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Is Spotify safe for kids : Comprehensive Guide

by Hassaan Behzad
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Is Spotify Safe for Kids

Is Spotify safe for kids or not? This question evolves in the minds of many parents who used to listen to different types of music on Spotify. The Spotify app provides parental control, giving parents the right to choose the best music for their child.

Today, we will dive deep to learn about the features and securities that Spotify offers for kids.

Overview of Spotify

Spotify was founded in 2006 and will become the 47th most visited music streaming service in the USA in 2023, according to Semrush. There are over 590 million users out of which 226 million subscribe to Spotify. In 2011, it entered the market in the United States and allowed freemium users to listen to their songs with ads.

Spotify allows copyrighted content on their platform and pays royalties to the artist based on the number of times people play or listen to their songs. It contains explicit content mixed with family-friendly content.

Spotify has an algorithm to recommend songs to their users based on their taste and listening habits. Sometimes it refers explicit contents to their users based on the similarity with their current music choice they used to listen to.

What’s the Premium Family Subscription?

The name sounds like it will allow different members of the family to use the same account. In actuality, Spotify Family premium comes with six premium accounts. It is also to create a Spotify Kids account to control the contents they will see.

Unlike the simple explanation filter, Spotify premium family subscriptions give more control over the recommendation of inappropriate content and explanation lyrics. You can now set your own choices and tastes for the music.

It provides an ad-free experience with access to the Spotify Kids app. It allows complete parental control over the child. You can add or remove the child account, manage activiticies and set the best preferences for your child.

What is the Spotify Kids App?

The Spotify app is specially designed for children aged 13-17 years. It launched in March 2021 in the United States after being tested in different regions of the world. This app protects the kids from explicit content or podcasts.

Age Requirement for Spotify Kids

Spotify is not suitable for 11-year-old kids because it has some content that is not suitable for them. It is preferred to allow a 12-year-old child to use it.

The parental controls help the parents choose the best selection of music for their child.  They can also monitor the activities of their child, share playlist and block any content for their child via Spotify. It is perfect for children younger than 13 years old.

Age limit for spotify Kids

The age limit for Spotify kids is 17 years.  If yourr kid is 17 or younger, he can use Spotify Kids, and you have complete control over his activity. If not, he is eligible to use Spotify.

Spotify kids reviews

Here we will do a detailed comparison between Spotify and Spotify Kids to ensure which one provides the better parental control options. Here are some pros and cons of Spotify and Spotify Kids:.

Why do we need the Spotify Kids app?

Spotify allows all types of copyrighted and censored songs to be played on its platform. Some people say that they can handover or login to the same account on their kids phones, but this is not an appropriate way.

Spotify allows the “Explict content control option,” but it provides minimal parental control over their child. Spotify Kids is designed to give parents complete control over their children.

The songs uploaded to Spotify are censored and anyone can access them using the application.  Spotify also shared the guidlines about the spotify kids app in their guide.

Here are some reasons you need the Spotify Kids app:


Spotify doesn’t detect any types of lyrics to share on its platform. Even you will find porn raps on Spotify. It can be dangerous for children to listen to it.

If you think that your child doesn’t know about this word, the Spotify algorithm suggests songs based on the current music he is listening to. It can lead your child in the wrong direction.

Spotify Kids helps stop such explicit music recommendations for children.

Album Art

Spotify allows the artist to upload their own album art cover. Sometimes they upload vulgur graphics as their album art that are totally inappropriate for the kids.

Spotify kids allows parents to filter the content their children shouldn`t listen to at this age. It enhances the safe environment and experience for children.

Looped Videos

It is fun features that allow the artist to add short music to the backgrounds in a loop. This can include almost any kind of music in this digital age.

Spotify Kids can prevent kids from listening to such songs and protect them from learning any type of vulgar lyrics from Spotify.

How do I set up the Spotify Kids App?

To boost the Spotify Kids app, you need two things:

  • Spotify Premium Family Subscriptions
  • Setup Guide for the Spotify Kids

Spotify Premium Family Subscription

The Spotify Kids app can only be accessed through the family plan subscription. It allows for the creation of up to six more premium accounts for the different family members. It also suggests only family-friendly subscriptions in this package.

Setup Guide for the Spotify Kids

When you subscribe to the family premium , its time to create a child account and set up parental control for the online safety of your kids. They listen to music that you think is best for them. You can also block any music or remove their account with a single click.

Spotify also shares the guidelines for Spotify Kids that all parents need to know before installing the application.

Steps to create Spotify Kids

Here are the steps to create a Spotify Kids account and manage the settings of the Spotify Kids. So let’s dive deep into the settings.

You need to fo the following steps:

  • Install the spotify app from the google play store or apple store
  • Create an account with the same email you are using for your Spotify account (note: Family Premium should be activated in that account).
  • Set a new pin you will use to control the settings

Creating Spotify Kids Account

Now it will create an account and you will get your child account on your spotify account. Now you can manage all the settings on your phone using the pin.

Manage Kids Account

As I mentioned that you can manage it directly from your main account. You have to follow the followings steps to create your child’s account:.

