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Baseball Jokes for Kids: Funny One-Liners, Puns, and Stories

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Kids Baseball Jokes Funny One-liners and Puns

Baseball is an entertaining game, and it can be simple, too.  Even if you make a mistake, it’s okay.

Do you love baseball? Do you love to laugh?  Great, because we’ve got the perfect thing for you! Get ready to break down with these silly baseball jokes and puns. They’re ideal for sharing with your team, friends, and anyone who loves a good giggle.
We have covered the best baseball jokes for kids. Let’s get started!

Funny Baseball Jokes

Here’s how to make your joke land with a crowd and how to give your one-liners extra punch:

  • Why do we always sing ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ when we’re already there?” -> “Why do we sing about attending the baseball game when we’re already there?”
  • “Why is it called the World Series if the only teams from North America and Canada are playing?” -> “Why do they call it the World Series when only teams from America and Canada play?”
  • “Thou shalt not steal except in baseball.” -> “They say you shouldn’t steal, but in baseball, it’s okay!”
  • “They don’t think it is like it is…but it does.” -> This one is tricky because it’s a meme, but you could change it to something relatable, like, “Sometimes in baseball, things get weird…but that’s part of the fun.

 Kids Baseball Jokes Funny One-liners and Puns

 Baseball Jokes About Positions

Here are the best jokes about the position:


  • Why is a bad pitcher like a broken clock? They both make mistakes.
  • What did the pitcher say when his arm hurt? “I guess I can’t throw any more fastballs.
  • Why did the baseball player get in trouble? He stole a base.
  • What did the pitcher say when his arm got sore? “Ouch! My arm hurts. I need a break.


  • What did the glove say to the ball? ‘See you next time.
  • Why do umpires eat so much? Because they like to finish all their food.
  • Yogi Berra was such a funny catcher! Once, he dove for a fly ball and caught a bird instead. He got up and tried to throw the bird to second base.
  • A baseball fan loved his team so much that he jumped up and down at every game. He’d shout “Go team!” when they played well and “Try again!” when they missed.

First Baseman

  • Why did the baseball player take a dance class? Because he wanted to get better at stretching.
  • What do you call a baseball player with a sheep on his head? Silly.
  • Why does the baseball player carry rope? So he can tie up the other team if they run too far.

Second Baseman

  • What do you call a baseball player who forgot to wear clothes? Silly.
  •  Why does the baseball player walk funny? He’s practising for the game.
  • What do you call a baseball player who doesn’t come to practice? Lazy.

Third Baseman

  • Why can’t the baseball player stand next to his base? It’s too crowded.
  •  What do you call a baseball player with no ball? Sad.
  • Why did the baseball player tell silly stories? He liked to make his friends laugh.


  • How does the baseball player stay cool? He sits by the big fan.
  •  What happens when a baseball player makes a silly throw? He gets moved to a different spot.
  •  Why does the baseball player carry a tiny hat? He thinks it makes him lucky.


  • Why did the baseball player plant trees? He wanted to make catching the ball easier.
  • How do baseball players see the ball when it’s way up in the air? They use their super good eyes.
  • What did one baseball player say to his friend? “Let’s play on a different part of the field.

 Kids Baseball Jokes Funny One-liners and Puns

Umpire Baseball Jokes

  • Why does the umpire wear glasses? To help him see the game better.
  • What do you call an umpire who can’t see well? He needs glasses.
  •  What’s another word for umpire? The judge of the game.
  • How can you make the umpire wait? Tell him you have a funny baseball story.

 Little League Baseball Jokes

  • Why did the baseball player slide? He thought the base was a slide.
  • What did the player say when the ball hit him? Ouch! The ball hurt me.
  • Why does the baseball player have string? To fix his bat if it breaks.
  • How is baseball like peas? They both have lots of small things.

Softball Jokes

  •  What’s the difference between baseball and softball? Sometimes the players wear different clothes.
  • Why do softball players wash their clothes a lot? Because they get dirty playing the game.
  • What did one softball say to the other? Let’s get the ball rolling.
  • How do you throw a softball far? Toss it up high and let it fly.

Coach Baseball Jokes

  • What did the coach say when the players weren’t hitting the ball far? “Try swinging harder.”
  • Coach: “Who throws the ball well?” Team: “You do!”
  • Coach: “Why’d you drop the ball?” Team: “It fell out of my hands!”
  • Coach: “Why’d you miss the catch?” Team: “My hands were slippery!”


These jokes are perfect for making your friends and teammates laugh. Get ready to giggle with funny jokes about players, positions, and the whole crazy game of baseball.


What kind of jokes are suitable for kids?

When selecting jokes for kids, keeping them clean, funny, and age-appropriate is essential. In the context of baseball jokes, you can look for jokes that revolve around the sport, players, teams, and games while avoiding any inappropriate humor.

Where can I find jokes for kids who love baseball?

You can easily find a variety of baseball jokes for kids online, in joke books targeted at younger audiences, or in kids’ magazines. Websites and blogs dedicated to children’s humor often feature jokes related explicitly to baseball.

What makes a baseball joke funny?

A good joke typically has a clever punchline, plays on words related to baseball terminology or situations, and involves a humorous twist that elicits laughter. Mixing puns and references to the game can make a joke even funnier.

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