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Why Am I Getting Ads On Spotify Premium? How To Get Rid Of Ads ? 

by Laiba Shehbaz
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getting ads on spotify premium

Ever puzzled by getting ads on spotify premium? It’s a common problem.

There’s a solution! Discover how to make your Premium truly ad-free in a few simple steps.

Picture enjoying your favorite podcasts without interruptions – a smoother, more enjoyable listening experience.

Let’s explore the solutions together. Ensure you get the most from Spotify Premium, free from unwanted interruptions.

Why Am I Getting Ads On Spotify Premium? How To Get Rid Of Ads ?

Spotify Premium usually doesn’t have Spotify ads, but if you’re hearing ads, it might be due to a few reasons:

Free Trial Ending:

If your Spotify Premium trial is ending and you no longer pay for Premium, you might start seeing ads. This will happen when you listen to podcasts on Spotify.

Payment Issue:

Your account might revert to the free version with ads if there’s a problem with your payment for the Premium subscription.

Multiple Accounts:

Make sure you’re logged into the correct Spotify account.

If you have multiple accounts, you might be using the free version on one of them.

Spotify App glitch:

Sometimes, there can be glitches in the app.

Try logging out and logging back in or reinstalling the app to see if the issue is fixed.

Why am I getting ads on Spotify Premium Podcasts?

Why am I getting ads on Spotify Premium Podcasts?

Spotify Premium Overview:

Spotify Premium is a special version where you usually don’t get ads.

Paying for Spotify premium is like getting a VIP version of Spotify.

Possible Reasons for Ads:

Free Trial Ending:

If your free trial of Spotify Premium is over, you might start seeing ads when you listen to a podcast. For instance, if you no longer pay for Spotify Premium.

Payment Issues:

Sometimes, if there’s a problem with paying, you might go back to the free version.

App Glitch:

Occasionally, Spotify users may encounter a small issue with the app. But don’t worry, we, the Spotify team, can fix it!

What to Do:

Check Payment: It’s required by those who want to pay for Spotify premium.

Make sure the payment for Premium is all good.

Logout and Login:

Try logging out and then logging back in.

Contact Support:

If nothing works, you can ask grown-ups to contact Spotify support.

Why Am I Still Getting Ads On Spotify Premium?

Account Issues:

If there’s a problem with your special Premium account, like payment or details, you might see ads.

Make sure everything with your account is okay, and if not, ask someone to help fix it.

Device Syncing Problems:

If the device you’re using to listen to Spotify isn’t syncing well with your Premium account, ads might show up.

Check that your device is connected properly and try restarting it.

Spotify Premium Ad Script:

Occasionally, there might be a small mistake in the “no ads” plan, like a tiny computer script error.

Don’t worry; hearing ads while listening to a podcast occurs occasionally. The Spotify team is working to fix it.

Server Glitches:

Spotify uses big computer servers to send music and podcasts to your device. Spotify’s competitors do the same.

Sometimes these servers might have a little hiccup, causing ads to appear. It usually gets fixed soon.

Ad-Blockers Interference:

Other apps or tools that block ads might accidentally interfere with Spotify Premium.

Check if you have any ad-blockers on and consider turning them off for Spotify.

Regional Restrictions:

Depending on where you are, certain regions might have different rules for ads on Premium.

Check if there are any regional restrictions affecting your Premium experience.

How To Stop Ads on Spotify Premium?

How To Stop Ads on Spotify Premium?

Fast Forward:

If a short ad pops up, you can quickly move forward in the podcast by dragging the play bar.

Just like flipping through pages in a book to get to the good part!

“Skip Ads” Button:

Spotify Premium has a special button that lets you skip ads.

It’s like having a remote control for your podcast – press it, and the ad is gone!

Download & Listen Offline:

You can download your favorite podcasts while connected to the internet.

Once downloaded, you can listen offline without any ads – perfect for long trips or when the internet is slow.

Curate a Playlist of Ad-Free Podcasts:

Create a playlist with podcasts you love that don’t have ads.

This way, you can enjoy your favorite podcasts without interruptions from Spotify podcast ads.


No more worries about ads on Spotify Premium!

With these solutions, enjoy uninterrupted listening.

Follow these simple steps. Savor an ad-free experience on your Spotify Premium today.


Q: Why am I seeing ads on Spotify Premium?

If you’re a premium user and still see ads, there could be various reasons. You might not be logged into your premium account. There could also be technical issues. Or, specific podcasts may include ads even for premium subscribers. If you’re a Spotify premium user and hear ads while listening to a podcast, reach out to Spotify support for help.

Q: Can premium users experience ads on Spotify?

Premium users generally should not see ads while listening to music or podcasts on Spotify. If you are still seeing ads on your premium account, review your subscription status. Then, reach out to Spotify’s support team for help.

Q: How can I enjoy ad-free listening on Spotify Premium?

A Spotify Premium user enjoys ad-free listening. To experience the same, you’ll need to subscribe to Spotify Premium. This will give you uninterrupted music and podcast listening. You won’t have to deal with annoying ads.

Q: How can I get rid of annoying ads on my Spotify Premium account?

To avoid ads while using Spotify, upgrade to Spotify Premium. Subscribing to Spotify Premium gives you an ad-free music and podcast listening experience.

Q: How can I listen to podcasts without ads on Spotify Premium?

To enjoy ad-free Spotify podcasts, accept the premium offers. Get a Spotify Premium subscription. This Spotify Premium subscription offers an ad-free experience. It allows you to enjoy podcasts without interruptions from Spotify ads.

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