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Mastering Philips TV Channel Search: 9 fixes step-to-step guide

by Hassaan Behzad
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philips tv scan channels

Are you worried about the methods by which Philips TV scans channels? Are you waiting to watch your favorite tv show on your new Philips TV?

We are here to provide a step-by-step guide that will help you scan channels on your Philips TV through cable, antena or satellite. You are just few steps away from enjoying your favorite show

In this article, we will discuss how to search for channels on your Philips TV using an antenna and the importance of correctly installing and utilizing a TV antenna cable. 

How to program Philips tv Scan Channels

Different types have different types of scanning methods. It is different to program a Toshiba tv to do channel searches. Today, Android has made it easy with a few clicks. The TV will auto-tune the channels and save them to the TV. Today we will move on to learn how Philips TV scans channels.

Here are some simple and easy steps by which Philips TVs scan channels:. Sometimes you need to login or connect the Philips to your modem or router through an Ethernet cable. Here we share the methods that will directly help to connect the tv with the cable to get list of TV channels 

Set up channels on Philips Android TV

Here are the instructions below to program your Philips TV to scan channels available in your area.  This method will help you scan channels through an antenna input or cable. 

Step 1: Preparation of the Channel Scan 

Before you start, you need to check your cable and antenna connections. If the antenna or cable is not placed properly, it can cause errors in the channels in your local area. Make sure that you have connected all the cables properly. After that, you need to follow the instructions:

Step2: Go to settings

You need to click on the home or settings button to access the automatic installation screen. You will find “install channels” on the TVs.

Your antenna will be connected to the incoming cable (coax cable) of the TV.  Connect the tv to the antenna using the right port.

  • Click on the setting button from remote control
  • Move to the option of “Install channels.” to make philips tv scan channels

Install channels option in to scan channel in Philips tv

Step3: Find the channels: Cable/Antenna

You need to select the input method to search for channels. If you are a cable or antenna user, you will go for the first option in the list.

Input method in Philips android tv

  • Click on “Cable/ANT installation.”
  • Click on “Search for cahnnels.

search channels to do Philips tv channel scan

Step4: Select your country

You have to select the country and click on the “OK” button from the remote control. It will take you to the next step of the installation process.

Select country for Philips tv scan channels

Step 5: Choose input to find channels

You have to select the input you provide to your Philips TV to find the channels.  You can choose between cable or antenna depending on the type of network you use.

You also need to choose the cable operator you are using. TV will automatically scan for the cable networks in your area and allow you to choose one of them. 

cable operator for philips tv scan channels

Step6: Search for channels (digital or analog)

You have to choose the types of channels you want to see on your TV. We recommend choosing the single digital option because, in today’s world, we all used to see these channels only.

digital channels for Philips tv

Step7: Start the channel scan

In this step, we have to start the channel scan. You will see the start button to “start a channel scan.”. It will scan new channels. The progress bar indicates the number of channels it scans. Channel search may take a few minutes to scan channels.

channel scan started philips tv scan chanenls

Step8: Set up your preferences

You can set up the network frequency and network code provided by your cable operator. It will be better to use the default values and skip this step. You can choose the options that suit your preferences.

Step9: Complete the Channel

It will start to find the channels in your cable network and show a complete list of digital channels by your cable operator. When you see the message “digital channel found,” you can save and continue to watch the channels. You can check all the cable channels after clicking the done button.

Once the installation is completed, you can enjoy all the channels provided by your cable provider. 

Channel search on Android TV (Search for Satellite)

If you are using Staellite for scanning channels on the Philips TV, here is a different method to do so. You need to follow a step-by-step process to initiate the channel installation process.  Philips tv scan channels within a few clicks.

Step 1: Go to Setting

Click on the home button to go to “settings.” 

You will see a message that will prompt you to enter the password for the setting. You need to set a child lock pin before starting this process.

Step 2: Go to Channels setting

Here, you can initiate the process of installing the channels using satellite. You need to navigate to the channel setting to choose the option of “Satellite Installation.”

channel scan Philips tv by satellite

Click on “satellite installation.”

satellite installation for channel scan in Philips tv

Step 3: Search for Satellite

Search for the satellite in your region. You need to direct the position of the dish toward the satellite from where you want to start the search for channels.

It will show the list of satellites; you need to choose your satellite and click on “configure” to search for a connection.

configure for satellite channel scan Philips tv

Step4: Channel Package

Choose the channel package available on the satellite. You need to choose wisely because it will lead to the list of channels on Philips TV. It will find all channels on the satellite.

