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The 4 Best Vizio TVs of 2024

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The 4 Best Vizio TVs of 2024

Are you tired of TVs that don’t always work well?

Well, Vizio TVs have a solution!

In a world where finding the 4 best Vizio TVs of 2024, Vizio is like a reliable friend.

So, if you want a TV that works great and makes watching stuff awesome, try a Vizio TV.

Ready for better TV time? Check out Vizio TVs now!


The 4 Best Vizio TVs of 2024 Reviews and Smart Features

In 2024, Vizio offers some of the best TVs in different price ranges. Let’s explore the top four Vizio TVs, their reviews, and the smart features that make them stand out.

Best Vizio TV: Vizio OLED 2020

Type: Fire TV OLED

Our 4K resolution TVs offer a superior viewing experience. They are great for gaming with PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Sizes: 55″ 65″


The Vizio OLED 2020 is considered the best Vizio TV. It was released in 2020. It provides outstanding picture quality with perfect blacks and impressive HDR performance. However, it may be challenging to find brand new, so consider refurbished or used options.

Best Upper Mid-Range Vizio TV: Vizio P Series Quantum 2021

Type: LED

The VA is a sub-type of new TV. This term is frequently seen in TV specifications. It denotes excellent refresh rates.

Resolution: 4k

Sizes: 65″ 75″


For those preferring LED TVs, the Vizio P Series Quantum 2021 is an excellent choice. With its high peak brightness and HDMI inputs, it’s suitable for well-lit rooms. It delivers fantastic contrast for an immersive viewing experience.

Best Mid-Range Vizio TV: Vizio Quantum Pro QLED

Type: LED

Sub-Type: IPS

Resolution: 4k

Sizes: 65″ 75″


The Vizio Quantum Pro QLED is the top pick in the mid-range category.

It has decent HDR peak brightness and excellent SDR performance. It offers a satisfying balance.

Its gaming features, including a low input lag and high refresh rate, make it a great choice for gamers. They are in search of a good gaming experience.

Best Budget Vizio TV: Vizio M6 Series Quantum 2022

Type: LED

Sub-Type: VA

Resolution: 4k

Sizes: 43″ 55″ 65″ 70″ 75″


The Vizio M6 Series Quantum 2022 is a budget-friendly 4k TV that surprisingly packs many features.

While it may not match the picture quality of higher-end models, it’s a solid option for those on a budget.


This section tells us when the information was last changed or added.

The latest update was on January 17, 2024.

It’s essential to check for updates to make sure the information is recent and accurate.

Best Vizio Smart TVs:

This part talks about different Vizio TVs. It explains how they perform in various activities. For example, watching movies, TV shows, sports, and playing video games.

Each model is given an overall score for its mixed usage, similar to how Vizio also rates its TVs.

The best Vizio Smart TV mentioned here is the Vizio OLED 2020. It’s considered great for various activities, including gaming.

Best Vizio TV:

The “Best Vizio TV” section provides information about a specific TV model. It’s called Vizio OLED 2020.

It mentions that this TV was released in 2020 and is known for having the best picture quality among Vizio TVs.

It has features like perfect blacks and impressive HDR performance. This makes it a top choice.

Best Upper Mid-Range Vizio TV:

This part introduces another TV called the Vizio P Series Quantum 2021.

It’s classified as an upper mid-range TV. This indicates it’s not the most expensive but still offers great performance.

This TV is LED. It uses a different display technology compared to the earlier mentioned OLED.

It’s praised for its high peak brightness, making it suitable for well-lit rooms.

Best Mid-Range Vizio TV:

Here, the focus is on the Vizio Quantum Pro QLED, another type of LED TV.

It falls into the mid-range category. It offers a good balance between price and performance.

This TV is appreciated for its gaming features, like low input lag, making it a good choice for gamers.

Best Budget Vizio TV:

The last section talks about the Vizio M6 Series Quantum 2022. It is described as a budget-friendly 4k TV.

This means it’s more affordable compared to the other mentioned TVs.

It may not have all the advanced features. However, it’s still considered a solid option, especially for those on a budget.

Compared To Other Brands:

Compared To Other Brands:

This section compares Vizio TVs to those from other brands, like Hisense and Roku TV. It helps you understand how they stack up against each other in terms of TV reliability.

Vizio vs Samsung:

Vizio TVs are frequently juxtaposed to the offerings of the Samsung TV brand.

Samsung TVs are considered to perform better at the high-end but are more expensive.

Some people might not like Vizio’s SmartCast platform, which has a few bugs. They might prefer the reliability of a Roku TV or even a Fire TV.

