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Insignia TV Volume Too Loud? 7 Proven Ways to fix!

by Nouman Khan
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Insignia TV Volume Too Loud

Insignia TV Volume Too Loud – Troubleshooting and Solutions

Are you facing the frustrating issue of your Insignia TV’s volume being stuck on high? You’re not alone.

First, we’ll explore the common problem of excessively loud volume on Insignia TVs and provide you with practical solutions to resolve it.

Let’s dive into understanding this issue why it appears and how to fix it.

we’re here to help you find effective solutions.

Understanding the Issue

Before we dive into the troubleshooting steps, let’s gain a deeper understanding of why your Insignia TV’s volume might be too loud.

Why Is Your Insignia TV Volume Too Loud?

  • The TV volume remains stuck on high, making it impossible to lower.
  • Even when the volume bar is set to the lowest level, the volume is exceptionally loud.
  • Your Insignia TV’s volume seems to increase on its own, causing unexpected disruptions.

These variations in the issue all have a common underlying cause, and it’s essential to understand why this happens to effectively address it.

How to Fix Insignia TV Volume Too Loud

Now that we’ve covered why your Insignia TV’s volume might be too loud, let’s explore the practical steps to resolve this issue.

Steps to Rectify the Issue

When facing excessively loud volume on your Insignia TV, start with these basic troubleshooting steps:

Reset Your TV Remote

Inspect Your Remote:

Start with the most straightforward solution.

Check your TV remote control for any issues. Sometimes, incorrect signals from a faulty remote can cause the volume to spike.

Replace Batteries:

If you find no visible problems with the remote, try replacing its batteries.

Dead or weak batteries can lead to irregular remote functioning.

Restart Your TV

Soft Reset:

Begin with the classic

“turn it off and on again” solution. Unplug your Insignia TV from the wall and wait patiently for 60 seconds. During this time, the TV will perform a soft reset.
unplug Insignia tv


While the TV is unplugged, locate the power button directly on the TV itself and press it for 30 seconds (not on the remote control). This action discharges the capacitors inside the TV and initiates a self-reset.

Power On:

Plug the TV back into the socket and power it on. This straightforward step often resolves most volume-related problems.

Power Resetting the TV

Power Cycle:

If the issue is not fixed, you can perform a more thorough power reset.

  1. Turn off your Insignia TV
  2. unplug all cables
  3. and hold down the Power and Volume + keys on your remote together for a minute.
  4. Reconnect all cables,
  5. power the TV back on
  6. check the volume.

Check & Reset Your Volume Settings

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Audio Settings:

Check your TV’s audio settings, including Balance, Bass, Treble, and Equalizer. Ensure that these settings are within reasonable ranges. If Equalizer is on, make sure its values are centered.

  1. select Menu
  2. Select Audio
  3. Check the Frequency bar Balance, Bass, Treble, and Equalizer. ( reset into the default state, Balance is 0, Bass is 50 and Treble is also 50
  4. Also, set the Equalizer at the default frequency

Reset Audio Settings:

If the problem is not fixed, consider resetting the audio settings. Using your remote,

  1. select the Home button,
  2. navigate to Audio
  3. choose Reset Audio Settings
  4. and confirm the reset.

Factory Reset the Insignia TV

Be aware that this step will erase all TV settings, returning it to factory defaults. If you’re willing to proceed,

  1. Press the Home button on your remote,
  2. go to Settings,
  3. select Device & Software,
  4. Reset to Factory Defaults.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and your TV will restart with default settings.

Turn off the auto volume 

you can turn off your Auto Volume setting in your insignia TV.

The problem we face is sometimes the setting does not work properly so that’s the reason volume is too high.

Let’s check and turn off the auto volume setting

    1. Click on Menu you can use your remote
    2. select the Audio
    3. select the Auto Volume setting
    4. Turn it Off

Update Your Firmware

Update your firmware

if the above steps do not work you can try this method.
Firmware updates can resolve common bugs and issues.

To update, identify your TV’s model, revision, and firmware information.

Then, visit the manufacturer’s website, follow the instructions to download the firmware, and upload it to your TV.

Follow these Steps to update the firmware

  1. Press on the Menu button
  2. Select Help tab
  3. Click  System Info
  4. Write down the model, revision, and firmware information
  5. Begin by opening your web browser and visiting the official Insignia website at insigniaproducts.com.
  6. Navigate to the “Support & Service” section, usually found in the website’s menu or footer.

