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Toshiba TV internet Connection: Issues and Fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
Toshiba tv internet connection

Ever faced an issue with a Toshiba TV internet connection?  You are not alone! We have also faced the same problem and crafted a guide that will help you tackle it.

So let’s begin!

How to do Toshiba TV internet connection?

To connect your Toshiba TV to the internet, select ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Wired’ in the Network settings, choose your network, and enter the password. For issues, restart devices, check connections, and update firmware for improved internet access.

Setting Up Internet Connection on Toshiba TV

Wi-Fi Connection:

  • Select the ‘Network’ option in your Toshiba TV’s settings menu.
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi’ as your network type and wait for the TV to scan for available wireless networks.
  • Find and select your home network from the list.
  • If prompted, input the Wi-Fi password using your remote’s keyboard feature.

If you encounter any issues, unplug both your Toshiba TV and router, wait a minute, and then plug them back in to reset the connection.

Ethernet Connection:

  • Simply connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your router and the other end to the Ethernet port on your Toshiba smart TV.
  • Go to the network settings on your TV and select ‘Wired’ connection.
  • Your TV should automatically connect to the internet

Alternate WiFi Connection Method:

Sometimes Toshiba TVs do not have internet ports. So we can use the alternate method through a mobile hotspot:

  • Connect your Mobile and USB devices with the Data Cable
  • Go to mobile settings
  • Go to Connections
  • Navigate to Hotspot
  • Find the option of USB terthering

hotspot Toshiba TV internet Connection

This option will require you to share your mobile internet with the TV. This method only works when your TV supports this kind of setup.

Common Internet Connection Issues and Fixes

A. Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Toshiba TV Not Detecting Wi-Fi Networks:

  • Restart both your TV and Wi-Fi router.
  • Check your Wi-Fi network’s visibility and ensure it’s compatible with your Toshiba TV’s frequency range.

Toshiba TV Fails to Connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Verify that the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct.
  • Reset the network settings on your TV.
  • Update your TV’s firmware to improve connectivity.

Weak Wi-Fi Signal:

Move the router closer to your TV or use Wi-Fi extenders. You can use an extender to strengthen the WiFi signals.

Ethernet Connection Issues

Sometimes the internet through the wire get slow. You need to check the internet wire before establishing any connection with the TV and the router. The wire should be tested before building any connection. Sometimes it prompts automatically to save the connection settings.

Otherwise, you need to change the wire or check the coding on both ends of the wires.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Change the DNS settings on your Toshiba TV for a better connection.
  • Perform a factory reset if connectivity issues persist.
  • Check for any interference from other devices.
  • Update your router’s firmware to enhance your home network’s performance.

Additional Considerations

  • Understand the role of your internet speed and how it affects streaming on your Toshiba smart TV.
  • Ensure the compatibility of streaming apps with your TV.
  • Consider security measures for your Toshiba TV when connected to your home network.


We’ve covered everything from basic setup to advanced troubleshooting for your Toshiba TV’s internet connection. If issues persist, don’t hesitate to contact Toshiba support for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I connect my Toshiba TV to Wi-Fi?

Go to the Network settings, select Wi-Fi, choose your home network, and enter the password.

Q: Why can’t my Toshiba TV connect to my Wi-Fi network?

Check if you’re entering the correct password, restart your TV and router, and ensure your TV’s firmware is up to date.

Q: What should I do if my Toshiba TV is connected to Wi-Fi but has no internet access?

Check the cable integrity if using a wired connection; ensure your Wi-Fi network is working by connecting another device; or reset your TV’s network settings.

Q: Can I use an Ethernet cable for a faster and more stable connection?

Yes, connecting your Toshiba TV directly to your router with an Ethernet cable can provide a more stable connection than Wi-Fi.


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