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Fix Spotify No Internet Connection on Mobile Data

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Let’s play music on Spotify. Oops, it shows Spotify Mobile Data not working. Are you facing the same problem? Don’t worry about data options on that Android phone. I have a different solution for it “Why doesn’t Spotify work on mobile data”. keeping in touch with me.


Why does my Spotify not work on mobile data?


I. Diagnose the Issue


1.1 No Internet Connection Error:

First, check your internet connection on your mobile.

  • Check network strength and stability

Ensure you have a good internet connection. A weak internet signal can disturb the performance.

  • Verify mobile data allowance and connection

Confirm that you have sufficient mobile data and that your data plan is active. Sometimes, exceeding data limits can lead to service disruptions.

  • Rule out carrier network issues

Check if your carrier or Google Play is experiencing any network problems.


1.2 Limited Functionality


  • Data saver mode interfering with streaming

Disable data saver mode to allow Spotify unrestricted access to mobile data.

  • Background data usage restricted for Spotify

Ensure that your device allows Spotify to use data in the background. On your Android or IOS, some settings may limit the Spotify app icon’s functionality when running in the background.

  • VPN affecting mobile data connectivity

If you’re using a VPN, it might be affecting your mobile data connectivity. Try disabling the VPN temporarily to see if it resolves the issue.


II. Steps on Spotify Mobile Data Not Working:


Quick Fixes

Check a problem on your Spotify Account. Try these quick fixes:

  • Restart Spotify and your device

Sometimes, a simple restart can work on your mobile.

  • Force-stop and relaunch the app

Force-stopping and relaunching the app can help refresh its connection.

  • Toggle offline mode on/off

If you’ve used offline mode, toggle it on and off to reset the connection.

  • Sign out and sign back in on all devices

Signing out and back in can refresh your Spotify session.


2.2 App Management


Manage your app settings to optimize performance:

  • Clear Spotify app cache and data

Clearing cache and data can resolve glitches and improve performance.

  • Update the Spotify app to the latest version on your Android device through Google Play

Ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Reinstall Spotify as a last resort

If all else fails, reinstalling the app might solve this issue.


2.3 Device Settings


Adjust your device settings to favor Spotify on mobile data:

  • Allow unrestricted data usage for Spotify (Android)

Check your app settings to ensure Spotify has unrestricted access to mobile data.

  • Enable mobile data usage for Spotify (iPhone)

On iPhones, confirm that mobile data usage is enabled for Spotify by checking network settings.

  • Check and adjust APN settings if necessary

Access Point Name settings might need adjustment for Spotify connectivity.


III. Advanced fixing


3.1 Check Carrier Settings


Explore advanced fixing options with your carrier or by scrolling through data options on your IOS:

  • Confirm you have enough data remaining on your Android phone

Make sure you haven’t emptied your mobile data limit on your Android phone.

  • Verify mobile data is enabled for your plan

Check with your carrier to confirm that mobile data is active on your Android phone.

  • Contact your carrier or contact Spotify if network issues persist

If problems persist, get in touch with your carrier for assistance.


3.2 Advanced Network Configurations


Check into advanced network configurations:

  • Address carrier-specific IPv6 configuration issues

Some carriers might have specific IPv6 settings affecting Spotify.

  • Investigate potential firewall restrictions

Firewalls can sometimes block Spotify. Investigate and address any firewall issues.


IV. Additional Tips


Spotify experience, consider these additional tips:

  • Download music for offline listening as a backup

Download your favorite playlists for offline listening on your Spotify account to avoid data-related interruptions.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible for better streaming quality

Opt for Wi-Fi when available to enhance streaming quality.

  • Monitor data usage on your IOS device to avoid exceeding your plan limits

Keep an eye on your data usage to prevent exceeding plan limits and incurring additional charges.



In this guide, we will provide you with the best solution either you have to use the Spotify App on your cellular or iPhone. I hope these steps can solve your problem.



1. Why my Spotify is not working on cellular data?

Spotify may not work on cellular data due to network issues, insufficient data allowance, or app settings. Check your connection, data plan, and app settings on your IOS or Android to ensure smooth playback.

2. Why is my mobile Spotify not working?

If Spotify isn’t working on your mobile, check for network problems, data restrictions, or app glitches. Troubleshoot by verifying your internet connection, adjusting data settings, and restarting the app.

3. Why won’t Spotify play without Wi-Fi?

Spotify might not play without Wi-Fi due to offline mode settings, data restrictions, or app glitches. Ensure offline mode is off, check your data settings, and troubleshoot the app to enable seamless playback on mobile data.

4. Why won’t Spotify download songs on data?

If Spotify won’t download songs on data, confirm your app settings. Ensure mobile data usage is allowed for downloads, and check for sufficient data allowance. Troubleshoot by restarting the app on your Android or IOS and adjusting download settings.

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