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Solving Spotify Automix Glitches: A Simple Guide

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Spotify Automix Not Working

Ever asked yourself, “Why my atomix is not working in Spotify?” Some Music listeners don’t know how do i get Spotify to automix. I have a solution to this problem. So keep in touch with me next 2 to 3 minutes.


 Understanding Spotify Automix Not Working


 Not every playlist supports Automix:

Not all playlists are Automix-friendly. The feature shines on Spotify’s curated playlists, not your ones. If you’re not getting that curated magic, check if the playlist you’re playing supports Automix. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find these playlists, but those on your Home screen often do.

Crossfade interference with Automix:

Reports suggest that having both “Automix” and “Crossfade” set to 12 seconds can cause trouble. Turning off Crossfade might just be the solution to get Automix back in action.

Spotify Automix Not Working

Recent changes regarding Gapless Playback:

Surprisingly, recent changes to Spotify’s Gapless Playback feature might affect Automix. Check under Settings > Playback for Gapless Playback. If it’s not there, log out and log back in. Toggle it on and off to see if Automix behaves better.

Using Spotify Connect:

Automix takes a break when Spotify Connect is in use. To keep the tunes flowing smoothly, create your playlist, turn off Automix, and switch on Crossfade when using Spotify Connect.

Ensure your Spotify app is up to date:

Even if your playlist supports Automix, an outdated Spotify app can be a killjoy. Make sure your app is the latest version on your desktop or phone to avoid any gaps.

Exploring Auto Mix on Spotify:

Spotify’s Auto Mix adds a touch of DJ magic to your music experience. Let’s check into the basics, learning “How do I get Spotify to Automix?”

How to turn off Auto Mix on Spotify:

If you ever want to take the DJ hat off and let your songs play naturally, turning off Auto Mix is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  •     Click on the settings button.
  •     Select Playback.
  •     Find Auto Mix and switch it on or off according to your mood.


What is the Auto Mix feature on Spotify?

Auto Mix ensures your songs transition smoothly, like a DJ crafting a seamless playlist. It alters song intros to create a continuous flow. However, not everyone notices this feature. Turning it off might give you a fresh perspective on your playlist.

Differences between Crossfade and Auto Mix:

While both Crossfade and Auto Mix enhance your listening experience, they serve different purposes.

  •    Auto Mix creates smooth transitions between songs, making it feel like a DJ is at the head.
  •    Crossfade, on the other hand, blends the end of one song with the beginning of the next, avoiding sudden jumps.

Understanding these differences allows you to adjust your music experience on Spotify to suit your preferences.

Troubleshooting Spotify Automix Problems:


Why is my Automix not working in Spotify?

If you find Automix hitting a sour note, let’s explore why:

  •     Check if your playlist supports Automix; not all playlists do.
  •     Ensure Crossfade is set to 0 seconds or off, as it may interfere with Automix.
  •     Verify if recent changes to Gapless Playback are affecting Automix.

Tips to enable Automix on Spotify:

Unlock the full potential of Automix with these helpful tips:

  •     Opt for Spotify’s curated playlists, as they usually support Automix.
  •     Ensure Crossfade is adjusted appropriately, and consider turning it off to troubleshoot.
  •     Check your Gapless Playback settings – it might be influencing Automix.

Does turning off Automix help improve Spotify’s performance?

  •     Turning off Automix may impact how your songs flow, allowing for a different listening experience.
  •     Experiment with turning Automix on and off to find what works best for you.



Find out why your Spotify Automix might not be working with the help of the guide above. It talks about things like playlists, changing settings, recent updates, and keeping your app up-to-date. These steps make learning about Spotify easier for you.


Q: What is the automix feature on Spotify?

The automix feature on Spotify ensures seamless transitions between consecutive tracks, providing a seamless listening experience.

Q: How can I solve automix glitches on my Android device?

If the automix feature is not working properly on your Android device, try updating to the latest version of the Spotify app. If the issue persists, check your network connection and ensure that your device is running the most up-to-date software.

Q: Why is automix not working on my iPhone?

If automix is not functioning as expected on your iPhone, make sure you have updated to the latest version of the Spotify app. Additionally, check your network connection and ensure that your device is running the most current software version.

Q: How can I ensure gapless playback during automix on Spotify?

To ensure gapless playback during automix, make sure that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Spotify app. This feature ensures seamless transitions between tracks for an uninterrupted listening experience.

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