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Spotify keeps switching to Web Player? : 8 Fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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spotify switching to web player

Spotify keeps switching to a web player, which makes it frustrating. Are you facing the same problem as me? Don’t worry, I have crafted the solution that I use to solve this problem for myself and will solve yours too.

Spotify keeps switching to the web player because the security of your account is compromised. You need to change your password, remove third-party apps, and delink your Facebook account to secure your account.

So let’s take a start towards the most-awaited solution to the problem.

Why is Spotify switching to Web Player?

I have crafted some reasons that actually help me identify the problem on my Spotify web players. First, we will enlist all the reasons:

  • Reset All Passwords Associated with Your Spotify Account
  • Sign Out Everywhere
  • Remove Access to Third-Party Apps
  • Disconnect Spotify from Facebook
  • The Spotify App Cache Hasn’t Been Cleared
  • Your Spotify App is Outdated
  • Contact a Spotify Representative
  • Turn on Any VPN Connected to the Device

1. Reset All Passwords Associated with Your Spotify Account

If you’re having trouble accessing your Spotify account or think someone else might be using it, it’s a good idea to reset your password. Here’s how you can do it:

  • On a Web Browser: Open your favorite web browsers, like Chrome or Google Chrome, and go to the Spotify website.
  • Spotify Account Page: Look for the login section and click on ‘Forgot your password?’. You’ll need to enter the email address you use for Spotify. Spotify will then send you an email.
  • Check your email. Open the email from Spotify and click on the link to create a new password. Make it strong and unique!

password reset spotify

2. Sign Out Everywhere

If you’ve used Spotify on multiple devices and want to make sure you’re signed out everywhere (like on your desktop app or the Spotify web player), follow these steps:

  • Use a Web Browser: Go to the Spotify website using any web browser.
  • Account Overview: Once you’re logged in, find the ‘Account Overview’ section and look for the ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ option.
  • Click It: By clicking this, you’ll be signed out from all devices where you’re logged into Spotify, including the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.

Signout everywhere spotify techyumz.com

You can log in to your Spotify account again and your issue will be resolved.

3. Remove Access to Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, third-party apps connected to your Spotify account can cause issues. To remove them:

  • Spotify Account Settings: Using a web browser, go to your Spotify account settings.
  • Find ‘Apps’: Look for a section named ‘Apps’ in your account settings. Here, you’ll see all the third-party apps that can access your Spotify.
  • Remove Access: Click on the ‘Remove Access’ button next to any app you want to disconnect.

Remove access technyumz.com

Sometimes we give access to third parties to make changes to the data. So these apps contain bugs that can create errors in your music.

4. Disconnect Spotify from Facebook

If you’ve connected your Spotify account to Facebook and want to disconnect it:

  • Open the Spotify Desktop App or Web Player: You can use the Spotify desktop app or the web player in a browser like Chrome.
  • Go to Settings. In the app or web player, find your settings.
  • Disconnect from Facebook: Look for an option related to Facebook and choose to disconnect or unlink your account.

Sometimes a person can have a Facebook account and use Spotify through your facebook account. Unlinking your account will help you keep only one source to use Spotify.

5. The Spotify App Cache Hasn’t Been Cleared

Clearing the cache in your Spotify app can solve problems like music not playing correctly.

  • Open the Spotify App: On your device, open the Spotify app.
  • Go to Settings: Find the settings section inside the app.
  • Clear Cache: Look for an option that says something like ‘Clear Cache’ and select it. This will remove temporary files that might be causing issues.

6. Your Spotify App is Outdated

An outdated Spotify app might also lead to problems. To update it:

  • Check for updates. On your phone or tablet, go to the app store you used to download Spotify. Search for Spotify and see if there’s an update button.
  • Update the App: If there’s an update available, click on the update button to install the latest version of the Spotify app.

7. Contact a Spotify Representative

If you’re still having issues after trying these steps, you might need to contact Spotify directly:

  • Go to Spotify’s Help Page: Use a web browser to visit Spotify’s official help page.
  • Find Contact Options: Look for a way to contact Spotify, like a contact form or email address. Explain your problem clearly so they can help you.

8. Turn on Any VPN Connected to the Device

Sometimes, turning on a VPN can affect how Spotify works, especially if the VPN is connected to a location where Spotify isn’t available.

  • Check your VPN settings: Look at the settings for any VPN app you have on your device.
  • Turn off the VPN: Try turning off the VPN to see if that solves your problem with Spotify.


We have shared more than 7 ways that can help fix the Spotify web player issue in a few minutes. Now you can listen to music without any problems or errors.

If you are still facing any problems, you can contact the Spotify community directly and submit your report to solve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Spotify keep switching to the web player instead of the desktop app?

Spotify keeps switching because the security of your account is compromised. You need to change your password, log out of your devices everywhere, and remove third-party app access to resolve this issue.

Q: How can I fix the Spotify web player when it’s not working properly?

If the Spotify web player is not working as expected, you can try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, using a different web browser, or restarting your device.

Q: Can I enable the Spotify web player in a private window?

Yes, you can use the Spotify web player in a private window by opening an incognito or private browsing window in your web browser and logging into your Spotify account to access the web player.


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