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How to fix Spotify playing random Songs not on you playlist?

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How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist

How to fix Spotify playing random Songs not on you playlist? worry not! We’ve got some super simple tips to keep your playlists organized like a pro.

Imagine having playlists that are not only easy on the ears but also easy to navigate. Sounds cool, right?

Let’s find out the simple steps to solve this playlist puzzle and make your time on Spotify super easy and enjoyable!

7 Method to Fix Spotify Playing Songs Not on Playlist

Here’s how you can solve the issue of Spotify playing random songs not on your playlist. Follow these steps to fix it

  • Turn Off Autoplay Feature on Spotify
  • Clear Spotify Cache
  • Reinstall Spotify App On Desktop and Mobile
  • Update Spotify App
  • Clear Spotify Queue
  • Disabling Autoplay
  • Customizing Playback Settings

Method 1: Turn Off Autoplay Feature on Spotify

On Computer:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your device and navigate to Spotify Settings.
  2. Click on the down-arrow button near your account information.
  3. Find the “Autoplay” feature and disable it if it’s enabled.

On Mobile:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile device and log in.
  2. Navigate to the Autoplay feature and disable it.

Method 2: Clear Spotify Cache

On Windows 10:

  1. Open File Explorer and go to Local Disk C.
  2. Navigate to Users > [Your User Name] > AppData > Local > Spotify.
  3. Delete all the files in this folder to clear the cache.

On Mobile:

  1. Open the Spotify app and log in.
  2. Go to Settings and select Storage.
  3. Tap “Clear Cache” to remove unnecessary cache files.

Method 3: Reinstall Spotify App

On Desktop:

  1. Uninstall the Spotify app from your PC.
  2. Visit the Spotify website and download the spotify the latest version.
  3. Install the app again.

On Mobile:

  1. Uninstall the Spotify app from your mobile device.
  2. Reinstall the app from the respective app store.

Method 4: Update Spotify App

On Desktop:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your PC.
  2. Check for updates by clicking on the “Updates” icon.

On Mobile:

  1. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Search for Spotify and update the app if a new version is available.

Method 5: Clear Spotify Queue

On Mobile/Computer:

  1. Open the spotify app and go to the Spotify playlist.
  2. Click on the Queue icon (three stacks) to view the queue.
  3. Clear the queue to remove any random songs added.


Why Are Songs Playing That Are Not on My Playlist?

Songs that are not on your playlist may play on Spotify due to various reasons. Here are some common causes and solutions:

  • Autoplay Feature:
    • Spotify has an Autoplay feature that automatically plays recommended songs after your playlist or album ends.
    • Disable Autoplay in your Spotify settings. Go to Settings > Autoplay and toggle it off.
  • Shuffle Mode:
    • If Shuffle Mode is enabled, Spotify may play songs in a random order, including those not in your playlist.
    • Turn off Shuffle Mode. Look for the shuffle icon in the playback controls and make sure it’s deactivated.
  • Enhance Feature (for Spotify Premium users):
    • The Enhance feature recommends and adds songs in your playlist based on your listening habits.
    • Disable the Enhance feature. In your playlist, click on ‘ENHANCE’ and turn it off.
  • Fewer Than 15 Songs in Playlist:
    • If your playlist has fewer than 15 songs, Spotify may add recommended songs to enhance your listening experience.
    • Add more songs to your playlist. Spotify recommends having at least 15 songs to prevent suggested additions.
  • Shared Spotify Account:
    • With a Premium Duo or Family subscription, shared accounts may result in a mix of songs.
    • If using an Individual plan, ensure you are not sharing your account, as others’ songs could be mixed with yours.
  • Cache Issues:
    • Corrupted cache files might lead to playback issues.
    • Clear the Spotify cache. In Settings, find the option to clear cache or reinstall the spotify app.
  • Queue Management:
    • Random songs added to the queue may play after your playlist ends.
    • Clear the queue by selecting the “Queue” option and removing any unwanted songs.
  • Outdated Spotify App:
    • An outdated or buggy Spotify app may cause unexpected playback behavior.
    • Update the Spotify app to the latest version.
  • Canvas Feature:
    • Canvas displays short video loops for certain songs, even if they are not in your playlist.
    • In Settings, toggle off the Canvas feature.
  • Recommendations Based on Listening History:
    • Spotify may play recommended songs based on your overall listening history, even if not in your playlist.
    • Personalize your recommendations by actively liking or disliking songs.

 What is Spotify Autoplay?

Spotify Autoplay is a special thing on Spotify that makes sure the music doesn’t stop. When you finish listening to a song or playlist, Autoplay starts playing more songs that are similar to what you like.

How does it work?

