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How to do Toshiba TV display settings : Complete Guide

by Hassaan Behzad
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toshiba tv display settings

Do you want to understand Toshiba TV display settings? I will share with you how to set the picture setting that will relax your eyes.
You need to try the exact color values I will use in the guide. It is better to increase the room lighting while setting the display. Otherwise, you have to change it according to dim and high lighting

How to do Toshiba TV display settings

To adjust Toshiba TV display settings, press the “Menu” button on your remote, navigate to “Picture” or “Settings,” and modify options like brightness, contrast, and color. Use the directional keys to navigate and the “OK” button to confirm changes.

Accessing Display Settings on Toshiba TV

In the old versions, you will find an option for the “Display setting.” In modern TVs or smart TVs, you have to do the following steps to find the display setting:

  •  Go to Settings
  • Navigate to “Preferences.”
  • Navigate to “Display.”

How to find display setting in Toshiba

Here you will find an option to change the display settings of your Toshiba TV.

Basic Display Settings Adjustments

You need to follow these display settings for the best results.


To adapt your Toshiba TV to your room’s lighting conditions, adjust the brightness setting. This makes the screen brighter in well-lit conditions and dimmer in darker rooms for a comfortable viewing experience.

It is advisable to use Brighness around 50. The main thing that can help choose the brightness is the backlight or room light. If the room light is low, you can change the brightness setting according to that.

Still, Toshiba has not given any options for the adapative brightness setting.


Enhancing picture depth and detail is easy by increasing the contrast. This setting makes the dark parts of the image darker and the bright parts brighter.

It should be 0 because it makes the view more clear and the mixing of the colors more clear. If it gets low, you will see dull pictures on the screen.


Hues were used to enhance the color quality. It needs expertise to set a value because it can change the actual colors of the images.

The hue changes the original colors of the picture on the screen. Sometimes it makes it too green or blue, or sometimes it makes it black and white.

You have to set it to zero, or the default value. If you think that it needs to be changed, you have to find an expert to do so.


If you feel the picture looks washed out, boost the color saturation to make the hues more vibrant. It makes them more clear and vibrant. It still depends on your room lighting and the colors you are using.

Saturation makes the picture black and white or makes it too bright. It creates the shine in the picture, which can affect the eye sight and make the eyes warm after some time.


Sharpen the image by adjusting the sharpness setting, making everything on screen look clearer and more defined. Sometimes it feels irritating to the eyesight for the long term.

It is advisable to set it to 0 or use the default setting. It makes the picture more vibrant than before. It can cause irritation while watching something for a long time.


The backlight setting controls the overall brightness of your Toshiba TV screen. Adjust this to get just the right luminosity without straining your eyes.

It is advisable to have a lower backlight if you want to see something for a long time. The high shine can irritate the eyes after a few hours. So when it balances with the brightness, it can help you more effectively.

Aspect Ratio

Ensure you’re using the correct screen format for whatever you’re watching by adjusting the aspect ratio. This prevents images from looking stretched or squished.

Try to use the default setting for the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio plays a main role in showing the image clearly. It should be properly fitted in the fram rather than stretched.

Display adjustment values Toshiba

Advanced Display Settings

Yes, you can go for some advanced options. In a modern Toshiba TV, noise reduction, color temperature, and motion smoothing are done automatically.

If you want to change and have an understanding of their values, you can change them. Otherwise, you need to hire a TV technician that can help you change these settings.

Common Issues and Fixes

  • Picture Too Dark or Too Bright

Adjust the brightness and backlight settings to find a comfortable balance.

  • Colors Appear Washed Out

Increase the color and contrast settings to bring the picture to life.

  • Blurry or Unclear Image

Tweaking the sharpness and making sure your input is set to the correct resolution can help.

  • Aspect Ratio Distortion

Choose the appropriate aspect ratio option to make sure the image fills the screen correctly without distortion.

  • Flickering Screen

This might be resolved by checking for software updates or ensuring there’s no electrical interference.

  • Motion Blur

Adjust the motion-smoothing settings to improve the clarity of moving images.

  • HDMI Connection Issues

Verify the HDMI settings are correct and the cable is securely connected.

Tips for Optimal Display Settings

Different types of content, like movies, sports, and gaming, may require different settings for the best experience. Consider the ambient lighting in your room when adjusting settings, as this greatly affects how the picture appears. While preset modes can be convenient, don’t be afraid to customize the settings to suit your personal preferences.

The display setting depends on the eye sight of the person who is going to watch the TV. Sometimes people enjoy the vibrant colors, and sometimes they just want to lower the brightness to enjoy their shows in dark mode.

Troubleshooting and Support

If you encounter persistent issues, resetting the display settings to factory defaults can be a good starting point. For problems that persist, contacting Toshiba customer service or seeking help from online forums dedicated to Toshiba TVs can provide additional assistance.


Optimizing the display settings on your Toshiba TV can significantly enhance your viewing experience. By following this guide, you should feel more comfortable making adjustments that suit your preferences and the content you’re watching. Remember, a little tweaking can go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your Toshiba TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Toshiba TV display settings?

Navigate to the TV menu using the remote, select “Settings” or “Picture,” and adjust display preferences like brightness and contrast.

What options are available in Toshiba TV display settings?

Common options include brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and picture mode. Advanced settings may offer color temperature and backlight adjustments.

Can I reset Toshiba TV display settings to default?

Yes, usually there’s a “Reset” or “Restore Defaults” option in the display settings. Refer to your TV manual for specific instructions.

How do I change the picture mode on my Toshiba TV?

Access the display settings menu, locate “Picture Mode,” and choose the desired mode, such as Standard, Movie, or Game, depending on your preference.

What is the recommended calibration for Toshiba TV display settings?

Optimal settings may vary, but a balanced approach is to set brightness and contrast according to the room’s lighting, and adjust color for natural tones.

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