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Why Spotify account banned? : Reasons and Fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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why spotify account banned

Why spotify account banned? If your question is the same, today we will dive deep to find the reasons that can cause the account suspension.

When someone makes unauthorized use of Spotify, they will get a warning from the Spotify team. But sometimes we are not engaged in unauthorized use and get banned for some other unexpected reason.

Today we discuss all the reasons and their fixes, step by step:

How does a Spotify account get suspended?

Sometimes we violate the policies, intentionally or unintentionally. We cannot access your account because we breached the verification.

You need to read the terms of use before registering for a new account on Spotify. It will help to avoid all the mistakes that can cause the suspension of your Spotify account without any warning.

Why Spotify account banned?

Spotify accounts banned or suspended due to different reasons like ad-blocker, VPNs, and stealing Spotify`s content, which can cause Spotify`s account suspension

Reasons of spotify account banned

Here are some reasons for the Spotify account ban:

  • Using an ad-blocker
  • Using VPNs
  • Stealing Spotify’s content
  • Using a modified version of Spotify
  • Missing payments
  • Buying fake followers
  • Using explicit language
  • Illegally Copying Files
  • Having an Inappropriate Username or Playlist
  • Report against account

1. Using an Ad-blocker

If you use something to block ads on Spotify, that’s not allowed. Spotify needs ads to help pay for the music we all love. Using an ad blocker is like saying no to the rules, and Spotify may stop your account from working.

Spotify allows free users because they can get revenue by showing ads. If someone blocks the ads, it can create problem for Spotify in generating revenue to bear the cost of operations

2. Using VPN

VPN helps change the location of the person. Many people can fool the algorithm by changing their locations.

Sometimes, the person makes a mistake that causes the system to track their original location. Spotify should permanently remove that account because it is a serious offense to go against the governmental policies of that country.

3. Stealing Spotify’s Content

Taking music from Spotify and sharing it without permission is a big no-no. It’s important to remember that all the music on Spotify is there because artists allow it.

Taking their music without asking is wrong, and Spotify will notice and may suspend your account. It is a violation of the terms and an injustice to the artist who worked hard for it.

When someone is involved in such fraudulent activity, Spotify has to take access from that person to protect other`s copyrighted material.

4. Using a Modified Version of Spotify

Some people try to change the Spotify app so they can use features they shouldn’t. This is unauthorized use and against the rules. If you do this, you might lose access to your account.

There are many Spotify Mod Apk that will help people get access to Spotify without paying a single penny. You can use the premium version for free using the mod apks.

Luckily, Spotify can scan those accounts immediately, and the users are happy with their mod apks. Suddenly, Spotify restricted those accounts to limit access to Spotify.

5. Missing Payments

If you have Spotify Premium and miss too many payments, Spotify might stop your account. They need these payments for Spotify music to keep playing, so it’s fair to everyone.

Similarly, when someone is not paying the rent, you will try to kick that person out of your property. The same goes for Spotify: it kicks out the person who is trying to fool the Spotify algorithm.

It also includes adding the debit card that isn`t working. Sometimes Spotify takes action against the IPs and blocks that device from creating any account again. It can also delete the account, depending on the intention that you showed in the past.

6. Buying Fake Followers

Achieving fake plays and followers to appear more popular is not honest and could result in your Spotify account getting suspended. Spotify wants everyone to play fair, and buying fake followers goes against this idea. This could lead to your account being banned.

If you have the expertise to manipulate and fool the algorithm at Spotify,. You use bots and fake accounts to increase your visibility on Spotify.

Spotify pays royalties to the artist depending upon how many people listen to their songs and the audience on their account. Such activities can do injustice to hard-working artists, and Spotify takes care of them.

7. Using Explicit Language

Being nice is important, even on Spotify. If you use bad words a lot in your playlists or username, Spotify might think it’s not safe for others and could suspend your account.

Spotify allows to posts the songs including the explicit lyrics in the songs, it can be the weakness in the algorithm. If it can scan all the explicit words that you will use in your playlist,.

8. Illegally Copying Files

Copying music files from Spotify and giving them to others without permission is illegal. Spotify is for listening, not for giving away music that’s not yours. Doing this can get your account suspended.

There are many apps that allow you to download all the songs without buying a subscription. On the other side, Spotify pays for the songs and can suspend your account.

Spotify tracks that you download music without any permission or premium account.

9. Having an Inappropriate Username or Playlist

Names and titles should be kind and respectful. If your username or a playlist title is mean, rude, or not nice, Spotify may suspend your account to keep Spotify a friendly place.

