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Suggested Songs on Spotify: How They Keep Playing2023

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Spotify Playing Suggested Songs


Attention music enthusiasts and Spotify users!

Are you tired of your carefully crafted playlist being hijacked by  How to Stop Spotify Playing Suggested Songs ? The frustration is shared among many.

But worry not, as we unveil a simple solution. In this guide, we’ll pique your interest by revealing how to regain control of your playlist.

If you desire an uninterrupted and personalized listening experience, stay with us. We’ll show you the action steps to put an end to those unwanted musical intrusions.


Spotify’s Suggested Songs Issue


Spotify, a beloved music streaming service, has its quirks. One such quirk frequently irks its users is the unexpected intrusion of suggested songs into their playlists. The aim here is to shed some light on how to regain control and end those unsolicited tunes.

Frustration Among Spotify Users


That is a shared sentiment among Spotify users worldwide. Imagine setting up the perfect playlist for your mood, only to have Spotify sneak in songs you never requested.

It’s a frustration we’ve all experienced. The good news is that there are ways to reclaim your musical autonomy.

Let’s delve into the solutions.


Turning Off Suggested Songs in Spotify App


1.Turning Off Suggested Songs


To regain control over your playlist and silence those pesky suggested songs, follow these steps to turn them off directly within the Spotify app.

1.Step-by-Step Guide:


Here’s a simple, user-friendly guide to turn off suggested songs within the Spotify app:

  • Open the Spotify app on your device.
  • Navigate to your settings, typically found in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the app.
  • Look for an option related to “Suggested Songs” or “Recommended Songs.”
  • Toggle it off to ensure that Spotify no longer intrudes with uninvited music suggestions.

Exploring Why Suggested Songs Keep Showing Up


1. Spotify’s Relentless Suggestions


You might wonder why Spotify continues to pepper your playlist with suggested songs despite your efforts to turn them off. Let’s explore why this happens.

2. Addressing User Concerns:

  • Technical problem: Sometimes, app updates and technical issues can reset your settings, making suggested songs reappear.
  • Algorithmic Persistence: Spotify’s algorithms aim to create a dynamic listening experience, sometimes even when you’ve turned off suggested songs.

Dealing with Repeated Song Recommendations


Preventing Repetition:


If you find yourself stuck in a loop of repeated song recommendations, there are strategies you can employ to break free from the cycle:


  • Regular Updates: Frequently update your playlists and use the like and dislike buttons to help Spotify better understand your musical preferences.
  • Active Curation: Take an active role in curating your playlists. Doing so can diversify your song selection and avoid repeated suggestions.
  • Discover Weekly: Explore Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlists, which can introduce you to new music while aligning with your taste.


Customization for a Better Experience:


Spotify offers several customization options to enhance your listening experience.

From creating your playlists to refining your listening history, these options can help you enjoy a more diverse and enjoyable playlist.


Managing Autoplay on Spotify

Turning Off Autoplay:


Autoplay is another feature that can occasionally lead to suggested songs playing unexpectedly.

Here’s how you can manage it:

On Desktop:

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs

Open the Spotify app.

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs

Navigate to your settings, typically found in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the app.

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs

Look for an option related to “Autoplay” and toggle it off.

By turning off autoplay, you can regain more control over what plays next in your playlist.


On Mobile Devices:


Open the Spotify app.

Navigate to your settings, typically found in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the app.

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs Android

Look for an option related to “Autoplay” and toggle it off.

On iPhone:

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs iphon

Open the Spotify app.

Navigate to your settings, typically found in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the app.

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs iphon

Go to playback

Look for an option related to “Autoplay” and toggle it off.

Spotify Playing Suggested Songs iphon

How Autoplay Settings Affect Your Listening Experience


Autoplay settings have a significant impact on your Spotify experience. Here’s how they matter:

  • Autoplay On: When Autoplay is enabled, Spotify will continue playing songs related to your playlist or suggested songs after your selected playlist ends.
  • Autoplay Off: Turning Autoplay Off ensures that your playlist concludes without unexpected interruptions, making it an excellent choice for those who want complete control.

Troubleshooting Autoplay and Suggested Songs

Double-Check Your Settings:


Sometimes, ensuring that your settings are correctly saved can resolve Autoplay and suggested song issues.

Here’s how you can double-check to make sure your preferences are intact.

Try restarting the Spotify App:


A quick restart of the app can reset settings and alleviate the issue.

Follow these steps to restart the Spotify app.

  1. Close the Spotify app.
  2. Reopen the app and check if the issue persists.
  3. Clearing the App’s Cache:

Clearing the cache can resolve issues related to Autoplay and suggested songs.

Here’s how you can do it:

On Mobile Devices:


    • Go to your device’s
    • Find the Spotify appin the list of installed apps.
    • Select “Storage” and then“Clear Cache.”

On Desktop:

    • OpenSpotify settings.
    • Scroll down to find“Storage.”
    • Click“Clear Cache.”

That can often solve problems related to the app’s functioning.


Improving Playlist Control


The Significance of Playlist Control:


Maintaining control over your playlist is more than a preference; it’s the key to a seamless listening experience.

Here, we’ll explore why this control matters and how it enhances your musical journey.


Making the Most of Spotify’s Customization Tools:


Spotify provides a wealth of customization features to help you shape your playlist. Discover how to use these tools effectively for a better listening experience that aligns perfectly with your musical taste.




Spotify’s suggested songs can be frustrating, disrupting your music playlist.

By following our steps, you can regain control and enjoy uninterrupted music.


The solutions provided empower you to curate your playlist actively, prevent repetition, and make the most of Spotify’s customization features, proving you can enjoy your music without interruptions.


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