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Why Spotify Randomly Skipping Songs: 8 Proven Solutions

by Ahmad Raza
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Ever felt the frustration of Spotify randomly skipping songs, disrupting your music groove? You’re not alone. Many music fans face this annoying issue that throws off the rhythm.

But worry not—we’ve got your back. Promising ways to fix Spotify and change your Spotify experience, we’re about to unpack the ultimate solution.

Buckle up as we delve into the reasons behind the skips and provide a game-changing solution to ensure your playlist plays smoothly. Your seamless music journey begins here!

Understanding Spotify Randomly Skipping Songs Problem

Before we dive into solutions, let’s understand why the Spotify server has this weird habit of skipping songs. Various factors contribute to this interruption in the audio streaming experience.

Spotify relies on a complex network of servers to deliver music to its users. Occasionally, these servers may experience interruptions, leading to skipped songs. It’s frustrating, and it can occur for apparently no reason at all.

The main thing that can create an issue is that Spotify randomly skips songs.  To fix Spotify, you first need to have nine solutions that will address and solve the issue.

How to Fix Spotify Randomly Skipping Songs

Now that we have identified why this issue arises,. Let’s move on to the solutions. We have collected a comprehensive list of solutions to help you say good-bye to the random skipping problem of Spotify.

You need to follow the solutions step by step to understand the problem. We hope that these solutions will help you fix Spotify within a few minutes. We have some alternates that can also help to avoid the song skipping on Spotify.

Fix 1: Check and Improve Your Internet Connection

Spotify’s playback deeply depends on the quality of your internet connection. If you don’t have high-speed Wi-Fi or cellular data, it can result in skipped songs.

On different online media, you get an option about the low internet connection. On spotify you need to be alert by turning on stats of your internet speed in the notification bar.

Check that the other applications are working properly or not. Youtube is the best way to guide you about the internet connection. If you find any issue then follow the following steps:

  • Check the internet speed by visiting the Okla Speed test
  • You need to restart your router if there is any problem with the internet connection.
  • Reopen the Spotify application to notice the changes.

If you are using mobile data, you can follow these steps:

  • Put your phone on the airplane mode for 2-3 seconds.

Turn off airplane mode

  • Turn off the aeroplane mode
  • Now turn on the mobile data to check the internet speed.
  • Go to the settings> system > reset phone > Reset Wifi settings

Turn on sim data again webp

Play songs on Spotify again to check the issue. We hope that it will fix Spotify skipping songs.  If Spotify keeps skipping the songs by complying with the requirements of the Spotify server,. We need to move on to the next step to fix the problem.

Fix 2: Restart Your Device for a Fresh Start

Sometimes, temporary issues with your device can cause Spotify’s random song-skipping problem. Your device is not showing compatibility with the applications. Some temporary memory cannot refresh the data on your mobile phone or PC.

In such cases, a simple solution is to restart your device to resolve the skipping issues. In the old mobile devices, you will only find the power on button, but in the new devices, you can restart it.

  • You just need to hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Choose the restart option

Restart Your Device for a Fresh Start

Check the devices again for issues. If Spotify keeps skipping the song, you need to try the third fix. There can be some issues in the hardware, so you need to check that your PC or phone is compatible with the new application.

Fix 3: Log Out and Re-login to Spotify

If Spotify keeps skipping songs, you need to try to re-login to your account.  This will guide the Spotify server to understand that it needs to load all the things again. Probably, it will solve your issue.

Logging out of your current Spotify account and logging back in can refresh your session and resolve the problem.

  • Open the Spotify app and log in to your account.
  • Access the “Setting” page of your profile.

Spotify settings

  • Scroll down and click on the “logout” button.

Log Out and Re-login to Spotify

  • Reopen the Spotify app and sign in again to reset your session.

You can also use the alternate method to fix this issue on your Android phone:

  • Go to the setting

Mobile setting

  • Go to the applications
  • Click on Spotify
  • You will see an option for clear storage

Clear spotify storage

  • It will remove all the data of the application by logging you out.

Sometimes users switch to the premium Spotify and need to follow the same steps to update their account preferences.

If this solves the skipping song issue, you need to stop using Spotify. If not, you need to move on to the fourth solution to get rid of it.

Fix 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the Spotify App

Sometimes, the app could be the reason behind Spotify random song skipping problem.

Simply uninstalling the old version and reinstall Spotify’s latest version from an authorized app store can resolve this issue.

Here’s how:
Navigate to Settings > Apps > Show all apps and select Spotify.

  1. Note the application’s version number.
  2. Scroll up, press Uninstall, and confirm the action.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Spotify App

  1. Download the latest version of the Spotify app from the official website or app store.
  2. Install it and log in to the Spotify app on your device with your credentials can resolve the issue of Spotify.

Fix 5: Clear Spotify’s Cache for Better Performance

Chache are the files that are loaded on the first visit of the user on the app. This will remain constant throughout the daily use of the application. Clear Spotify cache will help to load all the files again.

Sometimes Spotify has addressed this issue, and caches are lacking to update it. It will fix the issue of Spotify randomly skipping songs. You can also check for the updates to update the cache files.

  • Click Settings > Apps > Show all apps and choose Spotify.

Go to mobile settings

  • Visit the Storage section and tap “Clear Cache

Clear spotify cache webp

  • After clearing the cache, relaunch the Spotify app to check if the problem persists.

