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Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram – Easy and Fun

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Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram

Struggling to share your carefully curated Spotify playlists on Instagram? It’s a common challenge that many music enthusiasts face.

The good news is we have a simple solution that makes sharing playlists a breeze and enhances your music-sharing experience.

With our step-by-step guide, you’ll discover the easiest way to share your favourite Spotify playlists on Instagram, ensuring your friends and followers never miss a beat.

Say bye to sharing troubles and hi to a more connected music world. Let’s make your playlists shine on your Instagram today.


I. How to Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram


Instagram is a popular platform for sharing moments, and sharing your favourite music from Spotify on Instagram can add a personal touch to your stories and feed. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to “Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram” effectively, allowing you to connect with your followers through the power of music.

A. Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories provides a dynamic way to share your favourite Spotify playlists. Following these simple steps, you can create engaging, music-filled stories that resonate with your audience.

1.     Step 1: Open Instagram and Tap on Your Story

To start, open your Instagram app and tap “Your Story” at the top left of your home screen. This is where you’ll craft your Spotify playlist story.

2.     Step 2: Select the Music Sticker

You’ll find an array of stickers to enhance your content within your story. Look for the “Music” sticker and select it. This is where the magic begins.

3.     Step 3: Search for Your Spotify Playlist

In the music sticker, you’ll have the option to search for your desired Spotify playlist. Type in the name of your playlist or related keywords to find the perfect match.

4.     Step 4: Customize and Share

Now that you’ve added the music sticker to your playlist, it’s time to customize it. You can choose which part of the song to feature, add lyrics, or a playful emoji to make it more engaging.

Once you’re satisfied with your customization, please share it with your story and let your followers enjoy your musical selection.

Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram


B. Share Spotify Playlists via Instagram Feed


If you prefer a more permanent spot for your Spotify playlists, you can share them directly to your Instagram feed. Here’s how:

1.     Step 1: Open the Spotify App and Choose a Playlist

Begin by opening the Spotify app and selecting the playlist you want to share on your Instagram feed. Make sure it’s a playlist that resonates with your audience.

2.     Step 2: Share the Playlist to Instagram Feed

Spotify makes it easy to share your playlist. You’ll find the “Share” option within the app. Select it and choose “Instagram.” You can customize the post by adding captions, hashtags, or location tags. Once you’re satisfied, share it to your feed.

Following these steps, you can effectively “Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram” through stories and your feed.

This adds a musical dimension to your content and allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Music can evoke emotions and memories, making your Instagram presence more engaging and relatable.

II. Using the Spotify App to Share Playlists


The Spotify app offers a straightforward way to “Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram” directly from your music library. Whether you want to share a playlist with your Instagram followers or add a track to your feed, you can easily do so by following these steps.

A. How to Share Spotify Playlists Directly


Sharing your favourite Spotify playlists with your Instagram audience is a great way to introduce them to your musical preferences. Here’s how to do it:

1.     Step 1: Open Spotify and Select a Playlist

Begin by opening the Spotify app on your device. Navigate to your playlists and select the one you want to share. Make sure it’s the perfect soundtrack for your Instagram content.

2.     Step 2: Share to Instagram Stories

Once you’ve chosen the playlist, tap the share icon within Spotify. You’ll find the option to share to Instagram Stories. Select it, and you’ll be redirected to Instagram.

Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram

Customize your story by adding captions, stickers, or content to engage your followers further. When you’re ready, please share it with your Stories for a limited-time musical experience your followers can enjoy.

B. Adding Spotify Music to Instagram Feed Posts


If you want to add Spotify music to your permanent Instagram feed posts, Spotify has made it easy. Here’s how:

1.     Step 1: Open Spotify and Choose Music

Start by opening the Spotify app and selecting the song or track you want to feature in your Instagram feed post. Ensure that it complements your content well.

2.     Step 2: Share to Instagram Feed

After choosing the music:

  1. Tap the share option within the Spotify app.
  2. Select “Instagram,” and you’ll be prompted to create an Instagram post.
  3. Add a caption, hashtags, and location if desired.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with your post, share it to your Instagram feed, allowing your followers to enjoy the song directly from your bar.

III. Sharing Playlists on Instagram Through Other Music Apps


Instagram allows you to diversify your musical offerings by incorporating tracks from other popular music apps like SoundCloud and Shazam. This provides a unique opportunity to expand your music library and engage your followers with fresh sounds. Here’s how to “Share Spotify Playlists on Instagram” using these platforms.

A. Using SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a treasure trove of independent and emerging artists’ tracks. If you’ve discovered a hidden gem and want to share it on Instagram, follow these steps:

1.     Step 1: Open SoundCloud and Select a Track

Begin by opening the SoundCloud app on your device. Search for the track that you want to share on Instagram. SoundCloud’s extensive library offers a wide range of music options, so you can be as selective as you like.

2.     Step 2: Share to Instagram Stories or Feed

Once you’ve found the perfect track, use the SoundCloud sharing option to send it to your Instagram Stories or feed.

Customize your story or post as desired, adding captions or stickers to enhance the experience.

Sharing SoundCloud tracks allows you to introduce your followers to new and unique music, making your Instagram content even more engaging.


B. Using Shazam

Shazam is a handy app when you come across a catchy tune in your daily life, and you can easily share your music discoveries on Instagram:

1.     Step 1: Open Shazam and Identify a Song

Open the Shazam app and let it listen to the song you want to share. Shazam will quickly identify the track and provide the details you need.

2.     Step 2: Share to Instagram Stories or Feed

After Shazam has identified the song, you can share it directly to your Instagram Stories or feed. Add your personal touch by customizing your story or post with captions and stickers, allowing your followers to share in your musical journey.