Samsung TVs have HDMI connections. They are known for being more versatile. They have wider viewing angles and brighter displays.

Vizio vs Sony:

When compared to Sony TVs, Vizio offers more budget-friendly options.

Sony TVs are usually brighter and have better construction. This provides a more polished look.

Sony TVs are generally more expensive, making them less suitable for those on a budget.

Vizio vs LG:

In comparison to LG’s LCD TVs, Vizio has a better variety of entry-level and mid-range LCD TVs.

However, LG stands out in the OLED department, offering a wider range of OLEDs.

These OLEDs are generally better than anything Vizio and Hisense has to offer. Despite being hailed as the best budget TVs.

Vizio vs Hisense:

Hisense, like Vizio, is considered a budget brand.

However, Hisense is more active in releasing new models.

They offer a wider variety of TVs, and the quality for the price is often high.

Hisense TVs might be a better choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. They offer various models to choose from.

Vizio vs TCL:

TCL TVs used to be more budget-friendly, but their prices have been increasing.

Still, they’re generally cheaper than big-name brands.

TCL is more active in the market. It’s easier to find a good-quality TV at an attractive price. This is compared to Vizio at the moment.

2024 Lineup:

This section talks about the TVs that Vizio has for the year 2024.

It mentions that it’s not clear if or when Vizio will announce new TVs for this year.

Vizio’s focus on their TV lineup seems to have slowed down, with fewer new models released since 2020.

Vizio Smart Features:

Vizio Smart Features:

This part explains the features of Vizio’s SmartCast platform. It is the system used in Vizio TVs.


The Vizio SmartCast platform has a more traditional home screen.

It offers apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

However, there’s no app store. Apps aren’t installed on the TV directly. Instead, they’re links to web-based interfaces.


In the past, Vizio didn’t have ads on its interface. However, suggested content started appearing on the home page when certain models were released in 2021. This shows that Vizio is now incorporating some ads.

Apps & Features:

Vizio TVs don’t have an app store, and you can’t add additional apps.

The included apps cover popular services. However, it might not be enough for some people. This is especially true for those who rely on streaming services.

Voice Controls:

Vizio added support for voice controls in their 2021 TVs with a new remote.

However, the voice controls are basic compared to other brands.

You can ask the TV to change inputs and open apps, but you can’t ask it to search for specific content in apps.


Vizio released a new remote in 2023.

It’s a basic remote without a Numpad. However, it includes shortcuts to popular streaming services.

It’s not too big and lacks backlighting.

Remote App:

Vizio’s remote app is considered great.

The Fire TV platform supports all the functions of the remote. This includes entering text into specific apps like Roku.

The app allows you to control and adjust the TV settings, including calibration. This makes it efficient for making adjustments.

Known Issues:

The Vizio TV brand extensively utilizes the SmartCast platform. However, the platform has limitations and may encounter bugs.

Some firmware updates have caused issues, and Vizio might not be very quick to fix them.

Problems have been reported with models from 2020, 2021, and 2022. The problems haven’t been fixed yet.



Say goodbye to TV troubles with Vizio!

If you’ve had problems finding a TV you can count on, Vizio is the answer.

It solves the issue of not knowing if your TV will work well.

Vizio TVs are the solution because they’re always reliable and work great.

Many happy people prove that Vizio is the best choice for a TV you can trust.

So, why settle for less? Make the smart pick – go for Vizio and enjoy TV time without worries.




Q: What are the best budget-friendly Vizio TVs available in 2024?


In 2024, Vizio offers a range of budget-friendly TV options. The options include the V-Series and the D-Series. These models offer good picture quality and smart features. They provide great value for their price.


Q: What makes TCL TVs stand out when compared to Vizio in the budget TV segment?


TCL TVs are affordable and have good picture quality. They are strong competitors to Vizio in the budget TV market. Some TCL models also offer features like Roku and great value for their price.


Q: How does the picture quality of Vizio TVs compare to other TV brands in 2024?


Vizio TVs are praised for their picture quality. They offer good color accuracy and image quality. Compared to other budget-friendly TV brands like TCL and Hisense, Vizio stands out.


Q: What are some key features to consider when buying a Vizio TV?


When buying a Vizio TV, consider factors like the size and resolution. Also, think about which smart platform it uses (Roku, SmartCast, etc.). Make sure it meets your specific needs, such as gaming or streaming.


Q: What sets Vizio apart from other TV brands? It offers budget-friendly options?


Vizio stands out from other budget-friendly TV brands. They provide reliable and feature-rich TVs at an affordable price point. This makes them a popular choice for those looking for a quality TV without breaking the bank.

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