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How to resolve Toshiba TV input lag? : Reasons and Fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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Do you face Toshiba TV input lag while gaming? That was a common issue and happened for different reasons. Today we will discuss it one by one to find the root cause of the input lag to enhance the gaming experience.

How to resolve Toshiba TV input lag?

To reduce input lag on Toshiba TVs for gaming, enable ‘Game Mode,’ update firmware, use designated HDMI ports, disable motion smoothing, and consider wired connections for stability. These steps can significantly enhance response times and improve your overall gaming experience.

Understanding Input Lag

Input lag is the time it takes for your TV to display what’s been sent to it from your game console or streaming device. Think of it like the delay between when you tell a friend to jump and when they actually do it.

In the world of TVs, we measure this delay in milliseconds. The faster the response time, the less you’ll notice the lag.

For gamers, Toshiba TVs with low input lag and high refresh rates, like 60Hz or even 120Hz panels, make the gaming experience much better because what you do on your controller happens almost instantly on the screen.

Common Symptoms of Input Lag on Toshiba TVs

If you’re playing a game and notice that when you press a button, the action happens later on the screen, that’s input lag. It’s like when you’re watching a movie and the sound doesn’t match the actors’ lips.

This can really make games less fun, especially fast-paced ones. Toshiba TVs are good for gaming, but sometimes settings or technical issues can cause noticeable lag.

Causes of Input Lag on Toshiba TVs

Sometimes, the beautiful 4K resolution on your Toshiba TV can make input lag worse because the TV has to work harder to show the detailed picture.

Also, if there are a lot of other devices using your home’s Wi-Fi, it can interfere with your gaming console’s connection to your Toshiba TV.

Sometimes, just setting up your TV wrong can make the lag worse. Even the HDMI cable you use or the age of your TV, like a Toshiba Fire TV 2020 model, can affect lag.

Reasons of Toshiba tv input lag

General Troubleshooting Steps

First, try turning your Toshiba TV off and back on. This can fix lots of problems. Next, check your HDMI cables—make sure they’re plugged in tight and not damaged. It’s also a good idea to check if your TV has any updates waiting to be installed.

Specific Fixes for Reducing Input Lag on Toshiba TVs

Device Settings

Sometimes the devices connected to your TV have some issues. Like you connected the PS5 with the TV, but the wire is not connecting them properly.

Sometimes the PS5 needs some changes in the settings to make it compatible with the TV. You need to check this in your first consideration.

Age of TV

The age of the TV also plays an important role in the input lag problem on the Toshiba TV. For instance, you are trying to play the 2023 games on the old Toshiba TV.

In this way, the Toshiba refresh rate doesn’t match the requirements of the game, so you can feel like you’re lagging behind.

Adjusting Picture Settings

Your Toshiba TV might have a “Game Mode,” which is made to reduce lag. Turning off extra picture settings like motion smoothing can also help make your games respond faster.

You can also make changes in the screen resolution to improve the pixels and the gaming experience.

HDMI Port Selection

Some HDMI ports on Toshiba TVs are better for gaming because they’re designed to handle fast-moving images better, so make sure your console is plugged into the right one.

You also need to clean the carbon in the port and connector. Most of the time, it increases the efficiency of the HDMI port and increases data transmission.

External Devices and Connections

Connecting your gaming console directly to your Toshiba TV instead of through another device can also reduce lag. And sometimes, changing the settings on your console can help, too.

Network Improvements

If your Toshiba TV is connected to the internet, making sure it has a strong Wi-Fi signal can help. But a wired connection is usually more reliable and faster for gaming.

You can test the pings of the internet connection you are using for gaming. If the internet service is providing you more than 20, it will be better for gaming.

If you are getting more than or equal to 50 pings, it will take your game to the next level.

Factory Reset

If nothing else works, you might need to reset your Toshiba TV to its original factory settings. This can fix a lot of problems, but you’ll have to set up your TV again like it’s brand new.

Reset should be the last option because it removes all the data. It will be hard to set the TV and save the new settings on the TV.

Advanced Solutions

Sometimes, updating your Toshiba TV’s software can make a big difference in reducing lag. And if you’re really serious about gaming, there are special devices and tools that can help make your TV respond faster.

But if you’ve tried everything and your TV still isn’t working right, it might be time to call Toshiba for help or consider getting it repaired.

Preventative Measures and Best Practices

To keep your Toshiba TV working at its best for gaming, regularly check for updates and keep your TV clean from dust. Also, knowing the best settings for gaming can help prevent lag before it starts.

It’s good to stay informed about new tips and tricks for your specific TV model, like the Toshiba C350 or any of the 4K models, to ensure you’re getting the best picture quality and gaming experience possible.


Input lag can be annoying, especially for gamers, but there are lots of ways to fix it on your Toshiba TV. By understanding what causes lag and how to fix it, you can make your Toshiba TV the best it can be for gaming or watching your favorite shows and movies.

Remember, a little bit of troubleshooting can go a long way in improving your viewing and gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Question

What is input lag?

Input lag refers to the delay between executing an action on a device connected to your Toshiba TV, like a gaming console or computer, and when the action is displayed on the screen. It’s measured in milliseconds (ms).

Why is low input lag important for gaming on Toshiba TVs?

Low input lag is crucial for gaming because it ensures that the response to player actions is almost instantaneous, providing a smoother and more immersive gaming experience. High input lag can make games feel sluggish and decrease performance, especially in fast-paced games.

How can I check the input lag on my Toshiba TV?

Input lag isn’t usually listed in the TV’s specifications. Instead, it can be tested with specialized equipment or software that measures the delay. Some websites and tech reviewers test and report input lag for various TV models.

What causes high input lag on Toshiba TVs?

High input lag can be caused by various factors, including using the wrong HDMI port, having motion smoothing features activated, poor network connectivity for smart TVs, outdated TV firmware, or simply the TV’s design and processing capabilities.

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