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Spotify keeps deleting my search history Why? : Reasons and fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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It’s strange that you want to listen to the song that you heard last night and Spotify delete search history, making you unable to listen to the same song again. This is a common problem and today I will provide a solution to this problem.

If Spotify keeps deleting the songs from the search history when your browser deletes the cookies or you listen to the songs in offline mode,.

Sometimes you want to listen to the songs again, but Spotify clears your listening history on both mobile and desktop, making it impossible to find your song in the listening history or recently played list.

Sometimes Spotify keeps clearing your listening history, removing your access to recently played songs and playlists. It is just because of some options that are preventing your Spotify account from recording your search history.

Today, we will discuss the reasons why Spotify keeps deleting the search history and the fixes. Here are the reasons:

  • Task killers apps in the phone
  • Browsers clear cookies automatically
  • Temporary glitches
  • Offline mode
  • Multiple logins

1. Task killers apps in the phone

You need to find out if there is a task or memory cleaner app on your phone. Task killer apps clear the caches of the apps upon closing them.

Spotify stores some searches in the form and caches and when you clear the caches, your search history disappears on your Android and iPhone.

2. The browser clears the cookies automatically

Most of the time, we opt to clear the cookies and search history automatically when we close the browsers. This app clears all the caches and cookies from the website and automatically removes the search history of your Spotify.

Sometimes we are using the incognito mode of the browsers (which does not record cache or cookies from the website), so we lose all the data and cookies just by shifting to the simple mode of the browser.

Using incognito mode spotify

In browsers like Opera, you can find this option to remove cookies and data automatically. If you close it by clicking on the close button, it will clear your recently played list of songs, impacting your ability to recall played songs on both mobile and desktop.

Using exit button to close browser

3. Temporarily Glitches

Sometimes Spotify servers go down for various reasons, possibly due to glitches within the Spotify app. It makes the listening history or recently played option hidden from your application or browser.

You simply need to log out of the Spotify app and log in again to potentially refresh your playlists and play songs. This will make the application load properly again. Otherwise, you can clear the cache to load the application properly.

4. Listening in Offline Mode

When you are using the offline mode of Spotify, you cannot send the data to the Spotify servers to record your listening history.

In such cases, Spotify doesn’t record any song you listen to in offline mode, affecting your playlists and recently played artists. When you come online, you have songs only you listened to while the internet was connected to your device, affecting your Spotify history content.

Turning off offline mode spotify

These errors occur mostly on Android devices or iPhones.

How do I delete the listening history on Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t allow its users to delete their listening history. Alternatively, it provides different options that can help you avoid suggestion related to your search history

1. Block the song

Blocking the song will send a message to the server that the person is not interested in this song. It will avoid all the suggestions related to that song.

Mistakenly, you have listened to explicit content. You can simply block the songs to avoid any suggestions related to those songs, managing your Spotify history more effectively.

2. Private Sessions

You can turn on the option of a private session in the setting. It means that your listening history will remain hidden from all your followers and friends in your account.

Spotify will show up with suggestions but it doesn’t share your played songs or listening history with anyone. If you think that it may lead to bad or wierd recommendations by spotify, you can test it yourself.

Your listening activity will remain hidden after turning on privacy features, allowing you to manage when to clear your Spotify listening history.

Can Spotify delete the listening history or recently played songs?

Spotify doesn’t delete the listening history, even though there is an option for listening history (on the phone) and recently played (desktop), you can check what songs you have listened to online.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow you to delete your listening or recently played history. You can get the option to block the songs, you want to listen to again or any suggestions related to them.

Spotify desktop and Spotify phone

So everything you listen to is recorded on the Spotify platform. Sometimes Spotify doesn’t record your listening history due to some issues, making it difficult to see your played songs and recently played artists. We will discuss all the issues one by one.

Final Thoughts

If Spotify keeps deleting your search history, there can be some issues with your devices. Spotify doesn’t intend to remove your history but devices made it to do so.

The above reasons are proven methods that can help you solve the problem. If the problem still persists, you can ask or search for other solutions in the Spotify community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Spotify deleted your recently played songs?

Spotiy deleted you recently played songs because you have some kind of issue with your internet connection or you are using app clearer, auto cache and cookies cleaner on your devices.

Why has my search history disappeared on my iPhone?

Your search history will disappear because you are listening to the songs in offline mode. The best solution is to listen to the songs while connecting your device to the internet. It is also possible that there will be some glitches with the application.

Why has my search history disappeared on Android?

Your search history disappeared on Android because some people were using the outdated version of the Spotify app, the Memory Cleaners app or some kind of glitch with the internet connection or Spotify app.

Why has my Spotify search history disappeared on my desktop?

Your Spotify search history has disappeared.as you are using a browser that automatically clears the caches on closing the application. It will clear all the history when you close the application. This mostly happens when you are using the Opera browser.

Where is my listening history or recently played button?

Sometimes the listening history button disappears because of glitches or using an outdated version of the application. You will not find this option in the Spotify webplayers.

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