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Why Spotify Lyrics Are Wrong and Delayed (Explained)

by Hassaan Behzad
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why spotify lyrics wrong

Getting the wrong lyrics for your songs will make the songs disgusting! If you want to know “why spotify lyrics wrong?” this article will be enough to solve this problem.

Spotify lyrics can be wrong because they’re provided by Musixmatch, where users submit lyrics that may contain mistakes. Errors can occur in transcription or syncing, leading to inaccuracies.

So let’s see why Spotify is ruining the experience!

Why Spotify lyrics wrong?

Spotify, a streaming platform, sometimes has lyrics that don’t match the music. This happens because another company, Musixmatch, gives Spotify the words. 

People write these lyrics. Mistakes can happen because we’re all humans. If lyrics are wrong or don’t come at the right time, it’s often because of small errors.

Anyone can help fix these mistakes on Spotify. If you find the wrong lyric, you can tell Musixmatch. They look at your suggestions and can make the lyrics sound right. This way, everyone can enjoy singing along correctly.

What types of errors are there in Spotify lyrics?

There are two major errors in the Spotify lyrics:

Misheard Lyrics

In this case, the lyrics will be different from the songs. It is the highest level of mistake in the lyrics. You can report it to your Spotify partner, MusixMatch, to correct it.

For years I thought Jimi Hendrix was bisexual because I thought he said “scuse me while I kiss this guy” in Purple Haze. It took me 30 years to realize he was saying “scuse me while I kiss the sky.”
___ Reddit User

Spelling mistakes

It is somehow a mistake in the spelling of the lyrics. It is less annoying than misheard lyrics.  Sometimes we assume it to be the closet spelling and make the lyrics funny.

How do Spotify Lyrics work?

Spotify gives words to songs so you can sing along. It partners with Musixmatch, a big lyrics site, to get these words. Artists or fans can add lyrics too. They write the song words and send them to Spotify.

Sometimes, fans help by adding words to their favorite songs. This way, when you listen to music on Spotify, you can see the lyrics and join in the fun of singing.

If you think it’s Spotify algorithm again, you are wrong!

Does Spotify Use AI Software to Add Lyrics?

No, Spotify doesn’t use smart robots (AI) to find song words. Instead, real people add lyrics to the music. They work hard to write down every word of a song correctly.

Spotify uses a team to check the lyrics of artists and music fans. This team makes sure the words match the songs.

So, when you see lyrics on Spotify, remember, a group of people helped put them there, not robots.

How to change or fix lyrics on Spotify

To fix lyrics on Spotify, you can’t do it directly. You need help from MusixMatch. This is because Spotify gets its lyrics from them.

If you’re an artist or someone who writes lyrics, you can change them through Musixmatch. You just need your music file to change it.

1. Become a verified artist on Musixmatch

You can join Musixmatch as a verified artist if you made the song. This lets you add your song’s correct lyrics on Spotify. You get to make sure your fans sing the right words.

Musixmatch artist to edit lyrics

You need a Spotify premium account or the audio file of a song to change lyrics on Spotify. Choose an artist to edit the lyrics.

Add and synchronize lyrics step by step to make changes in the lyrics. You need to the lyrics in the proper manner and sequence.

2. Become a lyric publisher on Musixmatch

Not a singer or songwriter? You can still work with Musixmatch. By becoming a lyric publisher, you help get many songs’ lyrics right. You can even earn money from the views your lyrics get.

Musixmatch publisher sign up

It’s not easy! You need to pass the curator test to become a lyrics publisher. Here is how you can become a lyrics publisher at Musixmatch:

  1. Create an account
  2. Pass the academy and earn at least one badge
  3. Pass the lyrics test (Get results in 14 days)

You need to be an active member, otherwise, Musixmatch can revoke your account.

3. LyricFind Publisher

Similar to Musixmatch, LyricFind lets you share lyrics too. If you have your lyrics, you can sign up with them. This way, your words reach fans everywhere, including Spotify. It’s another way to make sure lyrics are correct online

4. Using Spotify Musixmatch API

One of the members of the Spotify community created an API to edit lyrics on Spotify. You simply need to paste the address of the song to submit songs to help others.

How to report wrong lyrics on Spotify

Did you find a mistake in Spotify’s song words? You can help fix it! First, play the song on Spotify. 

  • Scroll to the song’s words and look for “Report a problem” at the end. 
  • Click it. Choose what’s wrong and say what should be fixed. 
  • Then, click “Send.” Spotify checks your fix and might change the words. 

This helps everyone get the right lyrics to sing along with. If you’re in Japan, you can also use PetitLyrics to report mistakes. Remember, only Musixmatch can change the words, but your help is important!

How do artists react to the wrong lyrics?

On one end, it ruins the experience of their listeners. On the other end, incorrect lyrics increase the frustration of artists.

In the past, My Bloody Valentine came on Spotify because of incorrect lyrics. In this way, it hurts when the artist’s words are changed by the lyrics provider.

It’s only an issue for Spotify users?

No, this is not only an issue with Spotify. Other song apps, like Deezers face the same issue. So, if you want correction, go and edit lyrics on Musixmatch.

Once you submit song lyrics, it will help others enjoy music.

Final Thoughts

Spotify has nothing to do with lyrics. If you want a correction in lyrics or to fix Spotify’s wrong lyrics, edit it on Musixmatch.

Musixmatch will help you update the lyrics of your song. You can also report the wrong lyrics to Spotify. It will possibly solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Question

How can we edit/correct lyrics on Spotify?

You need to create Musixmatch, a partner of Spotify, to provide lyrics. Sign up as a publisher, pass the test, edit lyrics, and submit to the community.

If you are an artist, add an original file of the song and start editing.

Can I edit lyrics from my phone?

Yes, Mistmatch allows artists to sign up with their premium account to edit lyrics.

Why are the lyrics on Spotify wrong?

There could be various reasons why the lyrics on Spotify are incorrect, such as syncing issues, different song versions, or errors from the source where Spotify pulls lyrics from, like Musixmatch.

Is there a way to report wrong lyrics to Spotify?

Yes, you can report incorrect lyrics to Spotify through the Spotify community. You can also report the problem in song.

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