smart Invert specifically for the Spotify app.

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