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Program Universal Remote to Insignia TV – Quick Guide 2024

by Ahmad Raza
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Program Universal Remote to Insignia TV

Trying to Program Universal Remote to Insignia TV might seem tricky, but don’t worry; we’ve got a simple fix for you. Forget the confusing codes and endless tries with our guaranteed solution to your “program universal remote to Insignia TV” challenge.

No more puzzling over complex codes; we’re here to make controlling your Insignia TV easy.

Stay tuned for a tutorial that makes programming a breeze, saying goodbye to confusion. Get ready to manage your Insignia TV effortlessly.

How To Program Universal Remote to Insignia TV

Greetings, fellow tech enthusiasts! If you’ve ever found yourself in a remote connection, searching for the right codes to program universal remote to Insignia TV, worry not! We’re about to explain all the methods in detail

Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Are you searching for the codes that you can test to program your universal remote to Insignia TV?  Keep following the table we shared to solve your problem with a few codes rather than checking a long list.

 Insignia TV Universal Codes

Here is the list of the codes on the Insignia TV that you can add to the universal TV remote control:

Codes for Insignia TVs
3 digits codes 069,078,096,164,068,168,229,026
4 digits Codes 1204,1326,0171,1517,0103,0133,0029,0116,1564,0054,0189,0217,0135,0167,0456,1660,1148,1180,1175,1171,0905,1406,1407,0178,0017,0317,0457,0150
5 digits Codes 00171,02049,01204,01423,01564,10675,01517,01710,,01780,01892,02002,20288,02417

Before starting to test all these codes, you need to find the model. The model number will make it easy for you to test the digits of the codes you have to use. The second method is to check the mannual to find the digits of the code you can use to tune your universal remote for Insignia TV.

How to use Insignia TV remote codes, step-by-step

Turn on your TV

Press the “power button” to turn on the TV with its original remote. Ensure that your TV has a feature to build a connection with the universal remote.

Activate the remote

Grab your universal remote control and get ready to take charge. Press the activation button—it’s usually near the top—and start to connect. It will take a couple of minutes, so you need to wait for the completion of the process.

Scan for codes

It’s time to scan for the perfect code for tuning your TV. Be patient; this might take a moment. It will be luck if you find the right code in a few attempts; otherwise, you need to test a few more codes to become successful in this process.

One for All codes

Here is the code that you should try first. 0054 and 1024 are the codes that we consider the universal codes for the Insignia TVs. You have to make it your priority to see if they are working for you or not.

Verify the code

Found a code? Fantastic! Now, let’s double-check. Verify that the code aligns with your Insignia TV model. We want a perfect match for seamless control.

Save the code

Success! Once you’ve confirmed the right code, save it. This ensures that your universal remote is now synced and ready to respond to your commands. You have to write it down somewhere to save your time in the future.

Patience may be key

Remember, patience is your key. If the first code helps you to program your universal remote to Insignia TV, you need to lose hope. Keep scanning and verifying until you find the one that clicks with your Insignia TV. If the remotes get connected, you are ready to enjoy controlling your TV.

 Program your universal remote to Insignia TV using the manual method

Turn on your TV

Again, you need to turn on your TV with the Insignia TV original remote control, or you can use the “power” button to turn it on. You don’t need to turn it on with a remote if you want to connect.

Turn on your TV

Press the TV Button

On your universal remote, find the ‘TV’ button. It is the first step in pairing your universal remote with the TV. The universal remote will get the information that you are going to pair the TV with.

Press the TV Button

Hold Down the Setup Button

Hold down the ‘Setup’ button on your universal remote. Keep it pressed until you notice a change—a signal that your remote is ready to perform programming. You will see a light blink on the universal remote, which indicates that the remote is ready for the connection.

Hold Down the Setup Button

Light on universal remote blinks

Enter Your Code

Refer to your universal remote’s manual to find the Insignia TV remote code. Input this code using the number buttons on your remote. It’s like giving your devices a secret language to communicate. Sometimes we use 1-9-1-1 to pair the devices.

Point and Power Down

Point your universal remote toward the Insignia TV and press the power button. Check that the TV responds to your command. If it turns off, you have achieved your mission.

Verify Functionality

Test various buttons on the remote – volume, channel, and more. Ensure that your universal remote has successfully connected to your Insignia TV.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully programmed your universal remote with the Insignia TV remote code. If you find any issues, then try repeating the steps or changing the method of pairing your remote with the device.

TV will turn off after programming remote webp

Using Auto-Code Search To Program A Universal Remote to Insignia

Turn On Your TV

First things first, grab your universal remote control. Make sure it’s the one that came with your Insignia TV or a compatible universal remote. Now, turn on your Insignia TV using its remote or use the “power button” on the backside of the TV.

Hold Down the TV Button

Hold down the TV button on the universal remote to ensure you are ready to detect the TV code. You can use the channel up and channel down button or the power and channel down button to turn on the wizard for setting up your remote.

Hold Down the TV button


Trigger Channel Switches

Now, aim your universal remote toward the Insignia TV and press the ‘Power’ button. The remote will start going through different codes, trying to find the one that makes your Insignia TV respond. It’s like a mini adventure for your devices.

Keep an eye on the TV. When it turns off, that means the remote found the right code! Press the ‘OK’ or ‘Enter’ buttons to lock in the code it just found.

Verify Functionality

Here, we verify the functionality by checking the different buttons on the universal remote. If they are working properly, it means the universal remote is properly programmed in a way to be used as an Insignia TV remote

Troubleshooting Your Insignia Universal Remote

If your universal remote is not working as an insignia TV, you need to check the following things to make it more likely to work.


Check whether your remote is working on the different ranges or not. If changing the direction or range affects the insignia TV, it means there should be some issue with the quality of the remote. You need to replace the remote with another one.

The second and most important thing is to replace the batteries on the remote and again test the range of the remote. If the issue still exists, you need to change the current universal remote.


It the remote only works in turning off or onn the TV. In other words, if the remote is not working as it used to, you need to check the connection of the remote with the TV. Make sure that the remote is properly connected to the PC or not.

FAQs to program Insignia TV codes to Universal remote Control

How do you program a universal remote without the code?

To program a universal remote without code, you need to find a device that has the feature of the code search. It will automatically detect and save the code. In the insgina TV, the codes are automatically detected and saved by the auto-search method.

How do I program universal remote to Insignia TV?

There are three ways to program your Insignia TV:

1.    You can manually add the codes to the TV. The process is long, and you need to test all the codes that can be used by your TV model.

2.     You can press the combination of keys mentioned in the manual of the Insignia TV. The TV will automatically scan and save the code to the Universal TV remote.

3.    You can use the “steup” button on the universal remote to add the code to the Insignia TV.

Will a universal remote work on an Insignia TV?

Yes, in most cases, a universal remote can work with an Insignia TV. Universal remotes are designed to be compatible with various TV brands, including Insignia. To ensure successful programming, refer to your universal remote’s manual for instructions and Insignia TV remote codes. If your universal remote supports code scanning or auto-search features, you can use those to program it to your Insignia TV without knowing the specific code. Keep in mind that advanced features (like smart TV functions) may not be fully supported by all universal remotes.

What is an Insignia TV remote code?

There is not a single code that can directly connect to the TV. The TV codes of the insignia TV vary with the version of TV you are using as a remote code. So sometimes it automatically scans the TV for the code; in other cases, you have to check the list and manually enter the codes to find the right one.

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