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Spotify stops when other apps open —reasons and Fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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Spotify stops when other apps open

Most of the time, we try to enjoy the music while scrolling through other social media apps. Spotify stops when other apps open because of some issues with Spotify and the other social media apps.

Spotify stops playing when other apps open because of some configurations and permissions for running apps in the background or other social media apps, preventing Spotify from running in the background at the same time.

Here are some reasons and fixes that we will discuss later in this article:. Spotify apps get problems on PCs and mobile phones due to

Why does Spotify stops when other apps open?

Ever wondered why your favorite tunes on Spotify stop when you’re checking out something else on your phone? Let’s dive into this without getting too tangled up in tech speak.

Imagine you’re jamming to your favorite song on Spotify, and then you decide to take a peek at what’s new on Facebook. Suddenly, the music halts! This happens because your phone tries to juggle which app gets to use the sound—kind of like when two apps are raising their hands, but your phone only picks one to listen to.

Most times, Spotify stops playing because it’s not the main app you’re looking at (that’s called not being in the “foreground”).

Your phone gives the spotlight to the app you’re using right now, especially if it also wants to make some noise.

This can be a bit of a bummer when you want to scroll through photos or read messages without stopping the beat.

Common Reasons for Spotify Playback Interruptions

There are a few tricky reasons why Spotify might take a break from playing music. Maybe it’s saving data, or your phone is trying to save battery. Sometimes, Spotify needs permission to keep playing even when you’re looking at other apps. We’ll help you fix these issues so you can listen without stopping!

Here are the common reasons that make Spotify stop playing songs as soon as you open any other apps:

  • Data Saver Mode and Its Impact
  • The Role of Battery Optimization Settings
  • Background App Limitations and Permissions
  • Audio Focus Changes on Mobile Devices
  • Network Connection Issues and Their Effects

Data Saver Mode and Its Impact

Data Saver Mode is like a strict librarian who only lets you use a little bit of the internet so you don’t run out. But, when Spotify is in Data Saver Mode, it might not play music smoothly because it’s trying to use less internet. Turning off Data Saver lets Spotify use more internet to play songs better.

The Role of Battery Optimization Settings

Battery optimization is like a power-saving ninja. It tries to save your phone’s energy by making apps sleep when you’re not using them. But sometimes, it makes Spotify nap, too, and stops your music. You can tell your phone to let Spotify stay awake and keep the tunes coming.

Background App Limitations and Permissions

Sometimes, Spotify needs permission to run in the background. It’s like asking your mom if you can play outside.

If Spotify doesn’t have permission, it will stop playing music when you move to another app. Giving Spotify permission to play in the background means your music keeps playing, even when you’re doing other things on your phone.

Audio Focus Changes on Mobile Devices

Audio focus is when your phone decides which sound is most important. If you open another app with sound, your phone might focus on the new sound and pause Spotify. It’s like when you’re watching TV, and someone else starts talking; you might pause the TV to listen to them.

Network Connection Issues and Their Effects

If your internet is slow or keeps cutting out, Spotify may stop playing. It’s like trying to drink a milkshake through a tiny straw; sometimes, you get a good sip, and other times, nothing comes through. A strong and stable internet connection keeps the Spotify music flowing without interruptions

How to fix the issue of spotify stops playing when other apps open?

Essential Settings and Permissions

To keep your tunes going without a hitch, let’s dive into some key settings and permissions. These are the magic steps to make sure your Spotify music doesn’t take a nap when you’re hopping between apps.

Granting Spotify Permission to Run in the Background

Steps for iOS Devices

To prevent Spotify from taking a break when you’re checking out another app, your iPhone needs to know Spotify is VIP and allowed to play music in the background.

  • Head to Settings, scroll to find Spotify
  • Here, switch the “Background App Refresh” on.

Background app permission IOS

This tells your iPhone, “Hey, keep Spotify running, even if we’re looking at something else.”

Steps for Android Devices

Here are the steps to finding the Android devices:.

