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The Best Baseball Songs: Classics, Covers, and Team Anthems

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The Best Baseball Songs A Playlist for True Baseball Fans

Baseball is fun, and so is music. There are lots of great songs about baseball that make the game even more exciting. Whether you’re watching a play at the park or home, these songs are perfect for baseball fans.

Get ready to listen to some fantastic baseball songs.

Best Baseball Songs

Our Playlist:

Here areThe Best Baseball Songs A Playlist for True Baseball Fans :

1. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – Jack Norworth & Albert Von Tilzer

Let’s start with the most famous baseball song ever. It’s called “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, and everyone knows it. It’s an ancient song, but people still love to sing it at every baseball game.

2. “Glory Days” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen sings a cool song about remembering when he was young and played baseball. It’s a fun song about the good old days.

The Best Baseball Songs A Playlist for True Baseball Fans

3. “Centerfield” – John Fogerty

John Fogerty sings a pleasing song about playing baseball. It’s a fast song that makes you want to get up and play.

4. “Cheap Seats” – Alabama

The band Alabama sings a song about loving baseball so much you don’t care where you sit. It’s about being a big fan and wanting to watch the game.

5. “Talkin’ Baseball” – Terry Cashman

Terry Cashman sings a song about famous baseball players from long ago. If you love baseball history, you’ll like this song.

6. “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

This next song isn’t exactly about baseball, but many fans sing it at Red Sox games in Boston. It’s a fun song with a catchy tune that everyone can sing along to.

7. “Center Field” – Corey Smith

Corey Smith sings another awesome song about playing baseball. It’s fun and makes you want to be on the team. The lyrics of this song are great.

8. “I Love L.A.” – Randy Newman

Randy Newman sings a happy song about the city of Los Angeles and how much they LOVE their baseball team, the Dodgers.

9. “Glory” – Common and John Legend

There’s a beautiful song called “Glory” by Common and John Legend.  It’s a song about being kind, working together, and never giving up.

Even though it’s not just about baseball, it reminds us of what’s important when we play sports.

10. “Centerfield” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift also sings a version of the famous “Centerfield” baseball song. She sings it differently, but it’s still a fun baseball song. This is the best major league baseball song.

11. “Glory Days” – Patti Scialfa

Another singer, Patti Scialfa, sings her excellent version of the “Glory Days” baseball song. She sings it with a powerful voice, making the song slightly different.

12. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – Dr. John

Dr. John sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” entertainingly. He adds jazzy music to it, which makes it sound like a prominent New Orleans party.

13. “Sweet Caroline” – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Another band called Me First and the Gimme Gimmes plays “Sweet Caroline” but in a different way. They play it fast and loud, like rock music. It’s a fun new way to hear the song.

14. “Centerfield” – Ricky Skaggs

Ricky Skaggs sings “Centerfield” with a special kind of bluegrass music. It makes the song sound like country music, which is fun.

15. “Cheap Seats” – The Geezinslaws

The Geezinslaws play “Cheap Seats” like a country song. It’s a fun version that makes you want to dance along while watching the game.

16. “Talkin’ Baseball” – Don Williams

Don Williams sings “Talkin’ Baseball” in a slow, relaxing way. His version is perfect for when you want to chill out and listen to some baseball stories.

17. “Glory Days” – Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc sings “Glory Days” with a unique voice that makes the song feel new. His singing is solid and smooth, and it’s another excellent way to hear this superb baseball song.

18. “I Love L.A.” – Emblem3

A group called Emblem3 sings a new, peppy version of “I Love L.A..” Their version sounds like a bunch of friends having a blast, which makes it perfect for a summer day at the ballpark.

19. “Centerfield” – Various Artists (Buddy Lee)

This is a fun collection of the “Centerfield” song many singers sing! Each singer adds an exceptional sound to the song so you can hear it in many different ways. It’s like a surprise party for your ears.


Baseball is a blast, and these songs make it even better. Whether you’re a superfan or just like to have fun, there’s a baseball song out there for you.

Put these songs on, sing along, and get ready to cheer for your favorite team. Most songs are available on Spotify.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legendary baseball song?

The most legendary baseball song is “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. It’s so famous that nearly everyone, even those who dislike baseball, knows it. This song is particular because it’s ancient, written in 1908, but people still sing it at every game.

The tune is simple and catchy, and the words are all about how exciting it is to be at the ballpark. Most importantly, this song unites fans of all teams.

What is the baseball theme song?

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is the most famous and gets played at nearly every game.  John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” is another popular option, a fun rock song that gets people excited about the game.

Does every baseball team have a song?

No, not every baseball team has an official song. However, many teams have their own unique songs, and most teams play celebratory songs when they win.

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