  7. Input the specific details of your TV that you have previously recorded.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the latest firmware to your computer.
  9. After the firmware has been downloaded, connect a USB drive to your computer.
  10. Transfer the downloaded firmware file onto the USB drive.
  11. Carefully insert the USB drive into the USB port on your Insignia TV.
  12. Now, take your TV remote control and press the “Menu” button.
  13. Within the menu options, locate and select the “Help” tab.
  14. Among the available options, choose “Update Firmware.
  15. Confirm the firmware update by selecting “OK” and then pressing the “Enter” button on your remote.
  16. Be patient and allow the TV to complete the update process. Do not turn off the TV during this time.
  17. Once the update is finished, safely unplug the USB drive from your TV.
  18. Press the “Enter” button on your remote control to restart your TV and complete the update.

Inspecting for Faulty Speakers

To rule out hardware issues, plug external speakers or headphones into the Audio out jack.

If the volume works fine through external devices, your TV’s built-in speakers may be faulty.

For Insignia Roku TVs

If you own an Insignia Roku TV, here are some specific solutions to consider:

    • Adjusting Audio Settings: Begin by reviewing and fine-tuning your TV’s audio settings, which include Balance, Bass, Treble, and Equalizer, to ensure they are correctly configured.
    • Firmware Update: Keeping your TV’s firmware up to date is crucial for resolving common bugs and software-related issues. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for updating the firmware on your Insignia Roku TV.
    • Factory Reset as a Last Resort: In extreme cases, if other troubleshooting methods prove ineffective, you can resort to a factory reset to return your TV to its default settings. However, this step should only be taken after exhausting other options.

For Insignia Fire TVs

For Insignia Fire TV owners, here are tailored fixes to consider:

    • Fine-Tuning Audio Settings: Take a closer look at your TV’s audio settings, including Balance, Bass, Treble, and Equalizer, to ensure they are appropriately configured.
    • Firmware Update for Optimal Performance: Regularly updating your Insignia Fire TV’s firmware can help address common software-related issues. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your firmware up to date.
    • Factory Reset as a Last Resort: If all else fails, you can perform a factory reset to return your TV to its default settings. Keep in mind that this is a drastic measure and should only be used when other troubleshooting methods have been exhausted.

Repair Your Unit

When All Else Fails, Call Insignia

Contact Insignia Support: If none of the troubleshooting methods, specific fixes,

don’t hesitate to reach out to Insignia’s official support.

They can provide expert guidance and assistance tailored to your TV model and issue.

Contact Insignia’s official support via phone (1-877-467-4289) or contact through email

Summary of Solutions

Now that we’ve explored various solutions to address the issue of excessively loud volume on your Insignia TV, let’s summarize the key steps and methods to fix the problem.

Recap of Key Steps to Fix the Issue

To resolve the Insignia TV volume problem, follow these essential steps:

  1. Remote Control Check: Inspect your TV remote control for issues and replace the batteries if necessary.
  2. TV Restart: Perform a soft reset by unplugging the TV for 60 seconds and discharging capacitors by holding the TV’s power button for 30 seconds.
  3. Power Reset: If needed, perform a power cycle by unplugging all cables, holding the Power and Volume + keys on your remote for a minute, and then reconnecting all cables.
  4. Audio Settings: Check and adjust audio settings, including Balance, Bass, Treble, and Equalizer. Reset audio settings if necessary.
  5. Factory Reset: As a last resort, consider a factory reset to return the TV to its default settings.
  6. Firmware Update: Update the TV’s firmware by identifying your model, downloading the firmware from the manufacturer’s website, and following the update process.
  7. Speaker Inspection: Check for faulty built-in speakers by connecting external speakers or headphones.
  8. Professional Repair: If the issue persists, contact Insignia’s official support for professional assistance.

III. Ensuring the Problem is Fixed

After implementing the recommended solutions, it’s essential to verify that the issue is resolved and that your Insignia TV is functioning correctly.

Verifying the Resolution

Confirming Normal Volume Operation

To confirm that your Insignia TV’s volume is operating normally:

  • Adjust the volume using both the TV remote and the TV itself to ensure that it responds correctly.
  • Play various types of content, such as movies, TV shows, and music, to test volume consistency across different sources.
  • Monitoring for Persistent Loudness Issues


In conclusion, we’ve explored the common problem of excessively loud volume on Insignia TVs and provided you with a comprehensive guide to resolve this issue.

Let’s wrap up with some final thoughts and encouragement to ensure you enjoy optimal sound quality on your TV.

Final Thoughts on Insignia TV Volume Issues

Dealing with a TV that has its volume stuck on high can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s a challenge that many Insignia TV owners have faced.

Fortunately, with the right troubleshooting steps, most of these issues can be successfully resolved.

So, Write below which method works for you exactly.

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