  • Navigate to your settings, tap on “Apps,” and find Spotify in the list.
  • Go to “Battery” and toggle on “Allow background activity.

Allow background activity spotify android

This green light tells your device that it’s cool for Spotify to run in the background, keeping the music alive while you tweet, text, or take selfies.

Disabling Battery Optimization for Spotify

For Android Users

Battery optimization is like a strict teacher that can silence Spotify.

  • Go to your device settings, select “Apps
  • Find Spotify, and tap on “Battery

Here, you’ll want to turn off “Optimize battery usage.” This way, Spotify won’t stop when you open another app.

For iOS Users (Applicable Settings)

iOS doesn’t have the same setting, but you can ensure Spotify plays nice by checking that Low Power Mode isn’t on when you want uninterrupted music.

Head to “Battery” in your settings and make sure Low Power Mode is turned off. This keeps your Spotify singing loud and clear, even when you’re using other apps.

Ensuring Spotify Is Prioritized in Audio Settings

Make sure your phone knows that Spotify is your DJ. On both Android and iOS, dive into the sound or audio settings and look for any option that lets apps play sounds together. This can help prevent Spotify from taking a break when another audio source pops up.

Adjusting Data Usage Settings for Uninterrupted Playback

Data saver modes are like a tight belt on your data usage, which can sometimes pause your tunes. To let Spotify freely play music, turn off data saver or low data mode in your device settings. This tells your phone it’s okay for Spotify to use a bit more data to keep your playlists flowing, even when you open Facebook or browse other apps.

Specific Fixes for Common Problems

Restarting Your Device to Resolve Spotify Pauses

When Spotify stops playing, a quick restart of your device can work wonders. It’s like giving your phone or tablet a fresh start. Just turn it off and then back on.

This simple step can help clear up any minor glitches causing Spotify to pause, especially when you open other apps. So, next time Spotify takes a break on its own, give your device a little nap too!

Managing Sleeping Apps to Avoid Spotify Stops

Sometimes, your Android phone might put Spotify to sleep to save power, stopping the music. To keep the tunes flowing, check the settings on your device.

Look for “Battery” or “Apps” and find Spotify. Make sure it’s not set to sleep when you’re not using it directly. This way, Spotify can play music even when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Reddit.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling Spotify for a Fresh Start

If Spotify keeps pausing, try deleting and reinstalling the app. This can fix many issues by removing old data that might be causing problems.

  • On your phone, press and hold the Spotify app icon
  • Tap “Uninstall.
  • After that, go to your app store, download Spotify again
  • Log in. It’s like meeting an old friend with a new haircut!

Updating Spotify to the Latest Version

Always use the latest version of Spotify. Updates often include fixes for bugs that might be causing your music to stop. Check your app store for any available updates for Spotify and install them.

Staying up-to-date means you get the best performance and fewer interruptions when enjoying your favorite songs.

Clearing Spotify Cache to Improve Performance

Spotify stores temporary data in a cache, which helps it run faster. But sometimes, this data can get cluttered and cause issues, like music stopping.

To clean up your cache, open the Spotify app, head to “Settings,” and find the option to clear your cache. This won’t delete your playlists or favorites; it just gives Spotify a cleaner slate to work from.

Cache is considered the first solution for different problems like internet connection, sever issues, and many other problems. It fetches new data to solve the problem.

Signing Out of All Devices and Re-Logging In

If Spotify music stops playing across all your devices, try signing out everywhere and then logging back in. This resets your Spotify session and can fix playback issues.

Go to Spotify’s website, log in to your account, and find the option to sign out everywhere. Afterward, log back into Spotify on your device and see if the problem is solved.

Force Closing Spotify to Reset Playback

When Spotify doesn’t behave, forcing it to close can help.

On Android, You have to do the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Navigate to “Apps,” and find Spotify
  • Hit “Force Stop.” to stop the app

On iOS, swipe up from the bottom and swipe the Spotify app off the screen. This forcefully stops the app from running in the background and can help with playback issues when you next open the Spotify app.