  • End of the Playlist: Autoplay starts when you reach the end of a playlist, album, or your song list.
  • Your Favorites Matter: Autoplay looks at the songs you really like and finds more songs that are a lot like them.
  • No Buttons Needed: You don’t have to press any buttons. Autoplay takes care of it, so you can just enjoy the music.

Why Is Spotify Playing Random Songs When Autoplay Is Off?

  • Shuffle Mode: Sometimes, when Autoplay is off, Spotify may be in Shuffle mode. In Shuffle mode, the app plays songs randomly from your playlist or library.
  • User Settings: Check your settings to make sure Autoplay is really turned off. If Autoplay is off but Shuffle is on, Spotify might still play songs randomly.

How to Stop Random Songs:

  • Turn Off Shuffle:
    • Open the Spotify app.
    • Find the Now Playing screen.
    • Look for the Shuffle icon (two crisscrossed arrows) and make sure it’s turned off.
  • Check Autoplay Settings:
    • Confirm Autoplay is disabled in your settings. Go to your Spotify settings and turn off Autoplay if it’s on.
    • Checking Autoplay Settings on Spotify
      • Open Spotify.
      • Tap the gear icon for settings.
      • Scroll to “Playback.”
      • Locate Autoplay and toggle on/off.
      • Save changes.
  • Restart the App:
    • Sometimes, the app needs a little reset. Close and reopen Spotify to make sure your settings take effect.

 Spotify Playing Songs Not in Playlist Android

issue:If you’re experiencing Spotify playing random songs not in your playlist on your Android device, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check Playlist:
    • Open the playlist you intended to play.
    • Confirm that the correct playlist is selected.
  • Clear Queue:
    • In the Now Playing screen, tap on the queue icon (three lines).
    • Clear the queue to prevent additional songs from playing.
  • Shuffle Mode:
    • Ensure Shuffle mode is turned off.
    • Tap the Shuffle icon (two crisscrossed arrows) to disable it.
  • Autoplay Settings:
    • Confirm Autoplay is disabled in settings.
    • Go to Settings > Playback and toggle off Autoplay.
  • Restart the App:
    • Close the Spotify app completely.
    • Reopen the app to see if the issue persists.
  • Reinstall the App:
    • If the problem continues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app.

 App Settings and Configurations on Android Devices:

you get the most out of your Spotify experience on Android and prevent songs not in your playlist from playing; it’s essential to understand the app settings and configurations.

Here’s how to customize your Spotify app on Android:

How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist

Playback Settings:Open the Spotify app click “Settings” and find “Playback.” You can adjust the crossfade and equalizer settings to enhance your listening experience.

How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist

Download Quality:If you frequently listen tosongs offline configure the download quality under “Music Quality” to balance audio quality and storage space.

How To Fix Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist

Storage:Spotify lets you choose where your downloaded spotify song is stored. You can find this option in the app settingsunder “Other.”

Data Saver:Use the Data Saver feature in the“Music Quality” settings to conserve your mobile data while streaming. That ensures your playlist plays smoothly even on mobile networks.

Notifications:Customize your notification preferences to control what Spotify alerts you about. This can help you focus on your playlist without distractions.

 Tips for Playlist Organization:

  • Clear Naming:
    • Give your playlists clear and specific names that reflect the theme or mood of the songs.
  • Create Folders:
    • Use playlist folders to categorize related playlists together.
    • On the desktop, go to File > New Playlist Folder.
  • Custom Cover Art:
    • Add personalized cover art to easily identify and differentiate your playlists.
    • Edit the playlist, click on the cover, and choose “Change Image.”
  • Consistent Theme:
    • Maintain a consistent theme within each playlist to ensure a cohesive listening experience.
  • Order Songs Thoughtfully:
    • Arrange songs in a thoughtful order to create a smooth flow within the playlist.
    • On the desktop, drag and drop songs into your preferred order.
  • Regular Updates:
    • Keep playlists fresh by adding new songs and removing those you’ve tired of.
    • Regularly update your playlists to reflect your current music preferences.
  • Collaborative Playlists:
    • Create collaborative playlists with friends to discover and share music together.
    • Allow others to contribute by enabling the “Collaborative Playlist” option.
  • Utilize Descriptions:
    • Add descriptions to your playlists to provide context or share your thoughts on the theme.
  • Filter and Sort:
    • Use the filter and sort options to quickly find specific playlists or organize them alphabetically.
    • On the desktop, click on the column headers to sort.
  • Explore Playlist Features:
    • Take advantage of Spotify’s playlist features, such as the “Add to Queue” and “Add to Library” options.


In short we have the answer to fix Spotify playing random songs not in your playlist. If you ever felt confused by this music puzzle, no need to worry! Our blog post is here to help.

We’ll teach you an easy way to make sure your playlists stay in order and your time on Spotify stays super smooth

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