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Spotify gift card not working (Solved)

by Hassaan Behzad
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I know it frustrates you when your Spotify gift card is not working. You don’t need to wait long to try these fixes to solve your issue.

Spotify gift cards are not working because of country, code format, time, package limitation, or country-specific factors. You also need to activate your gift card to redeem it.

The reasons will be the same for desktop, iPhone, and Android phones. You can switch between these devices to solve your issue.

Spotify gift cards help you get discounts on the Spotify premium package and extend the premium time on your account. It doesn’t work for multiple reasons. I figured out the following issues that could be the reason for the Spotify gift card not working. Here are the issues you can fix with Spotify gift card issues:

  • Timing Matters
  • Account Country/Region Settings:
  • Activation from the Retail Store:
  • Code Format
  • Stacking Premium Time
  • Browser and computer caches need to be cleared
  • The code has been redeemed, leaving no remaining premium time on your account.
  • You are not an individual Premium user
  • Be Patient

1. Timing Matters

Spotify gift card valid for 12 months. If you buy a gift card, redeem it within 12 months. After that, it will not be valid. When you apply for a gift card, you get a discount on your next plan.

If your old gift card is activated for 18 months, you don’t need to buy a new one.

2. You are not an individual Premium user

Spotify gift cards only apply to the individual premium plan. It doesn’t work for any plan other than the individual premium plan.

It doesn’t work for the premium duo, premium family, or premium student. Consider other trial offers or check your account page for options. If you want a premium subscription for yourself, it’s for you.

3. Account Country/Region Settings:

Gift cards are country-specific. Your Spotify account and gift card region should be the same. It does not work if it is not for your region.

You need to change region settings to make the gift card work for you. If you are a citizen of the UK and use the gift card in the same region, it will be valid.

region or postal code error spotify

You have to update the payment method! It came into effect until the next billing month. It changes your country and region as well.

If you miss postal codes in the account details, it will be invalid to redeem.

4. Activation from the Retail Store:

The Spotify card is not activated. If you get the same message, take your card to the shopkeeper to activate it. It will be ready for one-time use after activation.

Gift card activation error spotify

Ask the cashier about card activation before any attempt to redeem. If not, ask for a refund of the full gift card amount.

5. Code Format

You need to enter the code you see on the card. Make sure that you reveal the code accurately. Spotify gift cards contain alphanumeric characters in capitalized alphabets. Double-check before submitting it to redeem.

When you write the same code differently, it makes it invalid. Many people are confused between “0” and “O”. Find the correct one to redeem a gift card.

6. Stacking Premium Time

Spotify extends to 18 months of premium time (depending on the months mentioned on the card). You can’t use any other card within this limit.

spotify monthly limit gift card error

When one gift card is redeemed, you need to wait for it to expire. That makes the other valid for use. Enjoy your extension with a subscription first. 

It will apply on your next payment date.

7. Browser and computer caches need to be cleared

Spotify saves files in the browser to prevent loading them every time from the cloud server. Clearing cache files loads new files that solve your issue. 

On the phone, you need to do the same. To save yourself the hassle, do this first.

8. The code has been redeemed

I’m trying to use the same card again. Don’t try to make the algorithm by checking 12-month to 3-year-old gift cards for the remaining premium time. Once you redeem it, it will be invalid for future use.

Buy a new card to enjoy benefits. If your card is under warranty, return it to the shopkeeper for a refund or replacement.

9. Be patient

If you tried multiple times, take a break. After 24 hours, you attempt to add a code to redeem it. Don’t ignore the error message, solve it first.

After 4 attempts, it will give an error message. You can try again after 24 hours.

Final thoughts

Now you can redeem a Spotify gift card without any hassle. Also, read the terms and conditions completely to redeem the gift card.

Additionally, you need to use a coin or card to gently scratch with your nail. When you gently scratch off the pin cover, you are safe to use it.

Reveal the code completely to number the characters you have to type. It will save you from the hassle of multiple attempts.

If still errors persist, feel free to contact the Spotify community to solve your problem. You can also contact me directly to Spotify support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my gift card not working?

Check your gift card for a code, location, and expiration date. If not, check that you are typing in the same format mentioned on the card. Clear the browser cache before making any attempts.

How long is a Spotify gift card valid?

It remains valid for 12 months. Ensure that your Spotify expiration date is not closed. It’s better to buy a new one or gift it to your friend to use within the time limit.

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