Advanced Solutions and Tweaks:

Adjusting Spotify’s Crossfade and Gapless Playback Settings

Did you know you can stop Spotify from pausing your jams when you switch between apps? It’s all about tweaking the crossfade and gapless playback settings. Imagine you’re listening to your favorite tunes, and boom, you open another app, and your music stops.

Annoying, right? Well, by adjusting these settings in your Spotify app, you can smooth out those transitions, so your music doesn’t skip a beat.

Just dive into your Spotify settings, find ‘Playback,‘ and play around with the crossfade slider. This little trick keeps the tunes flowing, even when you’re hopping from one app to another like a digital rabbit!

Allowing Background Activity and Data Usage for Spotify

Ever wonder why Spotify stops playing when you check out another app on your phone? It’s like your phone’s telling you to pick: scroll or jam, not both. But guess what? You can tell your phone to keep the Spotify music coming.

For Android and iOS users, it’s time to let Spotify run in the background. Just head into your phone settings, find Spotify, and give it the thumbs up for background activity and data usage.

This way, Spotify gets the green light to play music non-stop, even when it’s not the star of the screen.

Using Spotify’s Offline Mode to Avoid Interruptions

Okay, so you’re tired of Spotify taking a nap every time you open Facebook or Reddit, right? Here’s a secret weapon: Offline Mode.

By downloading your go-to tracks ahead of time, you can keep your playlists playing, no matter what other apps you’re exploring.

Open the Spotify app, hit that settings gear, and toggle on Offline Mode.

This is perfect for those moments when you’re diving into different apps but still want your soundtrack rolling. Plus, it saves data – sweet, right?

Configuring High-Quality Streaming Over Wi-Fi Only

We all love blasting our Spotify tunes in the best quality possible, but did you know high-quality streaming can be a data hog? If Spotify stops when you’re using other apps, it might be because your data’s running thin.

Here’s a fix: set Spotify to only go all-out with high-quality jams when you’re on Wi-Fi. Just pop into your Spotify settings and look for the ‘Audio Quality’ section.

From there, you can choose to have high-quality streaming only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This way, you save your data for when you really need it and still get top-notch music quality at home.

Dealing with Specific App Interferences

Preventing Playback Stops with Social Media Apps

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

When you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter while jamming to your favorite tunes, sometimes Spotify might just stop playing. It’s like, one minute you’re enjoying music, the next, it’s silence.

This usually happens because these social apps play their own sounds or videos, and your phone’s like, “Okay, let’s listen to this now,” making Spotify take a backseat.

On Facebook, you need to turn off the video autoplay, which can help make Spotify work properly. The auto-play stops other apps from working while scrolling through Facebook.

On Instagram, you need to turn on the microphone setting. This will make your Spotify app run smoothly in the meantime.

On Twitter, you need to go to the general settings. Here, you have to navigate to data usage. In the data usage, you will find an option of video play and you need to switch it to “never.”

Messaging and Communication Apps like WhatsApp

Messaging apps like WhatsApp can also make Spotify pause. Imagine you’re vibing to music, and you open WhatsApp to reply to a message, and bam, the music stops. That’s because apps that use your mic think you’re going to start talking or recording something.

To prevent this, you might want to tweak the permissions in your phone settings. Let Spotify run freely in the background by giving it the thumbs up to keep playing music, even when you’re using apps like WhatsApp.

Navigating Around Driver Apps and Spotify

Google Maps, Uber, and Waze Interactions

Driver apps like Google Maps, Uber, and Waze are super helpful for getting around, but they can also interrupt your Spotify jam session. When these apps give directions, they often pause Spotify because they’re set to be the boss of the audio on your phone. But don’t worry, there’s a trick to keep the tunes going.

Before starting your trip, open the Spotify app and hit play on your music. Then, switch to your map or ride app. By doing this, you tell your phone that Spotify’s music is important, too. And if your music does pause for directions, just hit play again once the app’s done talking.

