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Spotify account Deleted : 11 Reasons to Know

by Hassaan Behzad
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Spotify Account Deleted

You wake one morning, and see that your Spotify account deleted. Deletions mean that you cannot get your Spotify account back.

Spotify accounts were deleted because of unethical or unauthorized activities like chargebacks, Facebook account deactivation, using mod apk, VPN, or other violations.

Why was my Spotify account deleted?

Here are some of the reasons that can cause the deletion of your Spotify account:. Spotify works on an algorithm and records every single moment of the user. If you are trying to fool it, it will remove you from its platform.

If your Spotify account is deleted, there can be some issues from your side. You do it intentionally or unintentionally; the algorithm has no idea about that. He only follows the programmed actions against your activity.

Spotify accounts were deleted because of charges back, deletions of linked Facebook accounts, using Spotify mods, music convertor,VPN or hacking attacks.

Here are some reasons for the Spotify account deletion:H1: Spotify account deleted: 11 Reasons to Know

  • You charged back your Spotify account
  • You deleted your associated Facebook account
  • You are using a music converter
  • You are using a modified Spotify account
  • Your account has been hacked
  • Spotify’s servers are down
  • Publishers Account
  • Using VPN
  • Multiple Device Login
  • Made a Violation of the Terms and Conditions
  • Inactive for more than 6 months

You charged back your Spotify account

Charges to your Spotify account mean you don’t want to pay Spotify for using their application. Spotify`s algorithm understands it as a fradulent activity and will permanently delete your Spotify account.

Spotify account deletion means that you cannot get back your old account again; you have to create a new account to buy the premium subscription again.

You deleted your associated Facebook account

You deleted your associated Facebook account, which means that you have deleted a source to login to your Spotify account. Spotify will detect your Facebook account deletion and permanently delete your Spotify account.

Before you delete your Facebook account, you need to create another source for logging in to your Spotify account. It will save your account, playlists and data on Spotify.

You are using a music converter

Using a music converter, manipulate the Spotify program to send malicious files that can help you download music like premium account holders.

When the algorithm catches you, there will be no second chance for you to save your account. Your spotify account deleted due to this activity

It will be better to use the subscriptions to unlock the features of downloading your favorite music.

Using Music Converter - spotify account deletion

You are using a modified Spotify account

Using a modified Spotify account is against the terms of Spotify and can lead to the deletion of your Spotify account.

When you are using third-party applications to unlock the premium features, it will be unfair to Spotify and the artists who are working hard to share something new.

The Spotify algorithm is very strict against Spotify mod apks. It will make you act like a Spotify Premium user. It will cause Spotify to close your account.

Sometimes the offense is so high that Spotify doesn’t allow that person to create a new account using the same mobile phone or internet connection.

Your account has been hacked

Account hacking means that an unauthorized user is using your account. If someone reports against the account, Spotify will disable the account and sometimes delete it.

Don’t share your account with others without knowing what someone intends. Sometimes we have worked hard on our account and hackers activate the algorithm to remove it.

Spotify Server down

Spotify’s servers are down

Spotify servers are down, which makes you feel like your account has been deleted. First, you need to confirm that your account has been disabled or deleted.

The Spotify server being down means that they are not authenticating your information with their data sets. In such cases, it looks like you are new to Spotify.

If you are confirmed about account deletion, you can contact the Spotify support team to share your problem. It will be the last option or you have to lose your account forever.

Publishers Account

Being a publisher on Spotify means that you have to align yourself with its policies. If not, Spotify will delete your account forever.

You always need to post songs that follow the community guidelines. The algorithm can censor the songs and be programmed to scan for specific words.

It will record the number of policies you deleted by uploading the song. It will decide that they will disable your account with a warning to close your account or delete it immediately.

Using VPN

Using a VPN means that you are changing your location. It is hard to track, but the Spotify system is not too weak to track such manipulations easily.

It can create problems for Spotify because they have to face the legal restrictions imposed by the governments of those regions.

In such cases, it simply deletes a Spotify account without even informing or warning the users.  It doesn’t matter that you have purchased a Spotify premium subscription.

VPN to use Spotify

Multiple Device Login

People try to fool the algorithm with multiple logins. They shared their one premium account for the sake of saving money.

The algorithm doesn’t report these unusual logins and waits for the account limits to reach the mentioned limit.

Secondly, it tries to understand the intent by tracking the wifi, mobile ips and other things. Whenever it catches the intention of the users, it shows the warning to “Change password or confirm account.”

The third or sometime first, step will be to close the account. You will not get your account back with any single report against the account deletion.

If you need multiple logins, you can subscribe to a family premium subscription to get access to multiple accounts.

Made a Violation of the Terms and Conditions

We all found a form before creating an account and we ticked that box, “Yes, we accept terms and policies,” without even reading them.

After creating an account, we violate those policies intentionally and unintentionally without knowing the penalties we have to face. Sometimes the cancellations are unbearable and Sotify is forced to permanently delete your account.

Spotify policies voilation

Inactive for more than six months

Spotify deletes or removes the account if it remains active for more than six months. There can be two reasons that Spotify does so:

  1. Death
  2. Fake Accounts

In the past, different social media platforms have added the option to nominate a person who can gain access to your account after your death.  If there is no nomination, your account will be deleted after six months.

On Spotify, there is no such option but it will restrict any other person from using it after your death.

Sometimes people create fake accounts to get followers. After that, people did not use those accounts as they got what they desired. In this way, Spotify deletes all the inactive accounts. It decreases the number of fake followers and helps promote talented artists on the platform.

Your account has been disabled or deleted.

Many of us have no idea what happened to our accounts. In panic, we think that our account is being deleted by Spotify.

Spotify doesn’t delete the account directly in many cases. If you are logging in to your account and getting the option to request your account, it means your account is not deleted.

You can report against the decision to get your account back. If it gets deleted, you only have the option to log out and create a Spotify account from scratch.


Your Spotify account because of your intentional or unintentional mistake. You can request the account but it doesn’t work most of the time.

The only thing you can do is understand all the mistakes that can make you lose your favorite music playlist. You will not get flagged by the Spotify algorithm again.

You may be thinking of using any alternate method to recover your account. Above all, you have lost it because you voided the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete my Spotify account?

To delete your Spotify account, you need to visit the Spotify website and log in. Then, navigate to the account and delete your data section, where you can select the option to close your account and delete it permanently. Please note that this action is irreversible and will remove all your playlists, music streaming data, and subscription information.

What happens to my Spotify Premium subscription if I delete my account?

If you delete your Spotify account, your Spotify Premium subscription will be permanently deleted as well. Make sure to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription before proceeding with the account deletion to avoid any unexpected charges.

How can I create a new Spotify account?

To create a new account on Spotify, you can visit the Spotify website or use the Spotify app. Simply click on the sign-up or create a new account option and follow the instructions to set up your new account.

Can I recover a deleted Spotify account?

Unfortunately, once you have permanently deleted your Spotify account, it cannot be recovered. Make sure to carefully consider this decision before proceeding with account deletion.

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