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Why Does Spotify Censor Curse Words? Reasons and fixes

by Hassaan Behzad
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why spotify censor curse words

You have heard that Spotify doesn’t censor any type of song, but why spotify censor curse words in your songs? Here are some reasons that make Spotify content for different audiences.

We will discuss all the reasons in detail to avoid any type of censorship by Spotify. It will help you align with the spotify censorship policies

So let’s get started!

Why Spotify Censor Curse Words?

It is true that Spotify is not deeply censoring your music. We will find different types of porn raps on spotify that are listened to by millions of people.

It works same like all the search engine that don’t allow gambling or any kind of abusive words that can lead the young generation towards the wrong thing

So here are some reasons why Spotify censors your music for curse words:

  • You are listening to clean versions
  • The artist removes explicit content
  • Artist made changes in songs
  • Turned on explicit filter

You are listening the clean version

Spotify does not censor explicit lyrics because it believes that it is a way for artists to express their feelings. It means that they are for a different audience. For this reason, Spotify has a button to signal to the algorithm that you are different.

You will find two versions of the songs at the same time. You will see the other version by clicking the arrow button. If the explanation content is turned on, you can just listen to the clean version of the songs.

Why do we have both versions of the songs?

Spotify wants people to express their feelings. Sometimes there are songs with a deep meaning and he used to explain them using abusive language.

On the other hand, it is trying to make the platform safe for an audience of different ages. It uses the e tag for the explanation content to make it easy for the audience to identify.

The artist removed the explicit content

Spotify listens to the songs one by one. There is an algorithm that works that scans the songs for curse words or explicit content, including vulgar lyrics.

Spotify has a limit on the use of curse words in their songs. If a person crosses the limit, Spotify will notify him that he should remove the content from Spotify.

In many songs, the article may remove the music that contains swear words or cuss words.

Most of the time, artists don’t upload any type of curse word in their songs and you can listen to their clean versions on Spotify.

Artist made changes in songs

Spotify only censored the songs when the artist requested the censorship. There are many curse words that are not censored by Spotify.

The artist itself decided to change the audience for the songs by putting them in the explanation category. The people who meet those criteria can only have access to that song.

Sometimes the music you have listened to for many years is no longer available for you.  The artist may change the setting of the music to make it fall into the explicit content category.

Spotify will make it available for the songs or can sensor it later based on the changes in the laws or policies of the spotify.

Otherwise, it will be the complete decision of the article whether he wants to change it audience or not. Spotify doesnt take any serious action against the curse word so early.

Turned on Explicit Filter

Sometimes you have an audience that has turned on the explicit content filter.  It means that he will be unable to listen to any type of explanation of songs.

You can listen to the clean version available to avoid the explicit material on Spotify. If the artist has only explicit content , you may wait to meet the criteria to listen to their songs of that artist.

Spotify aims to provide a separate environment for the user who wants to listen to sophisticated songs with good and healthy lyrics.

block explicit content

How can we save our children from listening to explicative content on Spotify?

Spotify Kids

Spotify takes on the responsibility to some extent. But it you hand over your account to your child, Spotify will not take any responsibility for that.

On the first step, you need to turn on the explict filter on your phone to avoid contents that are tagged as explict. Suppose Spotify doesn’t censor a song that is explicit; your child can have access to that content too.

For this, you need to use Spotify spotify kids which you can handle and manage from your phone. It is designed between 13-17 years. It only includes the music and content that are safe for the child.

To get access to Spotify Kids, you need to have access to the Spotify Family Premium Subscription. Here you can turn off the explicit filter for each of your child seperately.

block explicit content spotify kids

Healthy listening history

If you listen to the songs that are healthy, it will automatically make healthy suggestions for the songs. If you accidentally see explicit content, you can block it directly.

If you block any content with curse words, it will prompt the algorithm to find a song based on your public playlist.  You can improve your spotify recommendations in that way.

Final Thoughts

Now you are informed that Spotify takes your responsibility to some extent. It has given you the option to remove the explanation content, but sometimes it fails to find censored music that contains curse words.

First of all, create a playlist of your own to filter suggestions. On the second, add explicit songs to the blocklist. In this way, the algorithm will be more clear about your music choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Spotify censor curse words?

Spotify censors curse words to comply with the regulations and guidelines for explicit content in different regions. This ensures that the music or podcasts available on the platform are suitable for all audiences.

Q: Does Spotify censor podcasts as well?

Yes, Spotify applies its censorship policy to podcasts as well, to maintain a consistent level of content moderation across all audio formats available on the platform.

Q: Can I disable Spotify’s censorship of curse words?

Currently, Spotify does not provide an option to disable the censorship of curse words. The platform automatically applies content guidelines to all music and podcasts.

Q: Is there a way to enable explicit lyrics on Spotify?

While Spotify does not have an explicit setting, some songs may still retain their original explicit language, while others are censored based on the version of the song available on the platform.

Q: How does Spotify handle explicit content in music and podcasts?

Spotify applies a content filter to censor certain words and phrases in music and podcasts, ensuring that the content meets community and legal standards, especially for users with parental controls enabled.

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