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Why Spotify remove songs from playlist? : Explained

by Hassaan Behzad
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Why Spotify remove songs from playlist

Ever find it annoying that Spotify removes songs from playlists? I was also worried when it happened to me multiple times. So I figured out reasons that can prevent Spotify from deleting songs.

Spotify removes songs from playlists due to overlimits, copyright issue and fraud streams. Additionally, if the artist removes the songs or your playlist gets too popular, Spotify removes it.

Why Spotify remove songs from playlists?

Spotify has a strange algorithm that is somehow annoying. We discussed different problems, like the automatic creation of usernames, playing random songs, adding songs in the playlist and many other issues.

In actuality, on Spotify, you are not free to control everything. It is somehow a good thing that you don’t need to be worried about different things. On the other hand, it takes control over their users, even paid subscribers.

Here are some reasons why Spotify removes songs from playlists:

  • You’ve reached the playlist song limit
  • If it’s a collaborative playlist, someone removed the song
  • The song has been removed by the rights holder
  • There is a new version of the song
  • Spotify constantly removes songs to maintain quality
  • Spotify deleted your playlist because it’s too popular
  • Ask for help from customer service

1. Paylist Limit Reached

Spotify claims that their are no limits to adding songs to one playlist. Some of my friends reported that they can add more than 10,000 songs to one playlist.

In 2020, Spotify lifted these restrictions and allowed its free users to add unlimited songs to their specific playlists.

Is it true?

According to community experts, Spotify doesn’t define any limits for their users, so they can experience issues when they go closer or above the limit.

Thanks for staying in touch. There isn’t a specific set limit of 10,000 songs; in some cases, it’s possible to go as well as slightly above this number or experience issues when you are near the mark.

___Billy J. /Spotify Star

The response shows Spotify has not officially explained the limit but they still control it. There are some hidden limits in the Spotify app.

When we go beyond the limits, it shows different types of error messages to their users. The message was indirectly meant to create a new playlist for other songs.

Error message on Spotify Playlist limit reached

2. Your Friend removed Song

Most of the time, Spotify doesn’t take action against its users. There are many things that Spotify allows its users to manage, like making a shared playlist.

In the shared playlist, your friend can remove the songs from the playlist without getting your trust. In this way, you think that Spotify has taken action against your playlist.

In this case, you need to ask your friends if they accidentally deleted any songs or not. There are very rare chances that Spotify will take action against your playlist.

3.  Artist deleted the songs

Like Facebook, Spotify has the same mechanism: when you save a song, it will be connected to its original version. For instance, if the artist deletes any song, it will get deleted from your side too.

The best way is to check the playlist of the artist from which you get those songs. Maybe he removed that song to launch another version of it.

4.  Artist uploaded new version of Song

It is possible that the artist has made changes to his album.  You are listening to the old song, but the artist deleted and revised the song for any reason. It will be removed from your side as well.

In this issue, you need to check the playlist of the artist to find newer versions of the songs to save them. Here, Spotify provides complete control for the artist to add or remove any songs from their playlist.

If you want that song again, you can make your request to the artist using any social media platform. If you want all the deleted songs in one place, you can share an idea with spotify community.

5. Spotify Rights and Policy violation

Spotify algorithm for censoring the lyrics of the songs. Some time later, Spotify scanned it and decided to remove it from the platform. It is the reason that you will not see that song again in your playlist.

Delete Playlist due to copyright issue spotify

For confirmation, you can visit the profile of your favourite artist to find out if this song exists there or not. If you didn’t find the songs, it could be due to removal or any kind of restriction.

In short, Spotify removes the fake streaming and songs with the copyright voilation. Recently, Spotify removed Sleena gomez song for security reasons.

Previously, Spotify uploaded songs from artists from Kakao after the expiration of the license and uploaded them again on the renewal of the license. Similarly, Spotify removes thousands of songs of bollywood because they are not in proper agreement with Zee Music.

In this way, the songs disappear from the platform when Spotify does not have rights or reasons to share them.

It also removes 7% of the songs created by Boomy AI that are intended for fake streaming on Spotify using bots.

6. Spotify deleted your playlist because it’s too popular

Your playlist gets removed from Spotify due to its popularity. Spotify streaming service has a mechanism to make their users listen to songs directly from the artist. It can help generate revenue to pay royalties to the artist.

Delete playlist with high followers spotify

Spotify has curated songs for its users. So if someone is dominating their platform, they simply remove it from the platform.

It makes your playlist unavailable for people by saying that it is against our policies. In actuality, they don’t want their users to dominate their platform.

Ask for help from customer service

If you still think that there must be some problem with your account,. You need to contact customer service or share question on the Spotify community page.

Final Thoughts

Here we share the reasons for Spotify deleting your playlist.  Spotify’s alorighthm`s always remain strange for their subscribers.

After all, these are similar to the algorithms of all other social media. If you are new like me on Spotify, you will find it difficult, but they are made to secure the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Spotify remove songs from my playlist?

Spotify can remove songs from your playlist for various reasons. One common reason is that the label or rights holder may have requested that the song be removed from the platform. It could also be due to licensing issues or changes in agreements between Spotify and the content owners.

Q: Can I retrieve the songs that were removed from my playlist on Spotify?

If a song has been removed from Spotify, unfortunately, there is no direct way to retrieve it back from your playlist. You can try searching for the song again and adding it to your playlist if it is available on Spotify.

Q: How often does Spotify remove songs from playlists?

Spotify may periodically remove songs from its platform due to various reasons, such as licensing agreements, rights holder requests, or content availability. The frequency of removals can vary and may not follow a specific pattern.

Q: Will Spotify notify me if a song is going to be removed from my playlist?

Spotify typically does not send notifications before removing songs from playlists. The songs may simply disappear from your playlist, and you may only notice their absence when you play the playlist again.

Q: What should I do if many songs were removed from my Spotify playlists?

If you notice a significant number of songs being removed from your Spotify playlists, you can visit the “Recently Played” section or access your Spotify account activity log to check for any information about the removed songs.


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