  • Open your Spotify account (Family Premium should be suscribed)
  • Click on Avatar
  • Navigate to “Grown up” option
  • Add your pin or login with the old pin

Manage Spotify Kids Account

Features of Kids accounts

Spotify Kids provides advanced parental control for parents to manage their child’s activity more efficiently.

Here are some of the features of the Kids account that make it different from Spotify.

Add or remove child account

You can create or remove your child’s account at any time. You simply need to click on the family package to add or remove any type of user.

Shared playlists

You can share your own playlist with the kids. You can do it using the following steps:

  • Click on avatar on left
  • Navigate to grown-up option
  • Enter Pin
  • Go to share playlist option to share your playlist with the child.

Shared Playlist with Child spotify kids

Apply Explict Content Filter

You can apply the explained content filter to your child account. It will help prevent children from listening to any type of explicit lyrics.

It allows your kids to use Spotify as you want them to. It will create a safe environment for the kids to listen only music related to their age

Monitor the child’s activities

You can go to the Grown Up option to check the listening history of the kids. You can even block any kind of music from history.

You can also find the taste of the music.  It will also stop recommending you songs related to the blocked songs.

Blocking music from spotify kids playlist

Your child’s privacy

It will keep taking care of the information you provide about your child. All the data will be encrypted and will not shared with a third party.

Spotify vs Spotify Kids

1. Content

Spotify is made for adults over 18 years old and includes different types of songs that include abusive language and other types of content.  Spotify has no strict censorship policy because they believe it provides freedom of speech to artists.

On the other hand, Spotify Kids is made for 13–17-year-old kids. It includes audiobooks, bedtime stories and the content is curated only for the kids.

2. Subscription

For Spotify, you don’t need any type of subscription to use it. You can listen to all the music for free.  It totally depends on you to pay or not.  If you want to buy the subscription, you can.

On the other hand, Spotify kids need the premium family subscription to create an account. It is the only subscription that allows up to six accounts linked to your account.

3. Ad Free Experience

It depends on you whether you want an ad experience or not. For you, they have accounts, that have packages to buy Spotify for up to 6 months.

Spotify Kids needs a premium family plan to improve the account. It automatically removes the ads for the kids and other family members due to the paid subscription.

4. Parental Control

As I told you, Spotify has weak censorship. If the artist doesn’t tag the song as explicit, Spotify will show that content to all audiences above 18. It means that turning off explicit content will still create a problem for you and your child.

You can’t even monitor your child’s history, block music content or curate a specific set of tastes for music for your child. It doesn’t make sense to hand over your Spotify account to your child because of some wierd recommendations  in your Spotify account.

On Spotify Kids, you have limited content for the specific age set. You have complete control of your child application on your mobile phone. You can share your songs, block songs and check what your child is listening to on his app.

Alternate to Spotify Kids

Sometimes we cannot afford the Spotify family premium. We need to go for alternative solutions that will inform the app about the child device.

There are some gateways that automatically block explicit content on their devices without a Spotify Premium Family Plan.

Apple Kids music

If you are an iPhone user, this app will help you listen to a limited collection of music for your child. Apple music  itself provides a sophisticated collection of music.

Unlike spotify, Apple music curate a playlist for their suscribers to enhance their listening experience. It prevent adding songs with explicit lyrics on their plateform.

Ad-Gaurd Security

AdGaurd gives you two options to set up privacy on your device. One way that you can use AdGuard is by installing the application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The other way is by setting the private DNS on your Android phone. You can make the following settings on your phone:

  • Go to mobile settings
  • Navigate to the Connections
  • Navigate to the Private DNS
  • Add “dns-family.adguard.com” in the section
  • Click on done

Creating a Spotify Kids Account

Remember that this option will be available on phones with Android 11 and above. In the older versions, you can add dns using the pin codes that are hard to apply. You can use the Adguard apps on those devices.

If you are an Apple user, you can create Apple Kids accounts for your kids. It provide more control to you over your child.


Spotify Kids is designed for children to get a safe environment to listen to music in. This guide will help you use advanced Spotify parental controls.

Not only, it will make a difference between the use and you dont to oversigth or check your child phone daily. You can simply get all the information about your child on your phone.

It allows you to add or remove anything from your child’s account with a single click. The kid version of Spotify is totally controlled by the parents, who enhance the kid security to protect your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Spotify safe for kids?

Spotify can be safe for  kids when the appropriate parental controls are put in place. It’s important for parents to understand the platform’s features and limitations to ensure a safe experience for their children.

Q: What are the parental control options on Spotify?

Spotify offers a “Spotify Kids” app specifically designed for children, which allows parents to set up age-appropriate content and monitor their children’s listening activities. Additionally, the regular Spotify app also has parental control settings that allow parents to restrict explicit content.

Q: How can I set up parental controls on Spotify?

To set up parental controls on Spotify, parents can create a Spotify Kids account for their children or use the parental control settings within the regular Spotify app to filter explicit music and content.

Q: Is there explicit music available on Spotify?

Yes, Spotify does offer explicit music and content. However, parents can utilize the parental control settings to prevent their children from accessing explicit material.

Q: What makes Spotify a suitable music app for kids?

Spotify offers a dedicated Spotify Kids app that provides a safe and age-appropriate environment for children to explore music. Additionally, the parental control features in the regular Spotify app allow for a safer music streaming experience.


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