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Why Spotify recommendations bad? : Explained

by Hassaan Behzad
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why spotify recommendations bad

 Why are Spotify recommendations so bad? If you are new like me, you will have that question in your mind. We can’t blame the algorithm, but we can understand it to improve our recommendations.

Spotify recommendations are so bad because of the limited user data. If you are new to Spotify and listen to a single song daily, it will improve song recommendations.

Today we get into the details of why Spotify behaves like that. We will solve issues to improve Spotify recommendations.

We all blame the Spotify algorithm. but it is designed in a way to get input from the user to suggest music to new users. So, we need to provide some useful information that it can use to recommend songs.

I found that on Spotify, bad recommendations are caused by the following problems:

  1. New to Spotify
  2. No playlist creation
  3. No songs are in the liked playlist
  4. No listening history

1. New to Spotify

Spotify works the same as other social media. It suggests ads and content that match your activity.

It’s not true; Spotify suggests songs based on their listening history. Its algorithm is limited to its streaming platform.

Spotify makes bad recommendations to new users because they do not have enough data to share music to their taste.

It works similarly to Instagram, which shows reels based on your reaction and activity. So as a newbie to Spotify, you need to create a listening history.

2. No Playlist creation

As a new Spotify user, you will face this problem because you haven’t listened to many songs.  Spotify has no playlist available to create your taste profile, which is why its recommendations are bad.

You have to create a public playlist to help Spotify curate music content for you based on the songs in the playlist.

3. No songs in the Liked Songs playlist

The other mistake we made was listening to random songs. Sometimes, we play songs and start doing our work. We have no idea about that song, but the algorithm records it.

If you dislike the songs, the algorithm will record what you listen to and suggest songs similar to that music. When you like a song, it will generate song suggestions for you.

4. No listening history

The Spotify algorithm does not scan for private sessions. If you listen to songs on your private playlist, it can’t help Spotify generate recommendations.

According to Spotify, its algorithm pauses for private sessions. So you need to create a public playlist to improve music choices.

Why are Spotify suggestions weird?

Sometimes Spotify shows up with songs we haven’t even listened to. Even though they are least related to our choice of music,. The main reason is to promote other songs for their users.

Spotify aims to encourage its users to listen to new songs and to promote the artists on their platform. Sometimes it suggests songs based on your listening habits.

Spotify wants you to listen to the new songs. Its main aim is to promote its platform and new artists. It increases the revenue of Spotify.

How do I improve Spotify`s recommendations?

The only way to get better recommendations is by following the algorithm on Spotify. Your recommendations are based on your listening habits.

So here are some tips to share your music tastes on Spotify. It will help make recommendations that match your taste.

After creating a new account, these are the steps you need to follow to share your details with Spotify and get similar tracks.

Here are some recommendations, as follows:

1. Like the songs

Don`t listen to random songs. You have to like the songs you want in your playlist. When you keep listening to your favorite songs, it works with your choice. You will see similar songs in the weekly Discover.

2. Let Spotify know your choice

Creating a private session will not help to alter recommendations on Spotify. Create a public playlist and add songs to it. Spotify will make it to determine your choice and music taste. The public playlist scans all your choices. You will find Spotify a place of interest.

3. Listen to new songs

If you want to improve recommendations, you listen to the new songs. For instance, listening to gangster songs suggests the same songs. Spotify records it as your choice. It tricks the algorithm to improve your Spotify suggestions.

4. Add new songs to your Public Playlist

You need to add the songs to your playlist. It will increase the data for the Spotify algorithm. On the other hand, it helps to recommend more songs related to your choice.

The next discovery will be according to your playlist.

5. Hide the song in which you are not interested

Hide uninterested songs from your playlist. Spotify will avoid suggesting any song related to that track. It will not provide any suggestions related to the song you hide or block.

It improves the recommendation approach to provide better song suggestions than before. You will find the related songs in Discover Weekly.

6. Skip songs you hate

Sometimes we listen to the songs while working, and they automatically change in the loop. When you listen to any song for more than 30 seconds. It will prompt the algorithm that a person likes this song.

You need to skip the songs you don’t like before 30 seconds. It will stop suggesting any relevant songs.

7. Let Spotify choose the best

Patience is key to getting relevant suggestions. Give time and data to Spotify. Both of these will help him recognize you. It upgrades its algorithm with time and the data you provide.

How can I block Spotify recommendations?

Your question is, “Can I block Spotify recommendations?” The answer is yes. There is an option in Spotify that will help you block the recommendations.

Have you heard about the taste profile?

Taste Profile works with the algorithm to generate suggestions in your Spotify account. The taste profile will share your choice with Spotify.

It will help to remove the suggestions about the songs in the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.

You need to do the following steps to block recommendations related to certain songs:

  • Open the playlist of your choice
  • Go to three dots
  • Remove the songs from the taste profile

What should I do to reset recommendations for a hacked account?

Sometimes your account gets hacked, and the hackers used to listen to songs of their own choice. It ruined your recommendations based on your listening history. Spotify changes it according to its recent history.

You cannot reset the recommendations manually. You need to keep listening to your favorite songs and be patient to reset the recommendations automatically.

You need to start from scratch to reset the recommendations again.


Now you have your answer: Why are Spotify recommendations bad? Next time, you need to follow these steps rather than blame the algorithm.

When we follow user terms, it becomes the most enjoyable streaming platform because you will get updated with new songs related to your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you improve Spotify recommendations?

Simply put, you need to create a history of listening, block songs that you hate, and have patience. You will see your choice in the Spotify recommendations.

Q.  Can I delete songs from my listening history?

You can only block the song. Spotify doesn’t allow its users to delete any song from their listening history. You can make changes to your playlist to take some songs out of your taste profile.

Q. How do I remove a playlist from my taste profile?

Click on the playlist you want to remove from taste profile. Open it and click on three dots to remove it from taste profile.

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