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7 Easy Fixes for a Vizio TV Keep Turning Off randomly

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Vizio TV Keep Turning Off

Are you experiencing the frustration of your Vizio TV continually turning off? You’re not alone.

Many Vizio TV owners have encountered this issue, and it can be a real nuisance when trying to enjoy your favourite shows or movies.

So, why does your Vizio TV keep turning off? There could be various reasons for this problem, including a glitch in the firmware, a need to reset the TV, or something as simple as a malfunctioning power button.

In this article, we’ll explore some common causes of Vizio TVs turning off and provide some tips on how to troubleshoot and help you fix the issue.


Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off?


Are you frustrated because your Vizio TV keeps turning off unexpectedly? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some proven fixes to address this issue. Let’s go through each step to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

1. Check Your Vizio Television’s Power Sources


If your Vizio TV is turning off, the first thing you should examine is its power sources. Ensure that the power cable is securely plugged into the wall outlet and the back of your TV. Sometimes, a loose connection can cause intermittent power issues.

 2. Checking Your Remote


 The remote control might be a culprit in your Vizio TV turning off unexpectedly. Check if the batteries are working and properly inserted. Also, make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and the TV back sensor.

 3. Disable Settings That Cause Vizio TV to Turn Off


  Explore your TV settings to identify potential causes for the automatic shutdown. Disable features like HDMI-CEC, Eco Mode, and timers, as these settings might inadvertently trigger your TV to turn off.

 4. Try Resetting Your Vizio TV


 If the above steps didn’t resolve the issue, try resetting your Vizio TV to its factory defaults. This can help eliminate any software glitches causing the problem.

 5. Update The Firmware on Your Vizio Television


 Ensure that your Vizio TV’s firmware is up to date. Firmware updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can address issues like random shutdowns.


6. Reaching Out to Vizio


 If all else fails, and your Vizio TV still keeps turning off, it’s time to reach out to Vizio’s customer support. They can provide further assistance and guide you through more advanced troubleshooting steps.


 7. Problems with the Power Supply


If your Vizio TV continues to experience issues, there might be underlying problems with the power supply. Here’s how you can address a faulty power supply:


How to Fix Faulty Power Supply Issue?


Examine the power cable and ensure it’s securely connected to both the wall outlet and the get your TV. If the cable is damaged, consider replacing it with a new one. Additionally, try plugging the TV into a different outlet to rule out issues with the power source.


 8. Your Vizio TV is overheating


If your Vizio TV is shutting down due to overheating, follow these steps to prevent and fix the issue:


 How to Fix Overheating of Vizio TV?


Ensure that the TV has proper ventilation by keeping vents clear and avoiding placing it in enclosed spaces.

Check if the TV is placed on a flat and stable surface.

Consider using a fan or improving room ventilation to dissipate heat. If possible, reduce the brightness or turn off features that generate excessive heat.


1. Driver Issue Causing It to Turn on Then off


A malfunctioning or outdated driver can lead to erratic behavior, including the TV turning off immediately after being powered on. To resolve this, consider updating the TV’s drivers to the latest version provided by Vizio.


How to Fix Vizio TV Infected with Virus?


Discovering that your Vizio TV may be infected with a virus can be concerning, but there are steps you can take to address and resolve the issue, after you can easily turn your tv. Follow these steps to fix a Vizio TV infected with a virus:


1. Run a Comprehensive Antivirus Scan


Begin by running a thorough antivirus scan on your Vizio TV. If your TV has built-in security features, use them to scan for and eliminate any potential viruses. If not, consider connecting your TV to a computer with updated antivirus software and perform a scan.


2. Update TV Firmware and Software


Ensure that your Vizio TV’s firmware and software are up to date. Manufacturers often release updates that include security patches to address vulnerabilities. Navigate to the TV settings and check for updates. Updates promptly to enhance the security of your new TV directly.


3. Factory Reset the TV


If the virus persists, performing a factory reset on your Vizio TV can eliminate malicious software. Be aware that this will erase all settings and data on your TV needs, so make sure to back up important information if possible. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to initiate a factory reset.


4. Limit Smart TV Functions


To minimize the risk of future infections, consider disabling certain smart TV functions. Turn off unnecessary features like file sharing, button on the remote access, or any other functions that might expose your TV to potential security threats.

 5. Install a Dedicated Security App (If Available)


Check if there are dedicated security apps available for your Vizio TV. Some smart TVs have app stores that provide security applications. Install a reputable security app and run regular scans to keep your TV protected.

 6. Secure Your Home Network


Ensure that your home network is secure by using a strong, unique password for your Wi-Fi. Regularly update your router’s firmware and enable network encryption to add an extra layer of protection against potential threats.

 7. Contact Vizio Support


If you’re unable to resolve the virus issue on your own, reach out to Vizio’s customer support. They can provide guidance, additional troubleshooting steps, or information about any specific security measures implemented in your TV model.




To fix your Vizio TV turning off, we checked simple things like power and remote. If it still acts up, we looked at fancier stuff like power and heat issues.

We also talked about computer stuff and making sure no viruses are on your TV. Keeping things update your tv, and if you’re still stuck, just call Vizio for help. Easy steps for fix your TV.




Why does my Vizio TV keep turning off?


If your Vizio TV keep turning off frequently, it could be due to various reasons such as a power supply issue, a firmware glitch, or connected devices causing disruptions. We will explore the common causes and solutions in the following questions.

How can I fix my Vizio TV that keeps turning off?


If your Vizio TV keeps turning off, you can try unplugging the TV from the wall, resetting the TV to its default settings, checking for firmware updates, and ensuring that connected devices are not causing interference.

What should I do if my Vizio TV turns off randomly?


If your Vizio TV turns off randomly, it may be helpful to reset the TV to its factory defaults, check for software updates, and verify that there is no issue with the power supply or the connected devices.

How do I fix my Vizio TV from turning off frequently?


To troubleshoot your Vizio TV turning off frequently, consider resetting the TV, checking for firmware updates, and inspecting the connected devices for any issues that could be causing the TV to turn off unexpectedly.

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