If you are creating an account with a fake name, it can lead to account suspension on spotify.

10. Reports against your Account

Sometimes you upload material that is so cringeworthy that people want you to remove it from your playlist.If Spotify finds playlists with reports forcing it to remove their music, it will remove that music immediately.

It will also add a warning to your account. Spotify will monitor whether you upload that same song again or not. If you do so, Spotify may ban or disable your account.

How does Spotify take action against unauthorized use?

Spotify can take different cases depending on the offense. There are multiple actions that it can take to suspend your account. Sometimes it gives space to come up again with a new email address or sometimes it bans that too.

Here are some common actions that Spotify used to take with their account holders:

Ban IP Address of Phone/PC

They need an IP address to connect to the internet devices. Spotify records the IP address linked to that account of your device and can terminate the IP access to their application.

It happens when Spotify is not available in your region or banned by the government. In this case, you cannot get your account back at any cost.

This also happens when a person shares fake details, like a debit card that is fake or has no payment in it. In this case, Spotify permanently removes the account and tracks any other account creations from the same IP.sptofy

New Account Creation

Sometimes it bans the email and address connected with the fraudulent account. It means that it is giving a chance to the up with a new and proper Spotify account.

It mostly happens when you have violated any law, and Spotify doesn’t consider it a big offense. It bans you from registering for the app from the same account and you have to change your email.

It occurs most of the time when you are using purchase play and followers. Spotify makes you lose your account and all the revenue you earn as a punishment.

Suspend Account Temporarily

If you are using third-party applications, it will temporarily ban your account. You can logged in to the official applications to get your account back.

What to do if you didn`t voilated any policy?

Sometimes we are not involved in any activity and get banned because Spotify finds some kind of connection with the scammers.

If you are not involved in any fraudulent activity, you do not need to worry about that. Spotify gave you a right to appeal because they know that machines can mistakenly ban someone’s account.

You simply need to reach out to customer service and share the whole situation that happened to you. After that, you need to submit the documents to apply to regain access to your account.

Spotify will again notice your recorded footstep to find out if you are involved in such activities or not. It was also compared with the details you provided in the report.

After 24 to 48 hours, it will decide whether your statement is true or not. Sometimes Spotify gives you access back to your account but most of the time.

What to do if you are guilty of violating policies?

Still, Spotify allows you to request that Spotify unban your account. This time, when trying to get your Spotify account back, you need to acknowledge all your mistakes and pledge not to repeat those activities.

Sometimes, we unintentionally violate the terms of use of Spotify. You need to confirm that you will not engage in any activity again to get access to your account.

Most of the time, you need to forget that account and create a new one, and you need to do everything from scratch.

If you came under the policy where they asked for your details, pictures and original documents, it will be hard for you to get your account back. It will be your luck if they give you access to your account back.

Alternate method to unban Spotify Account

Do not Pay Application

This will guide and help you unblock and unban different types of accounts, including Spotify-banned accounts.

Most of the time, it does not work because Spotify keeps their algorithm updated with the times. The best way to get it back is to properly submit the request to get your Spotify account back.


Why Spotify account banned? is no longer a mystery. You need to check all the suggestions mentioned above to find the exact reason for the account ban.  It will possibly help you get your account back.

Keeping the policies in mind can help you to act in a truthful and fair manner. Otherwise, you will have a fear of losing your account at any time.

You can also try the alternative methods to unban your account but there are only 20% chances that you can get your account back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can lead to a Spotify account suspension?

Unauthorized use of the Spotify service, including but not limited to sharing or distributing your login credentials, can lead to your account getting suspended.

Q: How do I know if my Spotify account has been suspended?

Spotify may ban your account due to unauthorized use, and you will usually receive an email notification informing you about the suspension.

Q: Can I get my banned Spotify account back?

If your account has been banned on Spotify, you can contact Spotify to initiate the process of regaining access to your account by providing the necessary information and demonstrating that you will comply with the Spotify terms going forward.

Q: What are the repercussions of getting banned on Spotify?

If your account gets suspended, you won’t be able to access the music streaming service, and playlists created by your account may be disabled.

Q: Can I create a new account after getting banned from Spotify?

A: You may create a new account in the future, as long as you ensure that the behaviors that led to the ban are not repeated and the new account complies with Spotify’s terms of use.

Q: How can I prevent my account from getting banned on Spotify?

To prevent a Spotify account suspension, ensure that your account is registered with accurate information and refrain from engaging in any activities that violate the Spotify terms of use, such as sharing login credentials or using unauthorized payment methods.



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