Channel package for satellite channel scan philips

Step5: Install channels

Install the channels through the satellite using the install channel button. This will load all the channels

install channels for satellite scan Philips tv

Step6: Online Privacy

After the completion of the scanning, you need to set your online privacy to secure your information on this public network. It is an important last step after the channel scan.

online privacy for Philips tv satellite channel scan

Step7: Complete Channel Scan

It will complete the channel scan and show you all the channels you wish to see on your TV. You can enjoy the local channels in your region through an antenna or cable. 

Why Does Philips Smart TV Channel Not Available Message Appear?

If you’re seeing the “Channel Not Available” message on your Philips Smart TV, it can be puzzling and frustrating. This message usually pops up when your TV is having trouble accessing certain channels. But why does this happen? Let’s dive in.

1. Channel Search Issues

Firstly, it could be a simple case of needing to search for channels again. Your Philips Smart TV, whether it’s a standard Smart TV or the Android version, requires a channel scan to find available channels. This is true whether you’re using an antenna connection without a cable or a direct cable connection.

2. Connection and Cable Concerns

Check if you’ve properly connected the incoming cable or antenna cable. The connectors of the TV at the rear bottom need to be securely attached to ensure a stable signal. If you’re using an antenna, ensure the ‘TV antenna’ input is selected and that the antenna is connected firmly.

3. Availability of Channels

The channels available in your area might have changed. Sometimes, certain channels may no longer be broadcasted in your region, or your TV model might not support specific frequencies or modes (like DVB-T or DVB-C) used by some channels.

4. Digital Channels and Frequency Scans

If you’re particularly looking for digital channels, the issue might be with the frequency scan. Your TV may need to perform the installation procedure again to find all the channels. Sometimes, the TV will check for updates and may prompt you to enter your provider’s network frequency.

5. Settings and Preferences

In the channel settings, make sure that you’ve selected the correct installation mode depending on the type of connection you’re using (antenna or cable). Also, if you’ve recently added a set-top box or changed your cable provider, you might need to program the TV again.

6. Software and Firmware Updates

Occasionally, a software glitch can cause this issue. Ensure your Philips Smart TV is up to date with the latest firmware. This can be done through the TV’s settings menu, where you can check for updates and install any available ones.

7. Performing a Channel Scan

If you haven’t done a channel scan recently, now might be a good time. Navigate to the channel settings and select either ‘antenna’ or ‘cable,’ depending on your setup. Follow the instructions to perform a channel scan. This process will search for all available channels in your area and add them to your channel list.

8. Verifying Signal Strength

Weak signal strength can also lead to this message. Ensure that the signal from your cable or antenna is strong enough. Sometimes, repositioning the antenna or checking the cable for any damage can help improve the signal quality.

9. Resetting Your TV

As a last resort, you can try resetting your Philips TV to its factory settings. Remember, this will erase all your custom settings and preferences, so use this option cautiously.

10. Seeking Professional Help

If you’ve tried all the above steps and the problem persists, it may be time to consult with a professional or contact Philips support. They can provide more specific guidance based on your TV model and setup.


In this article, we share how Philips TV scans channels using a cable, an antenna connection or satellite. In this way, you can program your Philips TV to find local channels by auto-tuning.

In summary, setting up channels on your Philips TV, whether it’s a smart TV or an Android TV, is like going on a treasure hunt for your favorite shows. Make sure your cable or antenna is connected right at the back of the TV; it’s like plugging in a puzzle piece. If you’re using a satellite dish, point it to the sky to find even more channels.

It’s like making sure your flashlight works when you’re exploring a cave. Remember, if things seem tricky, asking for help from a grown-up or Philips support is a good idea, just like asking a teacher when you have a tough question in school. With a little effort and maybe some help, you can find all the channels and enjoy watching your favorite programs!

Frequently asked Questions about Philips TV scan channels

How do I scan channels on my Philips TV?

To scan channels on your Philips TV, you can use an antenna to search for channels. Make sure to use an antenna and antenna cable for the type of antenna connection used and press the button to access the automatic installation screen on your TV.

Can I search for channels with my Philips TV remote control?

Yes, depending on the type of your Philips TV, you can use the remote control to access the automatic installation screen and search for channels available in your area.

What should I do if I’m using an antenna connection without a cable?

If you are using an antenna connection without a cable, you will need to scan for channels on your Philips TV to access the channels available in your area.

Can I scan for cable channels on my Philips TV?

Absolutely, you can scan for cable channels as well as antenna input channels on your Philips TV to view the channels found in your region.

Do I need to search for channels if I am using a satellite connection?

No, if you are using a cable or satellite connection, you don’t need to scan for channels, as the channels on your Philips TV will be available without the need for manual scanning.


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