Practical Tips for Enhanced Listening

How to Keep Spotify Playing in Various Scenarios

While Using Other Apps

Ever notice Spotify stop when you dive into another app? It’s a common hiccup. The trick is to let Spotify run in the background.

For Android, go to Settings, find Spotify under Apps, and toggle on “Allow background activity.”

For IOS users, head to Settings, scroll to Spotify, and ensure “Background App Refresh” is on. This simple tweak keeps the tunes flowing, even as you tweet or scroll through Instagram.

When the Screen Is Off or the Phone Is Locked

Frustrated because your music stops playing when your screen goes dark? On both Android and iOS, Spotify should serenade you continuously, screen on or off.

If it doesn’t, check your device’s battery-saving settings. Disabling them can prevent Spotify from taking an unintended nap. Also, ensure Spotify has permission to play in the background, keeping your playlist alive even when your screen isn’t.

Addressing Spotify’s Limitations

Only Playing 30 Seconds of a Song

If you spotify stops the songs every 30 second, it needs a different solution. This usually happens when there’s a glitch or the track isn’t fully available in your region.

Make sure your Spotify app is up-to-date and consider clearing the app’s cache. If the problem persists, it might be a licensing issue, limited to Spotify Premium subscribers for full track access.

Random App Closures and How to Prevent Them

Does Spotify close on you out of the blue? This can be due to your phone juggling too many apps running in the background.

To fix this, close apps you’re not using, or give your device a quick restart to free up memory. Updating the Spotify app or reinstalling it can also iron out any kinks causing unexpected shutdowns.

Final Thoughts and Additional Resources

Keeping Spotify Running Smoothly Across All Your Devices

To keep the beats bumping across all gadgets, regularly update your Spotify app and manage your device’s settings for optimal performance.

Allowing Spotify to play in the background and adjusting battery-saving options are key. For uninterrupted listening, consider using Spotify Premium for offline playlists.

When to Contact Spotify Support for Unresolved Issues

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and Spotify still misbehaves, it might be time to call in the pros. Contact Spotify Support for help with persistent issues like constant pausing or crashes. They’re there to ensure you get back to your music without a hitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Spotify stop playing when I open other apps?

A: Spotify stops playing when you open other apps because the Spotify app on your Android phone may not have the necessary permissions to play music in the background while another app is in the foreground.

Q: How can I stop Spotify from pausing when I open another app?

A: To stop Spotify from pausing when you open another app, you can try the following solutions: 1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Spotify app. 2. Go to your phone’s settings and check if Spotify has the necessary permissions to run in the background. 3. Close any unnecessary apps running in the background that might be interfering with Spotify. 4. Restart both Spotify and the app you want to use together with Spotify. 5. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, check if you have enabled the “Background App Refresh” option for Spotify in your device’s settings. 6. If all else fails, try deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app to reset any settings that might be causing the issue.

Q: Why does Spotify stop playing when I open the Facebook app?

A: Spotify stops playing when you open the Facebook app because both apps might be requesting multimedia access, and the operating system prioritizes the app that was opened last. This causes Spotify to pause its playback.

Q: How can I get Spotify to play music without stopping when I open other apps?

A: To get Spotify to play music without stopping when you open other apps, follow these steps: 1. Open the Spotify app on your Android phone. 2. Tap on the settings icon (usually located in the top right corner). 3. Scroll down and tap on “Playback”. 4. Look for the option called “Crossfade” and make sure it is turned off. 5. Close the Spotify app and open the app you want to use alongside Spotify. 6. You should now be able to listen to Spotify while using other apps without any interruptions.

Q: Can I listen to Spotify while browsing the internet on my phone?

A: Yes, you can listen to Spotify while browsing the internet on your phone. Make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed and check that it has the necessary permissions to run in the background. Also, ensure that you have disabled any settings or options that might automatically pause music playback when another app is in the foreground.


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