IV. Tips and Best Practices for Sharing Spotify Playlists


Sharing Spotify playlists on Instagram is not just about the music; it’s also about creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for your audience.

Consider these essential tips and best practices to make your posts stand out and capture your followers’ attention.

A. High-Quality Images and Thumbnails


1.     Select Eye-Catching Thumbnails:

 When you share a Spotify playlist, the thumbnail image is the first thing your audience sees. Choose a high-quality, visually striking image representing the playlist’s mood and style.

It’s the cover that entices users to click and listen.

2.     Use Relevant Images: 

The chosen image should align with the playlist’s theme or genre. If it’s a relaxing jazz playlist, a soothing image would be more suitable than a vibrant, energetic one.

3.     Optimize Image Dimensions:

 Make sure your chosen image has the correct dimensions for Instagram. The ideal size is 1080×1080 pixels for square posts or 1080×1920 for Stories.

B. Engaging Captions and Hashtags


1.     Craft Creative Captions:

 A well-crafted caption can enhance your post’s impact. Share a personal story or insight related to the playlist, or ask a question to encourage engagement. Keep it concise, informative, and engaging.

2.     Harness the Power of Hashtags:

 Use relevant and popular hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts. Incorporate music-related, genre-specific, and Instagram-relevant hashtags. This will help your posts reach a broader audience.

3.     Encourage User Interaction: 

Use captions to encourage your audience to share their thoughts and experiences related to the playlist. For example, you can ask them to comment with their favourite song from the list.


C. Audience Engagement Strategies


1.     Interact with Your Followers: 

Respond to comments on your posts and converse with your followers. This builds a sense of community and encourages more interactions on your content.

2.     Host Contests and Challenges: 

Periodically organize contests or challenges related to your Spotify playlists. For example, you can ask your audience to create their playlist based on a theme or mood. This fosters participation and boosts engagement.

3.     Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories: 

Give your audience a glimpse into your playlist creation process or the story behind the music. Share fun facts or personal anecdotes about the songs, making your content more relatable and exciting.


V. Sharing Spotify Playlists on Instagram from a PC


While most Instagram activities happen on mobile devices, there are ways to share Spotify playlists on Instagram from your computer. It guides you in achieving this, making it convenient to post your favourite playlists without relying on your mobile device.

A. How to Share Playlists on Instagram from a Computer


Sharing your beloved Spotify playlists on Instagram from your PC is more accessible. Here’s how:

1.     Step 1: Open Instagram on Your Web Browser

Start by opening your preferred web browser on your computer. Visit the Instagram website and log in to your Instagram account.

2.     Step 2: Open Your Browser’s Developer Tools

To access Instagram’s mobile version on your computer, use your browser’s developer tools. Typically, this can be done by pressing F12 or right-clicking on the page and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.”

3.     Switch to Mobile View

Once your developer tools are open, look for an option to switch to mobile view. This will make the Instagram website appear as it does on a mobile device.

4.     Create a New Post

After switching to mobile view, you can create a new Instagram post just as you would on a mobile device. Click the camera icon, upload your playlist’s cover image, and add a caption and hashtags.

5.     Share the Post

Finally, share your post by clicking the “Share” button. Your Spotify playlist is now on Instagram for your followers to enjoy.


B. Using Instagram Web and Spotify Web Player


An alternative way to share Spotify playlists on Instagram from your computer is by using Instagram Web in combination with the Spotify Web Player:

1.     Open Instagram Web and Spotify Web Player

Access Instagram on your computer’s web browser. Open a new tab and navigate to the Spotify Web Player.

2.     Choose a Playlist on Spotify Web Player

In the Spotify Web Player, select the playlist you want to share.

3.     Take a Screenshot

Capture a screenshot of the Spotify playlist. You can usually do this by pressing the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard.

4.     Return to Instagram Web

Go back to Instagram Web and create a new post. Upload the screenshot you took in the previous step.

5.     Add Captions and Share

Write your caption and add relevant hashtags. Then, share the post to your Instagram account.


VI. Conclusion


In conclusion, “Sharing Spotify Playlists on Instagram” is a dynamic way to connect with your audience, express your personality, and evoke emotions through the universal language of music.

Whether you’re crafting engaging stories from your mobile device or using your computer to share your favourite tracks, the possibilities are endless.

By following the steps and best practices outlined in this guide, you can create an Instagram presence that resonates with your followers on a deeper level.

Music can enrich your posts and engage your audience like no other medium. Embrace the art of sharing your playlists, and invite your followers to join you on a musical journey.




1.     Why can’t I share my Spotify playlist on Instagram?


To share a Spotify playlist on Instagram, you must ensure that your Instagram and Spotify apps are current.

After selecting the playlist you want to share in the Spotify app, click the three dots (options) and choose “Share.


2.     Can you share a Spotify album on Instagram?


Unfortunately, you can’t directly share a full Spotify album on Instagram as you can with playlists. However, you can share individual songs from the album by following the same steps as sharing a playlist. Select the music you want to share, click the three dots, and choose “Share” on Instagram.

3.     How do I share my Spotify playlist in my Instagram bio?


Instagram doesn’t allow direct links in bios to external content like Spotify playlists. However, you can create a shareable link to your playlist on Spotify, share it in your Instagram post, and encourage your followers to click on it to listen. Include the link in your bio for easy access.

4.     How do I share a Spotify playlist?


Sharing a Spotify playlist is easy. In the Spotify app, select the playlist you want to share, click the three dots (options), and choose “Share.

You can share it directly to social media platforms like Instagram or copy the playlist link and share it through messages, email, or on any social forum of your choice.


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