Fix 6: Adjust Streaming Quality to Prevent Spotify from Randomly Skipping Songs

High-quality music streaming can be a double-edged sword, especially when your network needs to improve. On the other hand, it can help to fix Spotify without any need for any converter app on your device.

Lowering the streaming quality, especially when your network connection is unstable, can prevent songs from pausing or skipping.

Fix 7: Explore Spotify’s Offline Mode

You can turn on Spotify’s offline mode when the streaming process is defective.  You can listen to songs by downloading the playlists or using that Spotify playlist to convert Spotify tracks to MP3.

This feature enables you to listen to downloaded songs without an internet connection. However, downloaded songs may also be affected if you’ve cleared the application’s cache. Remember that only premium subscribers can avail of this option.

Fix 8: Disable Non-pause Playback for Consistency

Spotify’s non-pause playback feature is excellent for an uninterrupted music experience.

However, it may contribute to the randomness of song skipping. Try turning off this feature and observe the results.

  1. Launch Spotify and access the Settings icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down to the Playback section and turn off the switch next to “Gapless.”

Disable Non-pause Playback for Consistency

  1. Check if this resolves the issue of song skipping in your playlist.

Ultimate Solution to Spotify Randomly Skipping Songs

If you have tried the common fixes and are still facing Spotify randomly skipping songs problems on Spotify, it’s time to introduce an ultimate solution. It will help to fix Spotify randomly skipping songs permanently.

Audfree Music Converter – Spotify music converter

Enter the AudFree Spotify Music Converter. This versatile tool is designed to fix Spotify skipping issue head-on. AudFree Spotify Music Converter can convert Spotify music to various audio formats, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B, all without compromising audio quality.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Import Playlists from Spotify to AudFree SpoDable: Launch AudFree Spotify Music Converter and Spotify’s desktop client. Search for your favorite music and playlists on Spotify and copy the track’s URL. Paste it into AudFree SpoDable’s address bar and click the ‘+’ button to load them automatically.
  2. Change the Output Settings for Spotify Music: Go to the Menu bar and select Preferences to adjust the parameters for Spotify according to your preference. Under the Convert column, set the output formats, sample rate, bit rate, channels, and more.
  3. Download Spotify Music for Offline Playback: Click on the ‘Convert’ button at the bottom-right corner of AudFree SpoDable. It will automatically download Spotify music, and you can locate the downloaded files in your local folder on your computer.

Using the AudFree Spotify Music Converter, you can break free from the Spotify song-skipping problem once and for all.

Enjoy your favorite tracks without interruptions and play them on any music player you choose.

Alternative Music Streaming Options

No doubt, Spotify is a giant in the music streaming industry, but it keeps skipping tracks, you need to use an alternate method to solve the problem permanently.

Here, we will suggest a few alternatives, each with unique features.

  1. Apple Music: If you’re deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, Apple Music is a seamless choice. However, it may be less compatible with non-Apple devices.
  2. Amazon Music: Amazon Music offers a comprehensive library and excellent integration with Amazon Echo devices. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might have access to a selection of songs at no additional cost. Remember that the free version has limitations, and you might need a subscription for a more comprehensive selection.
  3. YouTube Music: YouTube Music offers user-friendly, seamless music streaming. You can access official tracks, covers, and live versions of songs. The free version includes ads, while a subscription removes them.
  4. Tidal: Audiophiles often use Tidal for its high-fidelity streaming options. Tidal offers a HiFi subscription that delivers lossless, CD-quality music if you’re passionate about top-notch audio quality. However, this premium audio experience comes at a higher cost.
  5. Deezer: Deezer is another strong contender with a vast catalog of songs and podcasts. It offers a free tier with ads and a premium subscription that unlocks offline listening and no ads. You can add a playlist according to your mode and choice.

Final Thoughts

This guide is here to help with a frustrating problem:

when Spotify starts skipping songs randomly, it can be annoying. We will explain some reasons for this problem.

Also, discussed many solutions to fix Spotify’s song-skipping issue, like how to check the internet connection, clear out the old device data, and some other things to play your music smoothly.

And if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, there’s an ultimate solution called the AudFree Spotify Music Converter that might just do the trick. It allows you to enjoy seamless music. lets you enjoy your music without any interruptions.

We’ll also answer some common questions about why Spotify songs stop suddenly and if there’s a limit to how many songs you can skip. Plus, we’ll talk about some other music apps you can try if you’re tired of Spotify’s hiccups.

So, let’s start and make your Spotify experience much smoother!

Frequently Asked Questions about Spotify Randomly Skipping Songs

As we have directed to the solutions, you might still have some questions about Spotify’s random song-skipping issue. Let’s address these common queries:

Why do Spotify songs stop playing after 10 seconds?

This issue can be recognized by a few factors.

Firstly, if you have not downloaded the Spotify song for offline listening and your internet connection is unstable, songs may buffer and stop shortly.

Secondly, if your device is in battery-saving or power-saving mode, it might limit certain app features, leading to song interruptions.

Does Spotify have a limit on skips?

If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can skip as many songs as you desire.

However, for free users, there is a limit. You can skip up to six songs per hour. This limitation is one of the differences between Spotify Free and Premium.

How to avoid Spotify’s randomly skipping songs problem?

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, consider backing up your Spotify songs for offline playback using a tool like the AudFree Spotify Music Converter.




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